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Friday, July 04, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Amy and Matt, Slowing her down

Happy 4th everyone! I hope you celebrate in your favorite way today, whether it's a cook out, pool party, or fireworks! We always go for a breakfast picnic with Nick's family up in the mountains. Food sure does taste better when you cook it outside.

We have a brand new story today - our writer today says, 
Hi everyone its Daisy Christian. Sorry I haven't been around for months and months...I will try and blog soon and catch everyone up on the last 6 months or so...For those that don't know me I been married for 18 yrs my husband is Tyler and we have 3 kids..We have been practicing TTWD for almost 4 yrs...to learn more about me go to www.guidemegently.blogspot.com

Amy and Matt, Slowing her down

Amy is sitting on the bed watching her husband pull out bag after bag of over $500 dollars worth of clothes she had hidden in her closet. She was trembling every time he pulled out a bag as he glared at her. She knew what she had coming. You see, Amy and Matt have been married for ten years. Amy had grown up very spoiled. She was the younger of two children. Her brother Aaron was twelve years older than her. After Aaron her mom had wanted a girl really bad.  They tried for years and finally when they had given up God gave them Amy.

Their parents had lots of money so whatever Amy wanted, Amy got.  That changed when she married Matt.  Matt had a decent job and he made plenty of money so Amy didn’t need to work and could stay home with their two boys. Matt’s job took care of their needs and most of their wants. Amy’s wants were always so big that the first five years of their marriage they couldn’t afford to pay rent and bills because she spent all their money. She was always having to ask her parents to bail them out. One day she called her Dad, Charles, to ask him for money. When she called, her brother Aaron was there.
Amy drove Aaron crazy because she was so spoiled. She had never had to do anything and now as an adult they weren’t allowing her to grow up and they were always bailing her out behind her husband’s back. Aaron would NEVER tolerate this behavior from his wife. Aaron’s best friend had introduced him to Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) right after he met his wife Gloria because she too had similar behaviors to Amy. Before his dad could answer, Aaron asked to speak to Amy.
“Amy?” he said sternly, “Mom and dad are not bailing you out this time. You are going to have to talk to your husband and tell him what you did and maybe he can ask mom and dad for money. Little sister you are going to have to grow up someday and realize YOU CANT HAVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT!” 

 After they hung up the phone, Aaron asked his dad if she had told him how much she needed. When he said yes he shared his idea with his dad and told him he was going to talk to Matt and nip this in the bud. Charles agreed and finally admitted Aaron was right.

Aaron called Matt’s office and asked if it was okay if he stopped by in awhile. Aaron ran by his house and grabbed some things before he met up with Matt. When Aaron got to the office, Aaron shared with Matt his lifestyle with his wife. He handed him information about CDD and a shoe box. Aaron handed Matt a check and told Matt this is from dad.  You are to take care of the bills from now on. Dad and I have faith that you won’t let this happen again.  Matt was very shocked but he knew things needed to change so he agreed. That night when he got home he settled everything with Amy and told her how things were going be and spanked her bottom good with the paddle her brother had given him. Then they started with a clean slate.

So for the last two years Amy had spent a lot of time over her husband’s knee but in the last 6 months she had done very well. Matt was VERY strict on her and she finally decided he meant business so she tried her best not to land herself over his knee very often. Amy had since proven she could handle a little more control of the money so Matt gave her free reigns of the checkbook with a budget amount for groceries, clothes, and bills. Matt had also stopped looking at the account trusting that she was doing was she was supposed to.

Amy did really well till her friend Brooke came to town. Brooke had grown up very spoiled as well and also had lots of money herself because she was a real-estate agent doing very well for herself. Brooke had no kids and was not married at age 28.  With Brooke in town, Amy thought she had to still be a big spender. She knew she was doing wrong.

When they entered the first shop it wasn’t to bad. Amy spent about 100 dollars in there. They then went into the second store where Amy spent 75.00 dollars. She thought to herself “Ugh I only have 25 more dollars to go and every store we go in gets more expensive. What do I tell Amy when I cant buy anymore? Ugh she will just make fun of me like always.” Amy’s monthly clothe spending budget on herself was 200 dollars. Over the years she had learned she didn’t need designer things all the time and if she did she just usually bought one thing.  They went into the 3rd store and Brooke found the perfect dress for Amy but it was 89.00 dollars.

  Amy said “No I really don’t like it.”

 “You really don’t like it? Its so your style? O you probably spent all the money you were allowed huh?”

