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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Caught Red Handed

Yes, we're a day early for Fantasy Friday. Tomorrow is a special day, it's LOL day! One of the most special day in blogland. Please come by tomorrow and visit.
     I'm so happy to bring you a brand new Fantasy Friday story from a brand new writer. Bless her heart she sent it in weeks ago when I was in the middle of posting a multi-part story. But finally I can share! 

     She says, "Hi, my name is Sam, and I am 21, I’ve been writing these types of stories for a while, and thought I’d share with you all one of my recent stories! Enjoy!"


Caught Red Handed 

Daddy came home early and caught me red handed. Well, not really red handed. I just kinda made a mess in the living room and well, I sorta just forgot about it! yeah, we’ll go with that for now. 

“Little one, did we forget about the rules around cleaning up messes when we make them?” he looked at me a little disapproving. 

“Well, uhm I was gonna pick it up daddy,” I said, swallowing nervously. A complete lie. Well, not a complete lie, but surely he didn’t know that. 

“Uh huh, and what about the rules about glitter when daddy is at work?” he raised an eyebrow. Shit. I forgot that he doesn’t allow glitter when he’s gone.

Although, I didn’t understand why he made that rule in the first place.  “Well uhm,” I stammered, trying to find something to say to save me. 

“Uh huh, well then I guess you and the corner have a little date,” he looked at me and gestured to the bedroom. I pouted and half stomped my feet. 

“But daddy, I don’t wanna,” I whined. 

“Excuse me?” His voice turned firm and unyielding. I swallowed nervously and walked into the bedroom and into the dreaded corner. “Five minutes little girl, pants and panties off and hands on your head.” 

I groaned but did as he said. I knew better than to argue with him at this point, even though I really wanted to roll my eyes and protest. Five minutes passed and then he called me over to where he was sitting on the bed. 

“Over you go and if you’re good, I’ll only use my hand,” he said, positioning me over his knees. 

I huffed, but didn’t say anything else. As his hand crashed down on my bare ass, I tried to hold still and not kick or reach back, but damn he spanks hard. “Owie daddy, not so hard,” I whimpered. 

“It’s a spanking, it’s supposed to hurt,” he said, not stopping the onslaught on my ass. I kicked a little, and he targeted my upper thighs as a warning to stay still and be good. After a few minutes, he slowed down but didn’t stop. “Can you tell me why we clean up messes when we make them?” He asked, continuing to spank me. 

“Uhm cos if I don’t clean them up then it gets forgotten and that’s a no no,” I sniffled, tears falling down my face. 

“Good girl,” he praised. “Can you tell me why glitter is not allowed when daddy isn’t home?” He asked. 

“Cos you poopy head,” I muttered, miffed that he even made that a rule.

“Excuse me?” He said, peppering my backside with harder swats. 

“Ouchie Daddy, please no more,” I squealed. 

“Try again baby,” he said. 

“Uhm, cos glitter is messy and hard to clean up and I need help cleaning it up when I use it,” I sobbed, trying to stay still for him. 

“That’s right baby, and all you had to do was wait for daddy to get home but you decided to disobey daddy,” he responded. “So what do you think is gonna happen little girl?” He asked, now rubbing my poor ass. 

I whimpered. “Probably take away my glitter privileges?” I asked hesitantly.

“Uh huh, and what else?” He asked, waiting for a response. 

“I gonna have to clean up my mess and go bed early,” I sighed sadly. 

“That’s right honey, good job,” he praised. He pulled me into his lap and rubbed my back as I clung to him, still crying a little. He shushed next and rubbed circles on my back and rubbed my stinging ass, calming me down. He even helped me clean up the mess and helped me brush teeth and get ready for bed. As we were snuggling, he continued to rub my ass and kissed my head and soon I was asleep.



Thank you, Sam! We always love new stories out here. I hope you'll keep writing and share with us. If anyone else is willing to try their hand at a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com



  1. Lovely story and brilliantly written. Thank you PK and Sam.


  2. Sam, thank you for your lovely story. I really enjoyed the read. PK, thank you.


  3. Hi Sam, great story. You write very well!
    Thanks PK!

  4. Ver nice job, Sam. Keep writing.
    Rosie Dee