I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Nick steps up - and I'm standing up!

Well Nick and I had different ideas for our afternoon.  I thought it would be a good time for some sexy playtime and he thought it would be a good time to discuss my lack of effort in following the suggestions he had made for last week.  I lost… or won, depending on what you’re thinking about. Let’s just say that the HOH got his way on this one.
I emailed to make the suggestion to separate playtime from ‘motivationally’ spanking. He pointed out to me that now that I’ve turned him into nearly a full spanko, he very much enjoys spanking me and that it is a real turn on for him.  Therefore as HOH he should be able to do as he wants both before, during, and after the spanking.
I’ll never argue with the man when he’s feeling his HOH-ness! He told me to put on my sexy little robe and meet him by the fire.  That’s not the room we normally play in.  And this did seem more serious than playing – he called it having a ‘fire side chat’. I was not impressed with his implement choices and evidently I wasn’t supposed to be.  Geeze, sometimes I can take so much, but when he’s actually asked me to do something and I haven’t really tried, well, it hurts!  
And then there was that damn cane!  A little more about that later, but one of the things Nick asked is for me to get to bed by eleven each night so I’m headed there now.
Oh, one more thing – when it came to his fun, my HOH did get his way!

** Ana, Celeste, and Minelle are starting an exercise challenge. I'll probably join in, but if I'm going to commit I want to be sure I'm going to do it so I need a minute to think.


  1. Yah for Nick|

    OK, that minute is over by now.
    I suppose you made the wise decision!


  2. hurray on his HoH-ness being just what you needed!

    good luck with the decision to commit to the exercise program. :)

  3. Sounds like maybe you both won :)

    Good luck with the exercise program

  4. PK,
    good for you both.
    If Nick is now enjoying it that is a giant step forward for you both.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. So Nick's really stepping up, like you always urged him, and now you're regretting it, slightly? Too bad, how sad.
    I can understand spankings hurting more when you know you've let yourself down, but it must be great that Nick is really helping you now.
    Yay for the HoH!

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Julia made me giggle :) it is a lovely, warm, safe feeling g when you are taken in his strong, capable hands...yummy!

  7. Oh I am so pleased that Nick is getting use out of that little cane:)


  8. Sounds like a real fun Sunday afternoon. Everything except the cane. Don't think I would like that although Ronnie keeps saying it isn't all bad.

  9. Well I agree that the cane sounds painful! However maybe that is the motivation part!
    Great for you and Nick!

  10. hi PK. You know what i have found, sometimes our HOHs can be slow to catch on and take a while to really "get" what it is we want, but boy oh boy when they do catch on - watchout.
    Good for you two :) im thrilled for you that you are finally getting what it was you really wanted.
    Hugs kiwi xxx

  11. P.S. and what is it about this bedtime rule, seems its a highly infectious epidemic amount our HOHs LOL

  12. We always want them to be the HoH, but I have a hard time letting him make all the decisions.
    I am thinking about the exercise challenge too. But like you, I want to be sure.
    Way to go Nick!!!

  13. Bas,
    Let’s just say I made wise decisions today. It helps soooo much when he takes it seriously and holds me accountable.

    Nick is really not the bossy type. He expect me to do what I know is right. It’s harder than he thinks.

    I think we did. I exercised today, but I’m not ready to commit.

    I don’t think I really believed him before, even though he’s told me. But if he really enjoys it so much, why doesn’t he do it more?

    I really appreciate him stepping up and doing exactly what he did – except while he was doing it, of course! But I know it helped me today.

    You got that right!

    There were times last night that you had reason to be happy you were on the other side of the pond and not within my reach!

    How can I say this politely and diplomatically? RONNIE LIES!! LOL! Well it may be the truth from her point of view. If that’s true, then she’s just crazy! Strangely enough, I still love her.

    That stupid cane was very motivational to never want to see it again! He had a few other motivationally tools he used also.

    I just can't see a 'watch out' time with Nick, but you never know. I guess I can't really, or shouldn't, fuss about bed time - I'd be up until 2 every night.

    I have one particular problem that hold me back - but i did exercise today.

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  15. PK: WOW, great to hear he enjoys spanking and it turns him on. I think you've been waiting for him to say that. Sounds like good spanking times are in your future.


  16. I don't think I'd consider a cane for playtime either!

  17. You had your minute. Are you in or out, lady? :D

    I agree with Julia. You got what you wanted, so deal with it! Hehe.

    PK got a spanking...

  18. LOL on Fireside chat... Loved that one. :)