 “I can spend however much I want?” Amy snapped back

As she snatched the dress out of Brookes hand to try it on. She thought if her husband heard her say that she would be in trouble. “Ugh what do I do? I cant go home with all these clothes.” She thought to herself. “O I know I will just take them back after Amy leaves.” She spent about 200 dollars in that store.

The next few stores she was able to get out of buying anything but the last store

Brooke said “Look Amy, aren’t these shoes soo cute?”

Amy had to have them then the purse to match she spent another 200.00 dollars.  She dropped Brooke off at her parent’s house. On the way home she felt sick to her stomache but thought “Ok no big deal  Brooke leaves in 2 days so after that I will take the clothes back. When Amy got home she just threw things into the closet. Amy always liked showing Matt what she bought and he enjoyed seeing them but when Matt asked what she bought she only showed him the shoes and purse..

He was surprised and asked, “You went out with Brooke and this is all you bought?”
She gulped and said, “Well she went into expensive stores which are not my kind.”
He told her how proud he was of her. He liked how she didn’t let fitting in with Brooke get to her. Amy’s stomache fell to the floor she felt so bad but she pulled out a smile and said,
 “Thank you.”

A couple weeks went by Amy had tried to take some of the clothes back but she didn’t realize a few of them were on sale so they were FINAL sale. She lost the receipt to some of the other ones. She just gave up on thought each month she would pull a bag out and pretend she bought them that day. She made sure the bags were buried deep in her closet where Matt wouldn’t find them. O her little shopping spree was turning into a BIG ordeal. One night  Amy and Matt were getting ready to go to a dinner party. Matt was looking for a pair of shoes. He was digging deeper and deeper into the closet.

 Amy said “Honey they aren’t in there I just cleaned that all out.” She was walking into the bathroom as
 he said “Well I want to double” and he stopped talking.

A few seconds later she walked backed into the bedroom and he was holding 2 bags in his hand. “What is THIS?” He said sternly.

She started to reply “ Well its umm”

 “O never mind you don’t have to explain I think I can figure it out. Its probably best you don’t say a WORD!!! You can just put your behind RIGHT THERE!!!? Matt said sternly as he pointed to the bed.
 Matt was slowly pulling bag after bag from the shopping spree out of the closet. With each glare Amy sat on the beg cringing. She had tried to get up from time to time but Matt’s glare told her better.

Finally after the sixth bag he said sternly, “Amy I’m going to assume these are from when Brook was in town?”

Amy sat there gulping, “Yes but I,,,”

Interrupting her, Matt said, “Yes is all I needed to hear. I want you to undress and get your robe on.

” She interrupts him, “but what about the dinner party?” 

 “Well unfortunately we won’t be going tonight. I will be calling Jim and telling him that you have been a bad girl and we won’t’ be coming to the party.”

Amy’s eyes got huge as she said quickly and loud, “You wouldn’t dare? Oh my gosh!  That will be so embarrassing.”

“Amy Marie, being embarrassed is the least of your worries right now!!!” He tells her sternly.  “You may not speak now.   The only thing I want you to do is get into your robe and sit down at the desk and write down WHY you are in trouble and when you are finished go to the den, take off your robe and stand in the corner.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir” 

“You know I think the worse part is you lied to me. I was proud of you and you deceived me and even said THANK YOU!!”  

“I’m sorry sir.” Tears started falling down her cheeks.  “I just got caught up in the shopping and I was going to.”

Matt interrupted her  “You have just earned yourself another spanking for more disobedience.”

 Matt was rapidly losing his patience and getting more and more angry by the minute. It would be a while before he could spank her.  He was also disappointed because he wanted to spend a wonderful evening with his wife without kids. The kids were spending the weekend with his parents so that gave them two days to have a wonderful time but now he had to spend the time disciplining his wife.

As Matt walked out of the room, Amy could feel more and more tears coming down her cheeks.  It had been almost two years since she had seen her husband so upset with her.  Most of the time when she got spanked it was for forgetting to do something or spending too much time on the internet. It had been a long time since she had totally defied him. She was hoping he would go lenient on her but knowing her husband, she knew he would not. This lifestyle had given them great harmony and peace in their home and she knew he wasn’t about to give that up.  She did, however, appreciate the leadership her husband gave her as being head of the household and his strictness on her behavior even if she didn’t always agree with it.

