I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Fantasy Friday - The Honeymoon, part II

First let me tell you what the doctor said - they did a MRI on my head and found nothing there. Well, nothing that wasn't supposed to be there. It was an interesting visit and I'll tell you all about Sunday. I appreciate all the well wished and prayers.

For now let's get on with Fantasy Friday. Paul is still entertaining us with his lovely stories. I find myself melting into them, they are so romantic. We continue to enjoy...

The Honeymoon 
Part II

"Do as you’re told!" I reached over and grabbed a big fluffy towel to wrap round my honey, then I lifted her onto the bath mat. We dried one another and then walked into the bedroom.

Melody looked really sweet wrapped in the big towel, her head in a towel turban.  My heart missed a beat upon realizing my beloved was finally mine. Mel lifted her arms to me and the towel slid from her body.  I gasped, she was so beautiful.  I went to her, put my arms around her and said, “Sweetheart I’ll order us some supper.”

 “All I want is you," came her reply.

 “You can have me all night, but first we eat.  Omeletts, pâté and toast with juice, OK darling?”

 “Yes, but please, please make it quick!"

 “Stay in the bedroom, I’ll phone room service."  Upon my return to the bedroom I found Mel fast asleep where she sat.  I eased her back onto the pillows and covered her with a light blanket. The bedroom door was open so I could hear the waiter knock.  Twenty minutes later supper arrived.  I slipped on my robe and admitted the waiter.  Quickly, he laid the table, plugged in the food warmer plate.  He wished us a good night as he left.

I returned to the bedroom to wake my sleeping angel.  I lifted the blanket from her, not a movement.  "Sweetheart,” I said quietly.  She showed no reaction, but there was a small smile on her face. 'Hmm,'  I thought and gently laid my warm hand just below her belly button.  I slipped down to her pubic mound and then between her thighs to tickle her pussy lips.  Her thighs snapped shut.

“Gotcha!” she declared with a big grin.  Adeptly, I pushed two fingers into her.

“On the contrary,” I proclaimed.  “I have you!!!” Come and have some supper.”

“Where’s my robe?” she inquired, looking around the room.

"Don’t worry about the robe, sweetheart.  I like you the way you are."

"Naughty.” she said.   I just smiled for I knew that was how she would remain for at least forty-eight hours.

I fed Mel forkfuls of omelette and pieces of toast with fine pâté.  Very quickly she realized just how hungry she was.  I was glad I’d ordered double portions of toast and that there was a basket of fresh fruit.

Mel was anxious to retire to the bedroom, but not to sleep. Before following her I placed the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the outer door and closed all the doors behind me. Something told me it wouldn’t be a silent night. She was very keen that I take her straight away, whether she was ready or not. “Mel we have plenty of time, so lets take our time, I don’t just want to have sex, I need us to make love to each other."

“What’s the difference, sex is love, isn’t it?”

“No dear heart, sex can be a quick coupling with each person just interested in their own feelings and sometimes in just their release. Love is very different.  I want to remember this night for as long as I live and I hope darling that you will, too. To do that I need to teach you things no one will have told you.  Maybe your mother will have touched on it."

“Mother told me to follow your lead and to tell you if you were hurting me.  She told me to answer your questions honestly and to not to be embarrassed by anything you ask."

"A wise woman your mother."  I told her.  “I am going to make slow love to you, Mel.  In doing this, I will start to teach you what a wonderful creation your body is.  Fucking is not the end all be all of lovemaking.  Your body is capable of giving you such pleasure as you have never dreamed of, this by simple caressing and kissing. Please darling, relax, nothing that I do will hurt.  It may tickle and if it does, I will know."

I collected massage oil from the bathroom.  As I took off my robe, I told Mel to lie on her tummy. I drizzled some oil on her back and started to spread it around.  Starting at her fingers, I gently worked up each arm releasing the tension as I worked.  I paid special attention to each erogenous zone as I reached it, the hollow of each elbow, the shoulders,  the small of the back and the entire buttock area.  I lingered at the cleft and anus, avoiding the pussy at this stage.  Mel was breathing heavily as I worked on her thighs and calves.  I made my way down to her ankles then massaged her feet and toes. I popped her butt to wake her a bit and told her to turn over onto her back, she did so and smiled.

"Having fun?"  I asked.  She nodded. I poured a little oil in the hollow between her breasts and started on her face, her ears, and the hollow of her neck, working my way down to her breasts.  Her breasts were extremely sensitive and by the time I reached them her nipples were fully erect and hard.  Rolling each nipple between thumb and forefinger caused Mel to gasp.

“I don’t know if I can hang on much longer," she moaned.

"Don’t, let yourself go,” were my instructions.  I continued to play with her nipples.  Suddenly Mel gasped, she shook, her legs opened and she orgasmed for the first time.

“Oh darling that was wonderful!  Can you do that again?"

"I hope so," I replied, pouring a little more oil I massaged her ribcage, stomach and belly.  Mel giggled and wriggled a bit.  I worked on the muscles of her thighs and legs down to her feet.  Then I began massaging up each leg, concentrating on the inside of her thighs.  Mel was breathing heavily again.  I started on her vagina.  Her outer lips were engorged.  Her inner lips very red, her clitoris was erect and out of its hood.  Not wishing her to cum at that moment I stayed well away from her clit.  Using tongue and mouth, I showed Mel the joys of cunnilingus.  After about five minutes I reached my hand up to her breasts.  I worked two fingers into her vagina and used my tongue and teeth on her clit.  Shortly, she screamed and exploded, her second orgasm.

