I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Wasted Fantasy

There's a new snippet from Cassie's Tale up at the Reading Room today. I hope you'll drop by.

Thanks for coming by. Here we all are in the midst of something we don't quite understand other than that our world has changed for the moment. Yes, just for the moment. It's hard to see right this minute but this too shall pass. Things will be 'normal' again. I promise. But while we hunker down, together and apart. Our little spanko thought still roam in our heads and we need to take a minute to indulge them. This story was written by a friend long ago, I'll keep the writer to myself. But she's good! Please enjoy...

Wasted Fantasy

When she was eight years old she knew there was something about spanking that she found appealing. She knew she was not supposed to feel that way so she didn't tell anyone.
When she was thirteen she began to make up fantasies of being bad, of being scolded, of being spanked. She knew she couldn't tell anyone.
By the time she was seventeen she wondered .... she wished. She still didn't tell anyone.
Then she met Jake in her senior year of college. He seemed a bit rough around the edges but she saw past that. She saw right through that. She knew there was more to him than his shaggy hair, pierced ear, and torn jeans. They became an item and were seen together walking to class, going to lunch, and attending social events held on campus.
As graduation approached Jake removed the earring, got a haircut and invested in some respectable pants and dress shirts. Then he landed a job.....not a great job but a decent job. And Raina found one also that wasn't too far from Jake's.
They decided to take the next step in their relationship. They found an apartment and planned their wedding. They knew life was only beginning and that it was going to be good.
Over the next five years they had two children. Jake had received two promotions at work which allowed Raina to take time away from her career and stay home with the children. When they finally entered school she re-entered the working community. The extra money enabled them to live their lives comfortably.
Over the years Raina still held in her desire and fascination. The children grew. Jake continued to grow in his career. She too received a promotion or two along the way. Finally when the kids left home she realized that she was happy but still ached and longed for more. She had hoped for years that Jake would pick up on her signals and take her over his knee one day but it never happened. She resigned herself to the idea that she had bizarre fantasies which were best left as they were: fantasies and no more.
But still, she imagined him calling her to him. He'd take her pants down. He would scold her for some imaginary offense. He'd remove his belt. He'd wrap a supportive arm around her waist as he began to spank her bottom.
Such ideas made her wet with lust and excitement. Throughout her marriage she found such fantasies would help when she wasn't really in the mood. When Jake would roll her over and pull her up onto her knees she'd begin to think. As he entered her from behind she played out scene after scene where he would scold her for this and spank her for that. When he squeezed her cheeks and then squeezed them with a bit more force she could almost feel a belt or a hair brush coming down upon her rear.
But she couldn't tell...
She could never tell. Jake would think her insane if she was to tell him she wanted him to lovingly hurt her. It wouldn't make sense to him. How could it? It didn't even make sense to her.


Jake was a happy baby and grew into a calm child. He was one of those kids who rolled with the punches and seemed to just flow through whatever life handed him.
By the time he was a junior in high school he was a starter on the varsity basketball team and was dating one girl after another. He was drawn to just one thing on a girl: Her ass.
He couldn't quite pin it down. He wasn't sure what it was that attracted him to that part of her anatomy. He had a mental checklist of requirements for a woman's bottom: full, big but not too big, enough to grab hold of. Squeezable. A girl had to have what Jake called a squeezable ass in order to qualify for a date with him. He felt shallow but at the same time knew that he knew what he liked in a woman. 
When he went away to college he knew the opportunity that was upon him and before him. He focused on school. He didn't date much. He figured he'd have time for that later. For now he wanted to focus on doing well in college so that he could make a decent living down the road.
His eyes still roamed. He would smile when he thought about how he was glad to be an ass man and not a boob man. Being an ass man is far superior to being a boob man. He knew that if he'd been a boob man there was great risk of being caught in the act of watching them - a girl's boobs that is - bounce and jiggle when she approached. Being an ass man allowed him the luxury of watching all he wanted as he walked down the sidewalk 10 steps behind his visual.
During the first month of his senior year he caught himself watching the same full, jiggling ass three days a week as he walked to class. It took him just a few days to realize it was the bottom of the same girl that he was watching. He would lose track of her as she entered the computer science building each day.
After a month he finally was able to put the bottom he'd been watching with the face of the girl who sat two seats behind him in his advanced IT class. They began studying together. Then they dated. Then they graduated.
They moved in together and soon married. They had children. The children grew. The children left home. They had an awesome life built. They took trips. They worked hard. They loved hard.
He never got tired of watching her bottom. He loved the way her jeans tightened around her cheeks as she bent and stretched. He loved the way it jiggled - just a bit when she walked naked in their bedroom. He watched. For years he watched.
And for years he fantasized. When he made love to her he would often roll her over and pull her up onto her knees so that he could enter her from behind and squeeze her cheeks. He loved how she moaned with pleasure when he squeezed a bit harder. And he dreamed...
In his dreams he would call her to him. He would tell her to remove her pants. Then he would take her over his knee and massage her ass while they talked. He imagined silly offenses she'd committed. He'd scold her for failing to turn the computer off. He'd spank her for cooking pork chops for dinner instead of chicken. He'd what? WHAT? He'd spank her?
Yes, in his dreams.. in his fantasies he would spank her until she cried. He would scold her until she was repentant and remorseful. And then he would make love to her. At that moment he'd come out of his fantasy into reality where he would realize it could never be. 
For years he played such scenarios over and over in his mind. He was ashamed. How could he imagine hurting Raina? He didn't want to ever hurt her. He loves her. Why would he want to ........
How could he want to.....
She would never know of course because he would never tell her of this.... his deepest, darkest fantasy.


There is another part of this story. I'll have it up next week. In the meantime think of the story roaming in your head and maybe write it down. We'd love to read it. Send stories to: elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi PK, this was a great story. Sharing the desire for spanking with your partner is such a huge hurdle to jump. Looking forward to reading more:)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe!