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Friday, November 13, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Coronavirus Menaces

Happy Friday! I'm really happy to have a brand new Fantasy Friday for you today. This story comes from my friend Viola Vales. 

Like most of us out here she's a real grown-up, mature, we call ourselves. TTWD began for them three years ago and she has been a long time lurker on many blogs. As she said, "I'm grateful to all those bloggers who encouraged me to finally approach my husband. I'm a happy woman." 

 I hope you'll enjoy...

 Coronavirus Menaces


Ginny was first downstairs this morning because she wanted to be early for the 7AM appointment.  She and Doug were being extra cautious and had decided to take advantage of online grocery ordering and no contact pickup.  An employee would carefully load all the bags in her trunk and she would mouth words of appreciation from behind her car window.  She had requested over a hundred items this time which she hoped would include some of the scarce paper products, disinfectants and toiletries for her husband.  As suggested they only shopped every two weeks.  Ginny realized that she would be lucky to get half of her list so menu planning would be completed later with whatever meats, produce, and dairy she found in the bags.  


As their nest emptied and they moved outside the city,  Doug and Ginny entertained the notion of getting rid of one of their two cars.  It seemed like an extravagance until they considered the logistics of Doug meeting a friend for lunch on one of Ginny's volunteer days at the food pantry.  


Ginny always drove to the store while Doug readied the garage to triage, unwrap and disinfect their haul.  She put on vinyl gloves and carried a mask, just in case she ever had to exit the car.  Her 13 year old Honda had been so reliable that she had declined her husband's recent offer to replace it.  


Ginny turned the key in the ignition and didn't hear that familiar "ruh, ruh, ruh" noise.  The engine was not turning over.  She tried again.  Nothing.  She closed her eyes and sat very still contemplating the problem.  The grocery pickup was not the issue; she could easily use her husband's car.  It was all those polite reminders from Doug to start her car and take a spin around the neighborhood during these days when they were sheltering at home.  Her sweet husband asked so little of her.  What was so important that she couldn't spare ten minutes every few days to prevent this from happening? 


As she pulled out of the driveway in Doug's car, Ginny thought about the beginning of their spanking relationship only three years earlier.  Doug had listened with a mixture of amusement, disbelief and empathy for his wife as she struggled through what, for her, was one of the most difficult conversations of their marriage.  


Doug remained skeptical as he tried to understand exactly what she was asking him to do and the origin of this request.  Initially he was certain it had something to do with all those new blogs she had discovered.  Had Ginny come across some posts about adding new energy to their love life?   Spanking as a part of foreplay was worth exploring but words like discipline and accountability were incompatible with his concept of a healthy marriage.  


As the months went by, Doug noticed Ginny became somehow softer around him.  She paid closer attention to his opinions and his needs.  Ginny smiled all the time as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.  In some ways, these last weeks had seemed like a second honeymoon.   He found increasing confidence in decision making and pleasure in changing the hue of his wife's rear end.


Besides, those blogs weren't all bad.  Ginny was finally learning to ask for his help when she needed it.  Bloggers had finally gotten through to her that spouses were not mind readers.  He remembered that Steak and BJ Day was a blog suggestion.  He certainly wasn't about to argue with that.


Doug shook his head as he entered the garage.  When he saw which car was missing, he knew immediately what had happened.  What was he to do with her?   Conscientious about traffic laws, Ginny never maintained her car in the same way she paid attention to speed limits and other regulations of the road.  Always scrupulously attentive to the needs of home and family, she shrugged off any responsibility for yearly state inspections, oil levels, or tire pressure.  Last fall she even ran out of gas! 


While other couples complained about this period of social distancing, Ginny had never been happier.  She was willing to let their new dynamic evolve in a way that was comfortable to Doug.   She certainly did not fear the consequences today because Doug would most likely just make excuses for her oversight as he always did when she missed the deadline to renew her license or failed to inflate the tires.  She was angry at herself for ignoring the patient reminders from her husband and maybe angry with him too, although she wasn't sure why.


Popping the trunk for supermarket employees to fill, she could tell by the number of bags in her order that scarcities continued to exist.  By now, Doug would have discovered that she had opted to take his car and probably figured out the reason.  He would never confront her with questions, but instead wait for her to spill the story.  Ginny only hoped one of the parcels would contain his Old Spice.


The garage door was up and Doug, already wearing gloves, waved and motioned the car forward.  Together they sorted through the trunk to find all the frozen food and perishables.  They got busy cleaning each item with disinfectant wipes.  


Ginny made the first attempt at conversation,  "Hey, I saw they had your aftershave.  And I got an eggplant this week.  No frozen peas or chicken, but two pounds of ground beef so I can make moussaka!"  She paused for a response.  "I could make eggplant parmigiana if you prefer or maybe some baba ghanoush."  Silence from Doug was not unusual when he was concentrating on completing a job quickly.  Ginny continued her monologue emphasizing the part of the haul Doug had requested.  