“Oh oh oh," Mel exclaimed.  “What are you doing to me?"

“I’m making love to you," I told her.  Now shush, lets see if we can do that again."  Once more I rolled her nipples, tongue fucked her and played with her clit.  Soon she was breathing hard again. I pinched her nipples hard, drove two fingers into her and bit her clit.  Bang, she came very hard again!  This time she seemed to pass out briefly. When she came to she said,  “ Oh Paul, in my wildest dreams, I never imagined it could be like this.  But what about you?”

“Don’t worry darling, I’m really enjoying this. I’ve been dying to do this for four years. Are you ready for the next stage?"

"Yes, please," Mel gasped.

"Sit up a minute," I said and placed some pillows against the headboard.  I sat up at that end of the bed, put two pillows on my right and told Mel to lie over my lap with her head on the pillows.  She looked a question at me.  "Trust me,” I said.  "You do, don’t you?"  She nodded her response.  I adjusted her to the perfect spanking position. My right hand could reach her bottom and thighs, my left her quim and clit. I started by caressing her buttocks and thighs, just lightly stroking her outer lips.  Gradually I started bouncing my hand off each cheek.  Slowly I started slapping harder.  Her cheeks began to glow.  Twenty minutes later I was spanking her quite hard, her butt and upper thighs had a really healthy glow.  Mel was wriggling and gasping.  I pinched her clit and landed two hard ones on her sweet spot.  Mel exploded so hard she nearly fell off the bed!  Mel was crying and I hoped I hadn’t misjudged.  "Did I hurt you?"  I asked.

"Yes, but these are tears of joy!"  I picked Mel up and cuddled her hard.  Mel put her arms around my neck.  "Oh Paul, I love you, so much!  Now will you fuck me?” She blushed as she spoke the words, she was brought up not to use that sort of language.

I carried Mel to the bathroom and we sponged each other down.  Feeling much refreshed, we returned to bed. Mel lay there looking at me.  I lay down between her legs and kissed her.  Once again I played with her nipples.  Using my hand, I spread her lips and slowly entered her, pushed right down as far as I could go.  "How does that feel?" I asked.  "Does it hurt?"

“It feels marvelous," she murmured. "Do it harder and faster."

“I won’t last long darling, not this time!”

Mel smiled and thrust up, so I let loose.  Three minutes and it was done. We were both tired, but sated.  I switched the bedside lights off and kissed my bride goodnight.  She cuddled her warm bum into my groin and we slept through the night, our first as man and wife.

© Paul.

Paul you are really helping us to keep Fantasy Friday going for now. Thank you! You are so kind to share with us. I think everyone is truly enjoying your stories.  I have talked to someone else who might be willing to write for us. I'm going to work on her, but she'll be on vacation for a while. I'll let you know. Meanwhile, if you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. So happy that your test turned out good. To God be the Glory. Paul's story here makes me want to go wake my husband up, but he has to get up in 3 hours to go to work. He already wasn't going to get his usual amount, because we were up watching a show. Today is his birthday. I told him that because of that, I would get to give him a spanking. I already knew his answer on that "it's not happening, and you might as well get that out of your head." I know the most that I would be able to get in would be one unexpected pop, but then I would have to pay the price.. lol... ummm. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones, -Belle L.

  2. PK, I'm so happy to hear the test results were good :) Thank you for bringing us another fantastic story.

    Paul, you have such a wonderful writing style and I am so enjoying your stories. Thank you :)


  3. Glad to hear that the test results were good, PK !

    Paul, this is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

  4. Paul. wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

    PK, so happy to hear the MRI results were good.


  5. Hi PK, :) HUGS!!! I have just been catching up and am SO sorry that you had to go through the stress of the MRI and then the waiting. Really glad to hear that all came back fine!! Good!!!

    Many congrats on your new book. Wonderful!!! I am going to get a copy. Also, I will put some cards out for you as well- sounds like a great idea. You know where to find me re: the details. :)

    Paul, I really enjoyed the story. Thanks for writing and sharing.
    Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  6. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I'm glad your test results turned out ok.

    Paul - thanks for sharing the story.


  7. Big smile for good test results....and
    Paul, have not commented but i love reading your story....thank you for sharing.
    hugs abby

  8. Congrats on the good test results PK!

    Thank you Paul...really love this story...hope you continue to share with us!

    Hugs and Blessings...

  9. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Paul, I've really enjoyed your stories. I do not know how much it is based on reality, but I can certainly imagine that this has happened.
    Then I just have to say: "Wow, lucky Mel !"

    I want more, Paul... please..

    Mona Lisa.

  10. I love the way you tell a story Paul!
    The love comes through loud and clear.
    My favorite line is.... I want to make love.... Not.....!
    PK thanks as always!

  11. Mona,
    my story is a dream a fantasy, but yes, Paul is based on the one I know best.
    Thank you everyone for your nice words.
    I believe there are more in the pipeline, but that is up to PK, to whom a million thanks.
    Warm hugs,