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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Problems with publishing

I guess it’s not a surprise for me to tell you I enjoy writing. I can’t spell. My understanding of exactly where commas should be placed is often lacking. And I do throw in the occasional run-on sentence.  You can ask my editor, she will definitely confirm this. Rosie Dee is an angel! She encourages me to just write the story. She always says that she’ll help me with those details as I send each chapter off to her. God bless her!

But I have a problem now and I don’t know where to turn to for help. 

I began with a small publishing company that was eventually absorbed by a larger company. Essentially I’ve been with the same company since the first book came out in 2013. They have treated me well and I have no complaints.

But within the company there have been problems. I’ve never met any of these people personally. But there were several I’ve worked with closely. And one was very, very kind and helpful. She was instrumental in getting the Cassie book in paperback, for which I will always be grateful. But something happened. I don’t know all the details – actually I don’t know any of the details, but of the four people I knew best, three left the publishing house abruptly at the same time. After that things got really ugly with legal charges being thrown around. One of those that left was the one I trusted the most. 

Many of the authors I ‘know’ cut ties with the publisher and are going to self-publish. I could do that. I have someone who’s done it and could help me. But here is my true problem. I feel, though no one has said this, that if I go on my own, the publishing house will pull all my books from sale. They own the rights to them for seven years from when they were first published. I don’t want to lose Cassie. I want them out there to sell. Sharing Cassie is a joy for me and something I’ve wanted to do for years.

I have a new Cassie book ready to go. It’s a new series, concentrating on all the characters in Cassie’s world, but one I know Cassie fans would enjoy. When I sent in my last book, the publishing company didn’t want it until I had two more finished to quickly follow it up. So I’m working on the second one now. But whenever I finish it I think I will still be torn as to what to do with it.

My vision of Cassie and Tom

The company and always been good to me. But I don’t like the way they treated my friend when she left. If I have them publish the books, am I being disloyal to my friend and all those authors who chose to leave? The writers that left are people I truly respect. Or am I just making a business deal?

I realize in today’s crazy world my tiny ‘first world' problem is extremely minor. But I still have a great desire to have my books published and out there for anyone who wants to read them. I think there is a market for my books although I don’t find may like them out here. 

Many of the books now are so harsh! Love may come into the story somewhere in these books, but they seem to be dark and cruel - whips, chains, cages, dungeons… That’s all wonderful for those who enjoy reading it. But want to read about love, friendships, ‘real’ people that could be my neighbors. Cassie may get some real barn-burners when it comes to spankings, but there is never any doubt about the love she and Tom share. I think there are lots of readers out there who prefer this, especially the way things are now. Wish I knew how to let them know my books are here. 

I guess I’ll just keep writing and hope everything works itself out. I’ll get the new books published somehow somewhere and when I do, I’ll let you know.


  1. Hi PK,

    I'm so sorry these issues have occurred with your publisher. I understand your dilemma, especially with them holding the rights to your books.

    I wish I could offer some advice. I hope you find a solution that works for you.


    1. It just keeps me a little upset and wondering which way to turn.

  2. Talk to those authors that left - have their books been pulled? Check the contract you signed for any language that may pertain to this situation. Don't be surprised if those that left starts their own publishing company, stay in touch with them is you have that ability.

    1. I guess I should talk to those who left. I wish they would start a company.

  3. PK, sorry about all this. Personally I don't think that publishing company would have pulled the books of those authors who left. So as SG says check with them.


    1. I don't know. I guess it's just a worry of mine.

  4. I'm with SG. Talk to the gal you trust.

    I do wonder if it had anything to do with that whole RWA blow up last year. Tons of authors involved and having to choose sides, etc.

    I do think there is an audience for your books and probably ones that you haven't tapped into in this big ole world. But, I think that comes with the right agent and marketing, neither of which do I know anything. If you self publish, all of that would be left up to you and that seems like a big responsibility to me. Just my 2 cents that probably even isn't worth 1. Windy

    1. I kept up with the RWA SNAFU too. They're not connected but each has been a mess. Promoting is the worst! I was foolish enough to think I could just write and someone else would do 'that stuff.' Sadly, not true.

  5. Deena3:12 PM

    Ug. Dilemmas like this are difficult. Sounds like some sound advice to check with others. I'm quite a fan of the Cassie books so I'm rooting for this to work out for you quickly!

    Hoping you are relaxing in your newly redecorated place and doing well!

    1. I'll work it out, how quickly I'm not sure. I can't seem to get my mind working well on this next book, but I'll get it done.

      But I'm enjoying the house and I'm so happy it's done.