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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Another Encounter

Happy Friday! I'm glad to be able to bring you another story today. To tell the truth I worry about the continuation of Fantasy Friday, but every time I think that's it, no more, I get a few new stories in and I really do appreciate it.
Today’s story is from Peter. Peter has written for us before about a group he was part of for a time before he moved from the area. You can read his first story here. Today we can read about another session he had with the group. Please enjoy…

Another Encounter

Your readers might be interested in a follow up to my last story. This one is about some of the people I met in that group during the time I spent there. One lady in particular comes to mind, her name was Melina.   I don’t know her surname, no one ever bothered with them. She was quite a small lady but a very experienced one, as I found out! What she lacked in size, she more than made up for in skill! With a strap or a crop, she was out on her own. Having had both from her, I can vouch for that.
I was just drifting around in the group one evening, not involved with anyone, just looking at the action, so to speak, picking up a few hints from both spankers and spankees. No body minded, that’s the way it was there. Next thing the door opened and this lady stormed in, under full steam and made straight for the coffee maker, with a look that would melt steel. I said to myself" There’s one lady who’s had a bad day, God help whoever she picks" Then it slowly dawned on me that I was the only loose cannon there, I decided to get lost, and quick! I glanced over to see her talking to John, the guy who ran the show [the man who introduced me to the group] I saw John saying something to her and nodding in my direction.
She gave me a long hard look, finished her drink, and marched over, stopped right in front of me and barked, “Are you Peter?" I said, "Yes, I am." Next, "I’m Melina, I’ve had a lousy day and I’ve got to take it out on someone. I need to tan some ones arse, and you seem to be the only one around, John said you prefer to take it rather than give it, so how about it?" Talk about a direct approach! I said, "John was right, but you look like you mean to give more than a tanning." "I do, but I have to ask you first, and you can always refuse, you know that." However, she was not the kind of person to take no for an answer, and I was curious to see what she had in mind, after all, that was my whole reason for being there in the first place and it was considered bad form to refuse too many times [I never did refuse].
I said, "That depends, what do you have in mind?" "I want to take a strap to your arse, simple as that!"
"Do you think you would be able to manage it?"
"Just try me, young man"
"OK, how do you want me [meaning, over the knee, touch my toes, over the bench ect. ]"
 "Naked, that’s how and fast!"
 Teasing, I said, "Can I not keep my briefs on?"
"No, you cant, I want to see what I’m doing, so get stripped right now while I go pick a strap"
"Be sure to pick a light one"
"That choice is mine, don’t worry, I’ll pick a suitable one."
I said to myself, "That’s what I’m afraid of."
She came back a few minuets later with a strap that would put fear into any man, together with a small leather bag which she handed to me, saying "Here, put this on and lace it up, I don’t want to cut your balls off, once we get started" This was a leather bag used to protect the testicles against stray strokes.
"Right, bend over, hands on the floor, spread your legs, and don’t move". Then Swish, Swish and CRACK ! and again CRACK!. I did, not just move, I jumped!
"Hold still, stop jumping around or I’ll have to cuff you." The next two strokes were much the same, this time I nearly lost my balance. Dropping the strap on the floor, she said, “This is no good, get over here to the trestle and lie over it. Grab the frame while I cuff your hands" Did that, “Now spread your legs wide while I fix your ankles" Did that. "Spread them, "wider, “I got them out a bit more, then, she said," I said spread them wider, young man, and I mean WIDER"
I said, “I can’t get them any wider"
"That’s what you think, try this." With that, my, legs were pulled left and right so far that I thought I was being split open, they were then cuffed to the frame. There would be no more jumping around, nor was there! With that, she began the real strapping. As I said, she was quite a small person, but very, very experienced. Every stroke was placed exactly where intended with the result that the entire area was covered, not once, but many times. I yelped, I yelled, I even cried, made no difference, she just carried on. Some of the others stopped to watch and to egg her on. “Lay into him, give it to him, make him yelp, ect" She did! How many did I get? I lost count after about forty; I was too busy wondering where the next one was going to land. My arse felt like it was stretched flat, wide open [I heard afterwards, it was] Then-------  nothing more, it was all over!!
I just lay there, afraid to move, my bum near to melting point, stinging all over. I was released and stood up, slowly, to a big cheer from the onlookers. I did my best to give them a bow in return, but nearly fell over! My spanker gave me a big hug and said "Thank you very much Peter, I feel better after that" I said, "I’m glad that one of us feels better, can’t say I do, right now"
"You’ll get over it, you’re a strong lad, and you did very well, you took fifty straps, John trained you well, come, lets have a coffee, and a chat, I want to talk to you."
We drank our coffees, she, sitting, me standing, and had a long talk about many things. The fact that I was still naked only dawned on me afterwards, but no one passed any remark on it, they were that kind of a bunch. I remarked that I did not think that I could have taken so many, but she said that John was watching all the time and would have stopped it if he thought I was not up to it, he makes sure that nobody gets injured. "By the way, “she said, “I’m glad to see that you got turned on during it “glancing down at my crotch!
I said, "Shit, I never even noticed, I’m sorry about that"
"No need to be, get worried when that does not happen."
We met up many times after that and each time was a whole new experience, I learned a lot from Melina!


Thank you, Peter. This sound like it was a great group of like-minded people. I hope you’ll share more. Folks you can reach Peter at peterdunbar.x.800@gmail.com And you all know I’m always looking for stories, so if you’re willing to share send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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