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Friday, June 19, 2015

Fantasy Friday - Forever Friends

Happy Friday everyone. It's the first Friday of summer for me and I'm happy to be putting ups a great Fantasy Friday for you. This wonderful story first appeared in 2012 and it by our very own Sunny! I'm completely amazed at the amount of great stories Sunny comes up with. If you haven't read her books yet, get on it. Sunny writes as Leigh Smith and she has a  box set of some of her hot western romance novellas, Love on a Ranch. I love Sunny's books and this is a great deal!

I'm very happy to say that Sunny started writing for us here on Fantasy Friday and this is one of those first great stories.  I hope everyone enjoys...

Forever Friends

Jess and Bonnie had been friends since Kindergarten. Jess and her parents moved away the summer before she started high school. The girls were devastated. How were they going to exist without each other to lean on? They kept in constant touch for a while but then each girl drifted into a new circle of friends and activities and so the relationship became less and less important. They would send birthday and Christmas cards and the occasional phone call but by senior year in high school there relationship ceased for lack of interest for want of a better word.

Then, one summer many years later, Jess met somebody who lived in her old hometown. Garrett Atkins was working as an intern at the newspaper where Jess worked as a copy editor. They started talking and he asked her to meet him for coffee. When she found out he was from Twin Pines she naturally asked if he knew the Briggs family. He had moved to Twin Pines the year she left and had gone to high school with Bonnie and her brother Jeff. He asked if she knew that Bonnie and Jeff’s parents had been killed in an automobile accident. She was stunned. Mimi and Doug Briggs were like her second parents growing up. She felt terrible and vowed to get in touch with Bonnie as soon as she got home.

She dialed Bonnie’s old telephone number. The phone rang for quite a while and she was just about to hang up when the machine kicked in and then heard a human voice saying not to hang up. She heard fumbling with the machine and then a deep masculine voice saying:

“Hello, I’m sorry but I never seem to get to the phone before the damn machine picks up”.

“My name is Jess Andrews and I am trying to get in touch with Bonnie Briggs.”

“Jess Andrews with the freckles and a mean left hook”.

“That’s me and this must be Jeff. By the way, the freckles have faded and I haven’t had to use the left hook in quite some time. It will come in handy if I ever need it though, thanks to you”.

Jeff had always been the big brother that Jess didn’t have. He and his older brother Jimmy used to torment her and Bonnie mercilessly but they were always there to stand up for them when necessary.

“I just heard about your parents Jeff. I am so sorry. It must have been awful”

“Thank you. And yes, it was pretty awful. It’s been three years but it seems likes yesterday”

“How is Bonnie?

“She is doing better too. It has been a long haul for her but she has turned the corner and is back to her normal self.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t know she was driving the car that day.”

Jess went on to explain she just happened to meet someone that mentioned he was from Twin Pines and one thing led to another and he told her about the accident. He didn’t give any details.

“How seriously was Bonnie hurt” asked Jess.

“The physical injuries weren’t so bad. She had a broken arm and several cracked ribs and a serious concussion. She lost her memory and it took a long while for her to regain most of it back. In a way it was a good thing because she couldn’t remember any of the details of the accident but she also didn’t remember much of anything else either”.

“I am so sorry to hear that Jeff. Can I talk to her? Will she remember me? “

“The truth of the matter is Jess; I can’t answer your questions. She is not here right now but I will tell her you called. Does she know how to reach you if she does want to get in touch?”

Jess gave Jeff all of the particulars and said it was good talking to him and once again how sorry she was about the ordeal he had gone through.

Jess kept thinking about Bonnie. She hoped that she would call but at the same time she wasn’t sure what to say beyond how sorry she was. They hadn’t been part of each others’ lives for years. Was there anything left of their onetime closeness?


Jess couldn’t get Bonnie off her mind. She was scheduled to attend a conference in Chicago which was about a one hour drive from Twin Pines. She decided she would take a couple of extra days and drive over to see her old friends.

After the conference, she rented a car and drove to Twin Pines. She rented a room at The Holiday Inn which was a new addition in town. She found her way to the Brigg’s house and rang the doorbell. It was noisy and she wasn’t sure anyone heard the bell, so she rang again. Still no answer but she could hear what sounded like clapping sounds and loud music. Still no answer. She went around back and peeked in the kitchen window. From there you could see straight through to the living room and what she saw surprised her. There was a girl over someone’s knee and she was being spanked. She felt suddenly flushed and quickly stepped back from the window. Just as she was getting into her car another car pulled up.

