I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yeah, I know, I know!

Sunday was truly interesting.  I never mark, but I do have few cane stripes as well as a few bruises.  Marks are not something Nick tries for.  In fact early on, when I did bruise, I often hid them from him fearing he would stop.  But I don’t worry about that now.  So when I mentioned today that I did have a few places he was surprised and immediately took my pants down in the kitchen to see.  He checked them out thoroughly.  I grinned back at him and told him that they were perfect – they didn’t really hurt, but at the same time I could feel it when I sat.  He just shook his head and laughed at me.

The term ‘take your medicine’ comes to mind.  As a child I hated taking yucky tasting medicine, but I sure did like feeling better after the yucky part was over.  I really didn’t want a real spanking Sunday, I tried to tease Nick into a more fun, sexy spanking.  But as I told you, he wasn’t having any of it. I did not like the spanking, I did not like the implement choice, and I despise the cane, but the results - I feel better.

Nick said something Sunday that echoed a line in Annie story ‘Another Chance’.  In the story Bill wrote some ruled, the last one being, You are 57 years old; you KNOW what the rules are.”  To me Nick said, as he began spanking, “I don’t really have to say a lot right now, do I?”  He had gone over what he wanted me to do the week before, and I had listened, I just hadn’t done it.  So basically he was saying, ‘You know what the rules are.’  Yeah, I guess I do. (BTW, I’m not 57, but it’s not far off.)

I know Nick won’t micromanage me and I don’t want him to.  He want’s me in bed by eleven and I know that would be good for me.   I don’t think he’ll care if I’m crawling in bed at 11:10, but he wouldn’t be happy with 2:00 AM.  He want me healthy and happy and around for a while.  Getting the weight off is what I have to do.  Not to look better (though I will) but to avoid diabetes and more joint problems.

While I’m not officially joining the ‘Get off your butt’ challenge; I will be trying to do just that.  If I joined and didn’t follow through I’d get very down on myself, which would do me no good. But I will be cheering my friends on!


  1. Hi PK. The analogy to taking your medicine is great. I never want a 'real' spanking at the time but do feel so much better afterwards. I also like it when there is a little lingering reminder. It reminds me he is in control.

    Isn't it funny how your experience kind of echoed the story?

    As for bedtimes, I don't have one as such, but on the odd occasions he does give me a time he is strict about it.

    Wishing you all the best with the exercise.


  2. i'm not officially joining GOOB for the same reason.

    and unfortunately i DO have a bedtime so like you say, 10 mins after is acceptable if there's a reasonable explanation. but staying up to watch another episode of whatever and going to bed an hour later is NEVER acceptable.

    well - good luck with sticking to the rules... and getting off your butt!

  3. I'm happy that even if you didn't enjoy the spanking, you at least enjoy the aftermath and the motivation.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. PK,
    seems things are working out well for you.
    I'm very pleased.
    Love and watm hugs,

  5. I agree it seems like things are going just fine...even if it is a bit painful! LOL
    Keep trying.

  6. Motivation - it works. Happy for you

  7. PK,
    You are not going to say that you like the cane?
    If you do that, Ronnie will laugh so hard that she rolls off the British Isles.
    That line from Annie's story is very useful for HoH's with a memory leak.
    You're already looking like Sally Fields and you're still going to look even better?
    If you do the cheering on, jumping up and down, it might work!

  8. That analogy really is a good one. It's not fun while it's happening, but when it's over, we tend to feel a lot better.

    Wishing you the best with the exercise! :)

  9. Everything seems to be working well, yeah.

    I'm not joining either but I'm cheering on everyone who is.

    Bas - Before long, I bet PK will be asking to be caned, then I'll laugh:)


  10. It's what I've said over and over. Cane sucks. They should all be destroyed or sent to our kinky British friends who like them.

    You can do GOOB unofficially. We will still cheer you on. I mean, really. My goal is 20 min slow walking a day. Can you get any smaller than that? :D

    You better be good!

  11. Hi PK...I am back...just wanted to say hi...have missed checking in here...glad things are going well with you and then you are getting what you need... :-) Hugs, Terps

  12. Sounds like Nick is really getting in the groove of what you need. Good for both of you :)

  13. First to Ana - oiiii please dont send those horrible canes to us brits...we hate (or at least I hate them) just as much as you do.
    PK - thats it exactly when it comes to a genuine punishment, its not what we want, but its sure what we need.
    Im glad you got what you needed :)
    I agree with Faerie, nicks got his grove ;)
    good to read
    hugs kiwi xx

  14. Roz,
    I love that we understand the joy of the afterglow. It’s not just our butts that glow, it’s our hearts too.

    Yeah, that watching another episode will get you in trouble every time!

    Aftermath is so much better than the spanking.

    I think we’re doing pretty well.

    Just a little tender I’d say!

    It seems to be helping some this week.

    I think I like the way I’m looking in your eyes! I will never say I like the cane. Well maybe if I saw it in little tiny pieces!

    I really don’t like to exercise, but I’m going to try.

    You’ll be waiting a LONG time to laugh if you wait for that! It’s terrible!

    I will cheerfully donate mind to any kinky Brit that want it!

    I’ve missed you. How are things in your world?

    Well it’s good for the moment and that’s what I have to concentrate on!

    Are you sure you don’t want my cane? I’ll send it right over!

  15. It's a funny thing, the push/pull of it. I often don't like it when it's happening but sure do enjoy the after effects and mood.