Matt was in the den waiting for his disobedient defiant wife and called his coworker Jim. Jim and Matt had worked together for over ten years.  Matt had shared their lifestyle with Jim and although Jim didn’t live the same lifestyle as Matt did, he was always head over his household and had always told Matt he needed to get his filly under control. When Matt finally got her under control Jim asked how he had done it and so Matt told him. He trusted Jim very much and knew he would keep it a secret.  Jim’s wife had grown up in a very strict home so she was a very submissive wife but Jim admitted that he had spanked her a few times in their fifteen years of marriage but it wasn’t a regular practice.

 Matt bowed his head to pray for guidance and to calm him down. He knew that his wife really needed to learn a lesson and he always wanted God’s guidance in how best to accomplish that.

Amy finished writing down what she felt she was in trouble for and slowly headed to the den. Before Amy entered the den she saw her husband praying.
She then thought, “What a  good Godly man I have. I don’t deserve him.  Oh what was I thinking?”  

When Amy entered the den Matt looked up as she walked over, kissed him on the forehead and handed him the paper. She walked over to the corner and dropped her robe.
 He smiled at the kiss on the forehead as he looked at his beautiful wife.  He knew she was already sorry and wished he could just take her forgiveness and trust she wouldn’t let it happen again but he knew he couldn’t.  His strong willed wife needed to know who was boss at all times.  He looked at her beautiful, peach colored bottom knowing that it soon would not be so clear and beautiful looking. He then looked at her long straight brown hair that glistened in the light and her beautiful curvy body.  

He then sternly says, “Amy come here.” She slowly turns around and smiles a faint smile at him walking to him.  He hands Amy the list.   “Read this to me.”

‘Yes Sir.”
“Number 1. I lied to you telling you, deceiving you into thinking all I bought was the purse and shoes..
Number 2. I disobeyed you by spending $580.00 dollars on clothes which is over two months of my budget.
Number 3. Then I was going to deceive you again by going behind your back and returning them so you would never know.”

She handed the list back to him.

 “Very good. Do you want to tell me why you did it?” he asked.

“Well Sir, I let greed and embarrassment get in my way of thinking.” With a puzzled look he asks,

“Embarrassed of what? We have the money. We just live on a budget. We have a nice home. You get to stay home. I don’t understand?”  

Now Amy was embarrassed anyway because of what she was going to say next. “Well I am embarrassed of what she would think when I told her that you only allowed me 200.00 a month. She would say “ I thought you had a husband not a daddy” She always said that.”  Amy put her head down as she finished the story which is not aloud. She must always look him in the eyes during discipline.


She new that meant to look at him so she quickly looked up.

 “Do you think of me as your dad? I mean if that’s the case we can go back to the way we were and you could always have to run back to daddy to bail you out. Maybe you like that better?” She started to look down again and he said “Amy if you look down again you will get a spanking right now for defiance. Now answer me!!!”

She quickly looked up  “No Sir, I don’t think of you as my dad. No Sir I don’t want to go back to the old us..”

“Ok so why don’t you speak up for yourself you are 28 years old NOT a teenager in High school. Or speak up for me I suppose would be a better question. If you truly put her in her place that nonsense would stop. Do you also realize that is disrespect to me when you allow your friends to think I’m some evil guy?”

When he said that she felt so guilty and ashamed of herself she began to cry. She felt as if she let him down every time she allowed Brooke to speak that way about her husband.

“You are right I’m sorry, I don’t know why you ever put up with me. I don’t deserve you. You are a good man and I’m just a worthless piece of”

He quickly interrupted her. “Amy I will not have you talk about yourself like that. You are not worthless. You have a husband who adores you and 2 boys who worship the ground you walk on. You light up the room for all of us.”

She began crying even harder.  As he looked into her eyes all he wanted to do is console her because he new she felt bad and was hurting.

He then said “I truly believe you are sorry but rules are rules. These spankings are going to be hard on both of us. Your first spanking will be with my hand. It will be warm up and for you talking out of turn earlier. Then I will use the hairbrush for your over spending. Now place yourself over my knee!”

She slowly placed herself over his knee. When he got her legs tightly pinned and her arm behind her back he slowly started warming up her bottom. He started at the top working his way down to her sit spot. The swats started coming down harder and faster. She started to squirm but he was holding her tight. Smack Smack With every smack it was stinging more and more.

 “OWw Oww ooo Owieee.” She started to cry  “I’m sorry please.”

“When you are told to not speak out of turn You will not speak!!! Is that UNDERSTOOD?? He stopped letting her reply.