“Can I help you?’ the driver asked.

“I’m Jess Andrews; I used to be a friend of Bonnie’s.”

“Jess, I didn’t even recognize you. I guess you didn’t recognize me either. It’s Jeff. Did Bonnie ever get in touch with you?”

“No, but I was attending a conference in Chicago and figured I was this close.”

“Come on in. Bonnie should be home. As a matter of fact I think Jimmy is inside too”

Jess followed him to the back door. He opened it and yelled in saying “Look who I found outside”.

Just then a girl with long blond hair walked into the kitchen. She had tears in her eyes and she looked totally disheveled.

Jeff said hello and introduced Jess to Karen. Jeff explained that Karen was Jimmy’s girlfriend. Jimmy sauntered into the kitchen at this point and asked Karen if she was okay. She nodded yes and said she had better get going. Jimmy looked questioningly at Jess.

“You remember Jess Andrews, Bonnie’s friend from grade school, don’t you.

Jimmy took a closer look and said he did and she sure had changed.

“We have all changed Jimmy. How have you been? I understand you joined the Sherriff’s department”.

“Yes, I have been there a couple of years now. As a matter of fact, I have to get going. My shift starts soon. It was nice seeing you Jess. Hope to get to spend some time catching up while you’re here”.

Jeff had gone looking for Bonnie. “She must be out somewhere. It can’t be far because her car is still here. Probably just out for a walk. Do you want a cup of coffee or something?

“Sit down, make yourself comfortable and we can visit until Bonnie comes back if that’s okay with you.”

Jeff put on a pot of coffee and while they waited for Bonnie he told her about the accident in which Bonnie’s parents died. Bonnie was driving with her Mom in the passenger seat and her dad in the back.  Bonnie was mid intersection on a wet roadway when a truck lost its brakes and barreled through the light. It tee boned the Brigg’s car, killing her Mom instantly. Doug Briggs was alive when they got to him but died on the way to the hospital.

Bonnie still had not come back and Jeff apologized but said he had to get back to the office. She got up to leave and just then front door opened and in walked Bonnie. She took one look at Jess and ran over to her. She was blinking back tears. Jess hugged her long and hard and said she was so happy to see her.

The next few days flew by. Jess and Bonnie picked up where they left all those years ago. It was as if time stood still. They spent most of their time at Bonnie’s and her brother Jimmy seemed to be around a lot. She found herself giving him sidelong glances and found reasons to engage him in conversations. Bonnie noticed and finally asked Jess about it. Jess got all flustered and said she honestly didn’t know what she felt. She just knew he made her feel all jittery.

Bonnie suggested they all get together for an evening. They could all meet at the local roadhouse for a mini reunion.

“Wouldn’t Jimmy’s girlfriend want to come? Asked Jess

What girlfriend? Bonnie said.

He has a girlfriend. Karen, I think. I met her that first morning I was here.”

“Oh, her. They have been on and off again for a couple of months. She makes him crazy and he just keeps putting her off.”

“Off his lap you mean. I saw him spanking her that very first day. They don’t know I saw them.”

“I’m not surprised. He’s done it before.


They got together the following Friday night; went bowling, and ended up in the lounge afterward. They enjoyed catching up with each other. Jeff and Jimmy kept competing with each other for Jess’ attention. Jess was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. She could tell that Jeff was interested in her. Unfortunately for him, she had always thought of him as her big brother and the years had not changed that. She was interested in Jimmy and she knew the feeling was mutual. She didn’t want to cause any friction between the brothers so it was best to leave things the way they were.

They had so much fun they agreed to all get together again on Sunday. The plan was to go tubing and afterward have a picnic and bonfire down by the river. Jess would be leaving the following Tuesday so it would be a nice way to end the visit.

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Jess had forgotten how much fun they used to have tubing down the river. Everybody had a great time laughing and joking around. At dusk they just built a bonfire when Jeff got a call and had to leave. He was reluctant to do so but had no choice. Since Bonnie came with Jeff she too got up to leave. Jimmy said he would stay and tamp down the fire and load up the gear. He was thrilled that Jess decided to stay and help. He really wanted to get to know her better.

