I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011


The other day Rogue asked Jared to read one of my posts (thanks Rogue) and while reading Jared asked her what pervertables were. I have to tell you that pervertables are one of my favorite subjects. They are, of course, any item that has a vanilla purpose the can be ‘perverted’ into a spanking toy. I’m glad we have so many places on the internet to buy real spanking implements but pervertables are just so darn much fun. We all know about things like belts, hairbrushes and wooden spoons but here are some other ideas you might like.

Ruler - Depending on what it's made of can create quite a sting.

Spatula - These hard plastic one can make a real impression!

Backscratcher - This stings way more than you would think it would from looking at it.

Slipper - Haven't really tried this one. Nick doesn't wear slippers.

Dowel rod - These sting like hell! Way too cane like for my taste but Nick still keep one by the bed.

Bungee cord - When used like a loopy Johnny I hear that this is formidable!

Dog collar - I think this one speak for itself.

Paint stirrer - These are kinda nice. Good sound, some sting, but not too much in the way of pain.

Fly swatter - I'm guessing that many of us remember these from when we were kids and it usually got used on the bare legs rather than our behinds back then.

Bath brush- Painful!!! I think that they're pretty but damn they HURT!

Ping pong paddle - Hard to explain if you don't have a table but it people aren't thinking too hard they won't be surprised to see it lying around.

Foam sword - and my most interesting and favorite pervertable our sword from Disney World. It's just the right combination of sting and thud. It's perfect for a serious good girl.

Lets do some sharing. I would love to hear what you favorite pervertables are!


  1. I just posted on my blog about a spanking I received where some of the swats were given with a small garden spade! Boy, did that sting...

  2. PK, surely a tops motto. "use whatever is handy."
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK: I remember seeing walking sticks on sale at a tourist spot and I picked one up and thought it would be perfect for the gentleman who wants to keep his spanking tool with him.


  4. I like wooden and plastic spatulas best. The long, wide kind are best (or worst, depending on your point of view).


  5. Fly swatters- depending on the type it can sting.
    Fishing pole rod- it's stingy too.
    Hair brush- this one is always handy, since I keep one in my purse.

  6. Paint stir sticks also come in plastic. They have nice handles and holes in them to "stir the paint".
    Ha, ha, I had a ping pong paddle hidden away. My husband found it and I had to confess why I bought it.
    Plastic rulers, the bendable kind. Plastic hangers. And, dog leashes, there's a wide variety of those available. Wow, it's a dangerous world out there! Lol.


  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    And don't forget the mini blind adjusters!! yeee-ouch!!

  8. Garden canes, thin whimpy ones and the thicker bamboo type and our long wooden ruler.


  9. Ugh! It's like a horror movie! LOL. I'm surprised you don't have a hanger, but I don't even want to see a picture of one. (I had a bad yesterday) That seems to be my hubby's favorite pervertible.

    Never heard of bungee cords used ((((shiver))) but we have a few laying around so thanks for the warning!

    Dowel rods are evil instruments of the devil. Gah.

  10. Wow, what an informative post! Hehehe. Don't know that I will be sharing this one with Jared. LOL!

  11. Loved this! Hilarious! We've perverted rock climbing rope too! ;-)

    Very fun.

  12. Isla Winters,
    Wow! That does sound like it would sting but what a creative idea!

    LOL! That reminded me of one time my mother grabbed whatever was handy and it was her girdle! All those straps and metal clips dangling from it made one swat memorable!

    Man those things are pretty heavy. I think I would behave pretty well if that was my alternative.

    I got a spatula like that once when we first started and I thought it hurt so badly it kinda disappeared. Oh well.

    Fishing rods! Yowza! That could leave a mark! I usually like flyswatters pretty well but hairbrushes, at least the one we have is not my favorite.

    I’ll have to look into the new paint stirrers. We are planning to paint out room soon so there should be some around. We have a ping pong paddle somewhere, I need to look for that.

    Another one I did not want to remind Nick of in case he reads this.

    You and your cane like play toys – you’ve never convinced me yet!

    I didn’t think this would be your favorite post, LOL! I never thought of the hanger. Don’t think I’ll mention that one to Nick. Bungee cords HURT, be careful. And I agree with you completely about the dowel rods.

    Now don’t chicken out! I think Jared need to see this one to let his imagination grow.

    Now that’s an idea! I love creative people!

  13. I didn't see "cutting board" on here anywhere. I think what we have is actually some kind of server because of the handle, but it's sturdy and just the right size to be mean or nice :)

  14. Anonymous12:33 AM

    We have a small arsenal. A cane and a strap a wooden spoon and his hand. I decided to add to it - stupid me - i purchased a wooden bath brush. I was anticipating a punishment on Tuesday night - though it hadnt been threatened or promised - after an issue during the day - and i thought well if its coming - ill chose the implement. I must be insane. He saw it on the bed, asked where it had come from, i explained i was anticipating a spanking because of the so and so issue - he obliged me. I went to sleep that night with an extremely sore bottom that was "burning" most of the night. I guess i will think twice next time i decide to add to his arsenal of implements.