“Yesss Sirrr Please Sirr”  

He continued smacking harder and harder and then he stopped. He released her hands and legs to let her relaxe a bit. She started to stand up. He grabbed the hairbrush and quickly pulled her back tight quickly laying the hairbrush on her bottom SMACK SMACK

“Matt Sir I need a break Owww Please Oww It stings.”

 He let her cries  go on deaf ears. The brush hit every spot over and over that was already stinging. SMACK SMACK SMACK 

“We have a budget for a reason. I will NOT Allow you to spend what ever you want and get us into debt again.” Smack Smack  “You should NOT worry about what your friends think” Smack Smack “I’m your husband you RESPECT and OBEY me.” Smack Smack

“Yes Sir I’m sorry sir please sir I cant” Smack. Smack

 He continued to lay the brush down hard on her bottom. Until she started to go limp and her please slowed down. He then stood her up.

“Go stand in the corner.”

 She slowly walked over to the corner placing her hands on the wall. She found doing this kept her from rubbing her bottom. Rubbing her bottom was NEVER aloud until he did it first. He let her stand there for a few min and calm down. She then heard his belt coming off.

“No sir please I cant take anymore sir please.”

 “That’s ENOUGH talking.” “This belt is for your lies and deception. Come over here and place your hands on the desk.” She turned around and stood there looking into her eyes and started bawling.

“Sir please I’ve learned my lesson sir Please I can’t take”

 He interrupted her “Unless you want more with cane for defiance you WILL come place yourself at my desk and you will NOT move!!! Is that understood YOUNG LADY?”

“Yes sir” She quietly said as she walked over quickly and placed her hands on the desk. As the first swats came down WHACK WHACK WHACK
He said” You will NOT Lie to me AGAIN!! “Whack Whack

 “Oww Stop stop Oww Please SIR”

WHACK WHACK. Every swat was thoroughly covering every area of her already sore bottom and sit spot.  Whack Whack

 “I will stop when I feel is time and I’m sure you will NEVER lie to me again.”

Whack Whack

“If you ever lie to me again it will be double the spanking with the cane and belt.”

Whack Whack Over and over again occasionally hitting lower on her thighs. Her loud cries and please were slowly fading and she was surrendering.

 “Do you understand that if you EVER lie to me again it will be the worse spanking you ever got?”

 He stopped letting her catch her breath as she was crying very hard.

“Yess sirrr”

 Whack Whack Whack. The last 3 landed hard on her sit spot. Whack whack whack  He new she was done and given in. He then threw down the belt and carried her over to the couch.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking I  haven’t “

 “Shhh baby its ok all is forgiven” He said as tears came to his eyes.

He sat there with her a while as she lay across his lap. He started rubbing her very hot swollen welted bottom. He saw a few bruises coming up. So he then stood her up carrying her into the bed. He pulled back the covers and laid her on her stomach. He got some gel sitting beside her on the bed he rubbed her bottom. He  started to get up and she lifted her head.

“I’m coming right back.”

He slowly placed the covers over her as she squirmed. He washed his hands and came back to bed.

When he got into bed he rubbed her back and bottom. She so wanted to reunite with him but a rule was only cuddling after a punishment then the next day they could reunite.  He kissed her softly on the back of the hand and cheek that was exposed and continued rubbing her back and bottom as she drifted off to sleep.

Daisy, that you so much for your story. I really appreciate getting stories these days. And I have good news, there is another chapter of this story next week - don't forget to come back. If anyone else is willing to share a story, we'd all love it. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks Daisy for a great story...looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks PK for keeping FF going.

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  2. Hi Pk and Daisy, That was a nice story. i do like FF
    love Jan.xx

  3. Daisy,

    Enjoyed that. Thank you.

    PK, thanks. Enjoy your picnic.


  4. It's so good to hear from you Daisy! I've been wondering about you. Wonderful story, really enjoyed this and am looking forward to tbe rest.

    Thank you PK for bringing us another wonderful story. Wishing you both Happy 4th of July. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the celebrations.


  5. Daisy,
    great story, thank you.
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  6. Thanks Daisy. Was wondering about you the other day. Glad to see you back and thanks for sharing the story.

    Happy 4th to you, yours and PK & Nick.

  7. A very nice story, Daisy. Glad you shared it with us. Thanks PK for hosting FF - you do such a great job.

    Happy Fourth of July!


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    I also was wondering about you the other day. Hope all is well.
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