They stayed long after the fire was just embers, just sitting and talking. Jess knew she shouldn’t be doing it but she invited him back to her room. He readily agreed and followed her back to the hotel. As soon as they closed the door Jimmy took her in his arms and began slowly and passionately kissing her, starting at her shoulders, nuzzling her neck and ears and finally landing on those soft lips. He caressed her back and began inching downward to her fanny. His head moved southward to her breasts and when he began softly pinching her nipple she let out a soft moan. He cupped her rear end and continued kissing her. She was so ready for him and knew he wanted her just as much. She moved away and started a slow sexy strip tease. She unbuttoned the rest of the blouse, then slowly slid it off, next came her jeans, she undid the snap and teasingly pulled down the zipper. She stepped out of the jeans and stood there wearing a slightly askew lacy demi-bra and thong to match. Jimmy could barely contain himself. His cock was tenting his jeans. He started to remove his them. Jess stopped him and started teasing him by rubbing her body against his already engorged penis. When he couldn’t take it anymore he pushed her down on the bed and quickly removed his jeans and shorts. He positioned her legs over his shoulders and with one hand began fingering her wetness while his other hand lightly smacked her buttocks. Jess was panting with excitement. She told him she wanted him now – in her now. Jimmy told her he was the one in control.

He began his entry and just as he had penetrated her wetness he pulled out. Her nails dug into his back. Once again, he penetrated her wetness a little further and then pulled out again. Each time Jess moved her hips up to meet his thrusts. Finally, he plunged in hard and fast and furiously began thrusting further and further into her. She could feel her release building and was almost at orgasm when he pulled out. Jess thought she would die. Her body was screaming for release. She was begging him. Once again, he entered her and this time brought her to orgasm. When she stopped spasming he found his own release.

When Jess got up and went into the bathroom, Jimmy followed her in and turned on the shower. He pulled her in and with the liquid soap began caressing her body. She was moaning with delight. He pulled her into him and began very gently spanking her bottom. He kept increasing the intensity until Jess was squirming. This was a new sensation, hurting so well. He began fingering her anus and then her clitoris. She was wet in so many ways. He entered her from behind and took his pleasure while continuing to bring her to orgasm with his very talented fingers.

Afterward they went back to bed and laid there enjoying the afterglow of terrific sex.

Jess spoke first.

“So what now? She asked Jimmy as she rolled over on top of him.

“What do you mean?” He said

“I mean, is this a one night stand? This is new for me. I don’t know the protocol. I usually know where a sexual interlude is headed.”

“I honestly have no idea. I know I really like you and the sex was great but I haven’t had time to think about us in terms of tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that.” he said.

“Is this something we have to decide tonight or can we just bask in the glow of our lovemaking and sleep on it and talk about it in the morning”.

Jess said that was fine but she was leaving the day after tomorrow. She knew her leaving complicated things but she wanted to know if they had a future. She told him she hoped there would be although the logistics would make it very difficult.

Jimmy did not spend the night. He arrived back the next morning and knocked on Jess’ door. She had just stepped out of the shower and had on the hotel’s robe and a wet towel on her newly shampooed hair as she opened the door.

“Get dressed, he said. I have something I want to show you.”

When Jess finished getting ready, they hopped in Jimmy’s car. Jess and Jimmy talked about what a beautiful morning it was, how each other slept, all mundane things to fill up the quiet. After they had been driving about fifteen minutes Jimmy told her they were almost at their destination. They drove down a country lane that wound around the hill and ended at the top. The view was breathtaking – the river below, densely wooded area around a clearing filled with wildflowers.

“It’s beautiful” said Jess.

“Yes, it is. I wanted to show this to you because this belongs to me. I purchased this land with the settlement money from my parent’s death. I want to build a house and raise a family here. I wanted to show it to you because I wanted you to know my vision for the future.”

“Am I included in that future? Asked Jess.

“I don’t know. I do know I would like us to spend more time together and geographically that is a problem. For me the future is here. You have to decide if you want your future to be here too.” Jimmy said.

“You have given me a lot to think about. I know I am attracted to you and the sex was definitely great but although we have known each other for years we have only known each other as adults for less than a week. I don’t think either one of us can make a decision of that magnitude without carefully thinking it through Jimmy. Don’t you agree?”

“Definitely, but in the meantime let’s go grab some breakfast. I’m starved and I always think better on a full stomach. Let’s see if we can work out some sort of ‘visitation’ schedule so we can see if our mutual attraction will stand the test of time and distance. After breakfast, can we go back to your hotel and do some more exploring?” Asked Jimmy.

Jess blushed and laughed before said yes they could do that.


Don't worry folks there is more of this story to come, but you'll have to wait until next week. Sunny and I along with Katie will be basking in the sun this week, it's my way of making Sunny do all the FF work for these two weeks. Thanks Sunny. If any one else is willing to write for us send you story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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