Her speech became increasingly pressured and she began to clean and reclean the same surfaces.  "No dates, but of all things, they had a papaya!   I did get chocolate chips, but only a dozen eggs.  I could use a couple for cookies or maybe I should save them for a frittata?  What do you think?"  Without looking up from the work, Doug, aware of his wife's discomfort, raised his eyebrows and slowly replied, "I think...  you have wiped that box at least a dozen times around and it's about to disintegrate."


Ginny took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself.  She knew Doug wasn't really angry but he would continue to taunt her until she fessed up.  As she worked with more focus, Ginny knew how she would explain herself.  They finished the rest of the perishables in silence.  


"Let's stop for some coffee.  I can finish up after some breakfast while you work on your presentation.  Come on.  I scored a package of your favorite rum buns." Ginny coaxed. 


Everything refrigerated, Ginny set out a quick table with yogurt, fruit, and the prized rum buns.  As soon as Doug got the first big bite of pastry in his mouth, Ginny started,  "I'm really sorry.  You reminded me so many times to start my car.    Today of all days when you are so busy.  It won't happen again.  Really, I'm so, so sorry."  


"Give me your phone, please."  Ginny was confused.  "Give me your phone now," Doug repeated.  She reached into her pocket, retrieved her phone and pushed it across the table cautiously.  


Doug studied the phone maybe 15 seconds very purposely and seemed to be doing something.  Ginny's expression remained quizzical as he pushed the phone back to her.  "Okay, I set your alarm to ring twice a week and you are to get your car started those mornings.  Do you think you can manage that?"


Ginny smiled with relief,  "For sure.  Sure, I'll make certain this doesn't happen again.  You know I'm really sorry."  Hoping the matter would be settled with another coffee, she offered, "May I warm up your cup?"  


Doug nodded in the affirmative and Ginny moved around the table to get his cup.  As she reached across he grabbed her arm and simultaneously, pushing his chair away from the table, Ginny landed squarely over his lap.  She gasped and let out a squeal.  Before she could reorient herself, Doug lit into her behind.  


It was not unusual for them to be playful in the kitchen, but this didn't feel like his usual devilish teasing.  If she didn't know better, Ginny might have guessed he was using one of those new silicone spirtles she had not been able to resist from QVC.  These swats were stern, accelerated, and dead-centered on the sit spots.  Ginny had often wondered why some of her excess fat couldn't be relocated to the lower part of her glutes.  


"I said how sorry I was to ignore the car.  

 I'll listen for the reminders.

It won't happen again! 

Please stop!"  


Her words became unrecognizable and the pleas stopped.  


Doug returned Ginny to her feet as abruptly as he had positioned her.  "Now how about that fresh cup so I can eat my breakfast?  We can finish this discussion after my Zoom call."  As Ginny poured the coffee, it felt to her like there had been enough communication on the subject.


She sat down gingerly.  Her husband was usually one for savoring every meal, no matter how modest, but today he was clearly preoccupied with his upcoming meeting.  As he stepped away from the table,  Doug asked a familiar question,  "Is there anything I can do for you, sweetheart, before I get busy?  I'll take care of your car later."  Moving around by her side, he motioned her to stay seated and planted a soft, tantalizing kiss on her lips, saying only "I love you," before he disappeared for the day's work.


Shifting from left to right on her chair, Ginny chewed slowly and could only think about mitigation.  Clearly the rum buns hadn't provided the distraction she had hoped for.  She had a long day ahead of her and was confident that her culinary skills could be her saving grace.  How her husband loved to eat!


While finishing disinfecting and storing the rest of the grocery haul, Ginny formulated her menu.  She would go Mediterranean, Doug's favorite cuisine.  He would prefer lots of potatoes as a substitute for the missing zucchini anyway and she had saved some real butter and cream for the Bechamel.  Yes, she had decided, it would be Moussaka.  


Stopping only long enough to do some finger plays, sing songs, and read with her youngest grandchild on FaceTime, Ginny went about slicing, chopping, baking and transforming the table into a more inviting space with fabric, linen napkins and warmer colors.

She added zinnias from Doug's prize garden.  She would use her mother's Lennox gold-rimmed bone china.  Ginny had often altered their living spaces for variety during the long weeks of home confinement.  


The warmth of the spanking seemed to be spreading and she was frustrated by the unsatisfied itch.  She or Doug would generally seek out the other somewhere in the house for a quick hug during the day.  Sometimes a kiss would turn into playtime but Ginny knew that was not an option today.  


While trying to focus her energy, the pandemic shortages became increasingly bothersome.  There weren't nearly enough eggs for creme brûlée, Doug's idea of a great dessert.   She could have spared a couple for avgolemono soup, but then she had neither lemon nor chicken.   Ginny decided to concentrate on incorporating her two little fresh pears into the salad and making vinaigrette.  No apples, she settled on a rustic jam crostata.  


Just as the garlic bread was coming out of the oven, Doug appeared in the kitchen.  His face was tired but he gave her a reassuring wink and a broad grin.  It would be more commitment than he had anticipated but he had been offered a six month gig on the spot.  


