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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Running Late Again

It's over - the kids are gone from the school and there's only a couple of days for me to go in this year and finish up a little paperwork. Fitbit's on my wrist and I'm ready to improve my overall health this summer. I'm going to work on my mental health too - I do that by writing!

* Lindy has now begun her own blog and you can find it here - Downunder Dreaming!

There is a brand new Fantasy Friday story today in fact our author today is sharing her first story with us. Lindy is in her fifties and has been happily married for more than thirty-five years. They have grown children and grandchildren. Lindy lives in Australia and enjoys what one daughter calls her ‘dirty books’ (sounds like Mollie) As for TTWD she says, “We have practiced a form of TTWD most of our married life but just become more serious lately after I started reading blogs and fifty shades.” That book may not win a Pulitzer, but it’s still helped lots of people! I hope you'll all make Lindy feel welcomed. Please enjoy...


Oh. My. Goodness.  I’m going to be in so much trouble once Patrick finds out I’m late to pick the children up from school for the second time this week. Where are my stupid car keys? Frantically searching around Emily finally found them under a pile of junk mail on the kitchen table. Racing out the door, checking her phone she noticed a missed call from the school. Oops!  She knew if the school couldn’t get a hold of her the next step was they rang Patrick.
Panicking she decided to take the back roads to avoid the heavy traffic.  A few blocks from the school Emily’s mobile phone rang and without thinking she answered it. Patrick started right in asking where she was and why she was late once again to pick up the kids.  Then she noticed lights flashing behind her and yelled out, “F#@%*.” 
Patrick said, “Excuse me, what did you just say?” 
“I have to go, don’t have time to explain, will call you back.”  Without pressing the hang up button she threw the phone on the passenger seat beside her, so of course Patrick heard every word the policeman and Emily exchanged. 
As soon as the police officer said, “Do you realize you were speeding through a school zone and also on your mobile?” she knew she was in for more than she had bargained for. After explaining that she was running late to collect her children from school, he said, “There is no excuse ma’am. What if an innocent child had run out in front of your car?  You would not have been concentrating enough to stop in time.”
  Once he said this Emily burst out crying, feeling guilty about what could have happened.
“Just think about this before repeating these actions.  I’ll let you off with a warning this time, but I suggest you leave home earlier in future to avoid a repeat.” She thanked him for giving her the warning, but thought there would be no way of wriggling out of what was to come tonight.
 Once the policeman left, Emily picked up her phone before driving off and realized Patrick had heard everything.  There was silence for a few minutes on the other end of the line.  Finally Patrick said,  “We will discuss this tonight once the children are in bed, but even though the policeman was kind enough to let you off with a warning, don’t expect me to Emily.”
She continued on to pick the children up and apologized to the school for being late again. Then drove home slowly, got the children organized and dinner cooking.  Maybe if I cooked Patrick’s favourite meal he might, just might go easy on me, she thought. Although she knew deep down there was no chance of that.
Patrick arrived home at his usual time said hello to the kids and went into the kitchen to find Emily.  One look at his face and she knew he was really angry with her.  He walked over to where she was standing and gave her several hard swats on her backside, telling her that she better make the most of sitting down over dinner as that will be the last time she would be sitting comfortably for a very long time.
Patrick said, “I’m very disappointed in you Emily and expect better.” Emily took one huge gulp, butterflies dancing in her tummy and felt guilty about what had led her to be late and knew she deserved to be punished.
The children were finally bathed and put to bed, then Patrick told Emily to meet him in the bedroom, he would be up in a minute.  He knew if she went up first she would sit there stewing over all the circumstances.  So he waited fifteen minutes then went up , sat on the bed and told her to sit next to him to explain herself.
“Why were you running late again, hopefully you have a really good reason this time.”  She   looked down and said in a quiet voice, “I lost track of time reading my kindle.”
 Patrick said, “haven’t I warned you about this before?”
“Yes, sir!” 
“So therefore I want you to go get your kindle and laptop, I am confiscating it for a week.”
“No you can’t do that I am reading my latest book   Cassie’s Influence, I can’t go a week without reading it.”  Reluctantly she went into the study to retrieve both the items Patrick requested and handed them to him.
  “Now young lady I believe you said a few naughty words before hanging up on me.”
  “Yes, sorry sir!”
“Also you were picked up for both speeding and talking on your mobile which is dangerous and breaking our rules, is this correct?”
 “Yes, sir.”
“What happens when you break our rules Emily, in particular the danger rules?” 
“You give me the cane, Sir.”
“I thought you would have learnt the last time I had to punish you for this, how can I get through to you not to speed or use your mobile in the car?”
“I’m sorry it won’t happen again, I promise.”
“Well it better not, now take your jeans and panties down, hop over the pillows on the bed.”
“What, can’t you spank me over your knee?”
“No, not this time, now over the pillows.”
Emily soon got into position, as she knew if she took too long Patrick would add extra strokes to her punishment.  
“You are getting ten with the wooden spoon for swearing. Then my belt for loosing track of time, which made you speed to pick up the children, but I am not counting those.  Then ten with the cane for breaking our rule about danger.  Is this understood?”
“Yes Sir!”
With that Patrick started, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!   “Oww ouch that hurts.”
 “A spanking is supposed to hurt Emily to teach you a lesson. Now stay still or else I will increase the strokes.” After the ten with the wooden spoon and then what felt like a hundred with the belt Patrick sent her to the corner to think about what could have happened whilst she was speeding and talking on her mobile. This made Emily realize how stupid she had been and to make sure she definitely did not repeat this again.  Patrick called her back over to the bed after what felt like forever to give her the remainder of her punishment. 
He warned Emily not to yell out and wake the children, so he told her to bite down on a pillow. He started out with medium strikes with the cane, which soon turned into unbearable hard strikes.  She was finding it hard to stay still and also not scream as the pain and burning was excruciating. It took a while for Emily to realize he had stopped until he started to stroke her back and told her to crawl up onto the bed where he cuddled her until she stopped crying and feel asleep. 

