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Friday, April 30, 2021

Fantasy Friday Revival - Birthday Wishes

You will fine one of my favorite spanking themes in this weeks Fantasy Friday. I mean who doesn’t crave a good birthday spanking? And I think this is an especially good one. This one was written my my friend Terpsichore, a friend who is still blogging at A Place to Share. I hope you enjoy...

Birthday Wishes 

"Here" she said, passing him two boxes wrapped neatly in silver paper.

"But it's your birthday" he replied looking at her confused.

"I know" she smiled sarcastically. "When was the last time you bought me a birthday gift?"

"Now that's not fair," he laughed. "I've brought you home flowers before and given you a card,” but the twinkle in his eyes showed that he knew it had been a long time.

"Well, these gifts aren't flowers but I promise I will enjoy them...and hopefully you will too...if you choose to open them." She smiled seductively and gazed into his deep blue eyes. "Open the smaller box first."

"What exactly are in these boxes?" he asked intrigued.

"Only one way to find out" she giggled nervously as she left the room. "Have a good day at work."

"I love you”, he called as he heard her run up the stairs.

"I love you too," she yelled back.

"Happy Birthday!"

Sarah and Chris had dabbled in erotic, playful spankings for a while as a way to spice up their marriage. They had been together a long time and they were happy - or they thought they were. They had a relationship based on love and friendship. They had the family they always dreamed of. They had a place to call home, careers they enjoyed, and amidst the every day challenges they had established a good life for themselves and their family.

However, in the process, they had lost themselves. They were so busy being parents and other roles they had to play day to day that they had forgotten who they were as a couple. Since they started spanking this all had changed. Sarah had always known she had a desire to be spanked, only she never knew how to express it. She felt embarrassed, confused, and ashamed. Why would she want to feel so submissive and vulnerable?

So she kept her fantasy a secret. Chris always loved giving Sarah love taps whenever she turned away or bent over in an inviting position. One day, she decided to share her secret. A whole new world opened to them. They started to fall in love with each other all over again. Now every year since she could remember she longed for the man she loved to give her a birthday spanking and every year she would tease and say "So I'm ready for my birthday spankings" and Chris would oblige with a smile and a single smack. Sarah wanted more. Much more. This year she had a plan. This year would be different...she hoped.

In the first box, Sarah placed a bottle of massage oil and a sexy red negligee with a note.
The note read:
My Birthday Wishes
1). I wish you would massage every part of my body, leaving nothing left unexplored.

2). I wish you would take a shower with me. I love when you wash my hair. And I promise to take care of you, too.

3). I wish for you to order me to put on the negligee. Do not ask me. Tell me with passion in your eyes and I will obey your request more than willingly.

4). I wish for you to give me a gift I have been dreaming about. If you dare, open the second box. If not then continue to #5.

5). I wish for you to make passionate love to me.

In the second box was another note.

I wish you to give me a real birthday spanking. 36 - no less, plus one for good luck, first with your hands, your strong magic hands I adore. Then with this.

Wrapped in tissue paper was a leather paddle, the same leather paddle she had seen before and fantasized about, the one with roses embroidered on it. She just knew when she saw it she wanted it and she dreamed some day Chris would surprise her and take her over his knees and spank her. She had never felt anything but his wonderful hands and oh, how she loved feeling his hand slowly caress her bottom and make it blush with each delightful smack. But she knew he was afraid to go any further and she was always left wanting more.

She knew her plan was silly, corny even, but somehow it was easier than going and telling him directly what she desired, what she craved, what she needed. And she knew he would not do it on his own. So now she waited with anticipation for what seemed like an eternity. She waited at the top of the stairs and watched the car pull away as Chris left for work. Then proceeded like any other day. Drive kids to school, go to the store, put groceries away, do laundry, pick up kids from school, play, check email...only her mind kept wandering...

By the time Chris came home from work, Sarah was already wet with desire from the possibilities that lay before her. No words were spoken as he kissed his wife hello. He hugged his children. They sat down to enjoy dinner together as a family. It was just like any other evening. Sarah wished she could read his mind and know what he was thinking. Fortunately she was able to distract her thoughts for a moment. The children helped sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on her birthday cake. They gave her a card they made especially for her that she knew she would save forever. Then Sarah and Chris read stories and sang songs and tucked the children into bed.

Now, it was just the two of them. Now the thoughts all returned. The burning desire. There were butterflies in her stomach. Sarah took a deep breath. Chris took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He smiled and looked at her lovingly. His hand brushed through her long hair as he pulled her close and they kissed. It amazed Sarah that after all these years she still felt the same spark she felt as the first day they met. He then unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. He kissed her neck sending shivers down her spine. "Go take a shower" he said. Just hearing his voice so strong giving her a gentle order made her feel light on her feet and as she turned to go he gave her a sharp smack making her gasp.

He joined her in the shower and their bodies became entangled as the steamy water awakened their senses. After they finished their shower together, Chris led Sarah into a candlelit bedroom where he gave her a luxurious massage. Sarah was already feeling amazing and any faintness of stress disappeared with his every touch. He left no part untouched just as she wished and he quickly brought her to ecstasy. She then returned the favor and thanked him in his favorite way. They meshed as one and made love and then collapsed on the bed together in complete satisfaction. It had been wonderful.

Everything had been wonderful. How could she expect anything more? She felt selfish wanting more...but she did want more. She tried to hide her disappointment, but like a mirror Chris could see exactly what she was feeling and whispered in her ear, "Your birthday isn't over yet." She blushed. "Over my lap" he said “Someone has been awaiting some birthday spankings, yes?" She could hardly breathe. Birthday wishes do come true she thought. It had now been the perfect birthday.

Sarah and Chris both fell asleep snuggled up close and content in each other's arms. It had been a perfect birthday. In the morning, Chris left for work early kissing Sarah good-bye. She smiled at him lovingly. She decided to get up and start the day before the children awoke. She stopped to take a glance at her birthday present in the long oval mirror in their bedroom. The blush on her bottom was almost faded now, but the memory was still there. As she came into the kitchen, she noticed a gift on the table. On top of it was a note,

My dearest love,

You did not give me the chance to give this to you yesterday on your birthday.

With all the love in my heart,
Yours Forever and Always

P.S. - For someone who wishes to be submissive, you were certainly in control of everything that happened last night. Since it was your birthday, I was happy to humor you and let you be in charge, but tonight it is my turn. I arranged for the children to be picked up from school by Grammy and I will be arriving home early. I expect that you will be ready. Wear that red little thing you bought with your black garters and stockings and wait for me on our bed with my birthday gift to you opened and at my reach.

Sarah read the note quickly as she tore the wrapping paper. Her heart was racing. Inside was a wooden paddle. It looked as though it had been hand made. Tears streamed from her face. On the back, Chris had carved their initials with the words "forever and always in love."  At that moment she knew how much he loved her. And oh, how she loved him. Then her thoughts drifted to what was in store for her later that day. That wood paddle would certainly leave the blush on her bottom the next morning. Hmmm, perhaps she was going to get even more than she wished for.

And, she could not have been happier!

Thank you Terps! This was an excellent story and I wish you would write more. If any one is willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. That 2nd paddle looks interesting to me!

    Very nicely written, Terps. You described what these spanking ideas really feel like! Windy

  2. What a wonderful story, and so well written. Thank you Terps and PK.


  3. Delightful! I’m sure this is a fantasy for many of us! Thanks Terps and PK!

  4. Thank-you everyone for reading my story. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks, PK, for sharing it again! Hugs!