"Do you think you can take on more responsibility around here?" he asked her over dinner.  Ginny was beaming because she knew how enthusiastic he was for the project and she was happy to reassure him.  She sat back and enjoyed his account of everything that had transpired.  Exhilarated yet exhausted, Doug did not eat as much as usual but he noticed Ginny's efforts, praised her ingenuity and promised to enjoy the leftovers.  


"Let's leave the dishes tonight and go upstairs," Doug declared after a piece of the crostata.  Certain he had decided to forgo further 'discussion' of the car, Ginny was on board.  "I'll refrigerate a few things and lock up," she replied.  


He was out of the shower and brushing his teeth by the time she got to the suite.  Doug relaxed while Ginny completed her nighttime rituals.  He mulled over the car situation.  Anyone could forget; he occasionally let things fall through the cracks.  Everyone did.  


His wife had never been comfortable with change and he had been so pleased by her flexibility during this prolonged 'house arrest.'   She was trying so hard to make every moment of this lockdown enjoyable.  He could take responsibility for her car.   Doug was fast reasoning his way out of further spanking.  He could think of more interesting ways to celebrate this evening.  


Except she was the one always talking about 'accountability' and 'consistency.'   Ginny was spoiled!  She liked to pick and choose where her energy went. 


She exited the bathroom wearing his favorite of her nightgowns, the one with tiny flowers on a pink background.  Ginny hoped it would evoke his tender side.  Doug was sitting straight up against the headboard; it surely meant play, not punishment.  


She eagerly crawled up on the bed and under his outstretched arm.  Ginny took a deep breath and totally decompressed against his  chest.  They sat silently for a few minutes as he stroked her hair.  Doug was first to speak.


"I can program your phone, honey, but that won't change your mindset.  You know how much I love you,  but perhaps it is time to try an 'attitude adjustment' your blogs always talk about.  Consider it a coronavirus opportunity to make some desired changes."  


 Coronavirus hazards, Ginny thought.  "But you did that at breakfast!"  She tried not to sound as indignant as she felt.  


"You can consider that a warmup," Doug replied.


Ginny knew she shouldn't argue, but she was so sure she had figured how the evening would end.   She was so sure she could control the situation.  "I understand that you will be busier than usual and I intend to step up.  You know I feel really badly about what happened," she pouted.


Doug reached into the nightstand and retrieved their wooden salad paddle.  Before Ginny got another word out of her mouth, he pulled her over his lap resting his left hand firmly at her waist.  


"Hey, that thing is only for fun.  Remember, we agreed it's too hard!"


"We never agreed on any such thing."  He started swatting, slowly alternating cheeks and listing all responsibilities relating to vehicle maintenance and how each one was related to her safety, at least all the ones she had routinely ignored.  


Not that she was able to concentrate on what he was saying.  Each time the paddle made contact it was like searing a different piece of meat for the stew.  "Plea-ease!  Acacia wood was for the Ark of the Covenant.  Not my behind!  she gasped.


"Ginny, take a breath."  Doug picked up the pace and she lost the will to fuss further.  She just wanted it over and tried to concentrate on holding some kind of position.  Each time he hit the same place twice, Ginny would squirm and her feet jerked.


She gritted her teeth.  Tears welled up.  They didn't flow.  She unwittingly held her breath.  Ginny tried to vocalize a another plea to Doug but could only formulate garbled moans.  He sensed her stress.


Holding her firmly in place, Doug paused and reminded her again to take a deep breath.  "Please, I will take care of my car.  Please, you know I'm sorry.  I can't take anymore, please."  


"We're almost finished.  I want you to breathe!"  He followed through with ten rapid fire swats on each sit spot before he put down the paddle and began to gently rub her back.  Ginny unleashed those tears and sobbed.


Doug massaged until he felt her body had released the tension and her breathing had returned to normal.  He pulled her up next to him and she sighed, burying her head into the crook of his arm.


"I'll get your car started first thing tomorrow morning." Doug reassured her, "Put out your new decals with your keys."  


"Decals," Ginny repeated trying for a casual tone.


"Yes, I'll attach them to the license tags for you.  Tomorrow is the first of the month and you can't drive without the registration renewal."


"Oh...  right,"      Ginny snuggled closer and was relieved that her husband couldn't see her face.  




Thank you Viola! We can all relate to stories like this now, except poor Nick would be more likely to get a hot dog than the beautiful meal you described. But to me it sounds like things are going pretty well for you and I hope that continues. And I hope you have time to write more!

If anyone else has a story they are willing to share, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

*Just a note - next weeks Fantasy Friday - also a brand new story - will be posted on Thursday, Nov. 19. Don't forget to come by!



  1. Great story Viola! I love all the build-up! Thank you!
    PK, thanks for FF!

  2. Wonderful, and very topical story, I enjoyed reading this. Uh oh, sounds like more trouble ahead for Ginny. Funnily enough, I was paranoid about using/starting my car during lockdown here lol.