Lindy, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I will have to say I believe your heroine has great taste in reading material! I love that Fantasy Friday is allowing us to get to know people all over the world. Don't you want to join the group? Try a story for FF and send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Welcome Lindy! This is a great story! I love it. Cassie would understand how you ended up late! LOL
    Thanks as always PK for FF!

    1. Thank you Minelle. I had fun writing it. I'm sure Cassie would understand also. LOL! Lindy

  2. This is a great story Lindy, I really enjoyed this and hope you will write some more. As Minelle said, I'm sure Cassie would relate lol. Thanks PK for bringing us another wonderful story. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


    1. Thank you Roz. Hope to write again in the future as it was fun. Lindy :-)

  3. Terrific story Lindy. I'll hope you write again soon.

    1. Thank you Leigh, will try to write again soon. Lindy

  4. Lindy hello.

    super story. Enjoyed the read, thank you. Hope you will share more stories with us.

    Thanks PK.


    1. Thank you Ronnie. I have so many stories going around my head now. Just need to find the time and confidence to write them Lindy

  5. Hi Lindy, I hope you write some more and come visit us all at our blogs:)
    love Jan,xx

    1. Thank you Jan. I will try to write more and I do visit every ones blog. I am a lurker! LOL! Lindy

  6. Great job Lindy, thanks for sharing your talent with us.
    hugs abby

    1. Thank you Abby. It was a privilege to write for PK. Lindy

  7. Welcome Lindy...I really enjoyed your story...hope you share another one soon. Thanks PK...hope you get to work on your mental health soon. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thank you Cat. Will try to write the other stories in my head. Lindy

  8. Thank you PK for allowing me to write for you. It was great fun and will definitely try to put my other stories down on paper. Been wanting to write for a while just haven't had the confidence. Have a great weekend. Lindy x