I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Major conflict

I had a wonderful Christmas; I hope all of you did. I got to see nearly all my family, except for LJ and Colin, and they will be here soon. The snow was bit of a surprise. This was our first white Christmas in over 60 years! For our travels it was just beautiful to watch with no real problem getting around. That’s my kinda snow.

Santa was very good to us but two of my favorite gifts are setting up a major conflict in my life and I am really torn. One gift was a little gas fireplace – looks like an old wood burning stove – to go in our sun room. I love that room, it’s the place where I can do my best writing but since it was built as an add-on our furnace can’t really keep it warm. Usually we keep it closed off in the winter and no one uses it. But now I feel because of the little stove we’ve nearly doubled the size of our house and now I have a place to write any time! Anyone who has ever heated with gas knows how fast it can heat a small room, so we won’t have to run it all the time. I can pop in any time I have to write and have the room heated in no time.

However my other gift may take up all the time I would normally spend writing. I got my Kindle and I am thrilled with it! Imagine, nearly any book I can think of down loaded in an instant! I haven’t been reading that much in the last few years so I think we can say I’m a little behind. So what do I do now? I have many things rolling around in my head I want to write – posts, fiction for me, Cassie – lots and lots of things. At the same time I have so many books I want to read! And unfortunately some of my time has to go toward working for a living! Talk about something really interfering!!

Well I suppose I get it work itself out somehow. Of course, Nick may have a thing or two for me to do also. Things like a little bit of cooking and cleaning might be something he’d be looking for and doubtlessly he is going to be expecting me to show up at the gym a little more. I did weigh in Friday morning. It’s wasn’t pretty, I was up about 3 pounds. Nick hasn’t done anything except make a few threats. It’s a confusing at times, I wish I knew week to week exactly what to expect. Is this a ‘warning’ week? Are there specific goals that must be met each week either, trips to the gym or results on the scales? Would a really good loss result in a good girl? I don’t know any of these things. Nick has made a certain goal by the end of January and he may be waiting until then to address any shortcomings, I just wish it was a little more spelled out. Consistency it the name of the game in any spanking relationship, whether one feel like being spanked or not!

Well I’ll let you know what happens or I’ll be spending all my time reading. Who knows?


  1. Awww, yes, maybe for the new year you should sit down and explain that it would really help you to have a more consistent approach? That helps in any spanking relationship. Maybe on the weight loss thing, you could work out a system...
    Davey and I did that, but it was difficult to sustain, with us not being together!
    Weekly weigh-ins...I got a good girl spanking for losing weight, a warning spanking for staying the same, and if I had gained... ooohhhh dearrrrrrrr....the amount I had gained, coupled with the reason, determined the implement, and the severity.
    SO it still left the ball in his court, so to speak, but gave more certainty over the proceedings!!! Hope you get on ok... hugssssssss, and happy new year! xxxxx

  2. PK, I won't address your waight loss problems, that is between you and Nick.
    I've had a kindle for over a year now and i love it.
    Mine can store about, I think 5000 books.
    It's very portable, I take it everywhere I think I may have to wait.
    Make the most of your break.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. The gas fireplace sounds wonderful. Ours warms the lower level and actually keeps the furnace from coming on during the day unless it's very cold. It's so efficient!

    I ma of two minds about Kindles and ipads. Why not just carry around a real book? We have a roomful of books we haven't read yet, and can't see the point of downloading any more. Maybe it might be good for reading during boring meetings.


  4. I love my Kindle, so many free books. I always take it with me if I have to travel by train. I've got a list of books I want to download.

    Your little gas fire sounds just perfect.

    As Paul said, make the most of your break PK.


  5. Consistencey....very important in a power exchange or DD. My Master gets an A for consistence, only it makes me sometimes wish that i had some wriggle room!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, i envy your kindle!

  6. I am on the kindle band wagon! I love it! So many books...so little time! BTW...they have lots of spanking books...I've downloaded some of them.

    Glad you had a great christmas! Ours was awesome!

  7. Daisy,
    I like your plan. I really just want a plan, any plan. Something I come up with, something he comes up with, I don’t care. I just wish we could come up with something consistent.

    I am so excited about my kindle! Best toy Santa has brought in years! I believe it will get tons of use!

    I did give that a lot of thought. I’ve carried a book with me all my life but when I read I read fast! When I took my weekend alone a few months ago I took three with me and I was about to run out before I came home. With the kindle I can have as many books as I can think of and it so portable. It will really come in handy when we fly.

    I am loving every second of my break. I try to drag my heels every second to make it slow down. Can’t wait to get the little stove hooked up. I may never come out of that room, I can spend my time reading or writing one.

    Yes consistency is so important. Wish I could share my wiggle room with you – I’ve got plenty!

    I’m glad you all had a good Christmas. Loved seeing your pictures! Send me some of your favorite spanking books. I have tons of room on my kindle!

  8. PK, I got a Kindle for Christmas too, and I share your concern... My new toys is already taking up much of the time I should be spending on other things. Isn't it wonderful? I used mine Christmas afternoon for catching up on Cassie, Michelle Carlyle, and a missed Fantasy Friday. Don't worry. Your prioritizing will be off kilter for a few days, and then everything will settle in the right place. For right now just concentrate on building up a huge Amazon wishlist and enjoy the next few days getting lost.

  9. SuganAnne!
    I do love it and I've already bought about 8 books. Many were old favorites that were only about $5 each so now I've 'got them'. The wish list is growing!! Since, according to Sar over at Pieces, it's run amok week. That means that between Christmas and New Years we can do anything we want without getting in trouble! Read away!

  10. Sounds like really neat gifts. Enjoy them whle you are off.

  11. Jean,
    That's the plan! I've really been using the kindle!

  12. Really good news that you have managed to keep Nick in the loop and that he is helping you with your fantasies and desires. You seem to have come through the year very well and things look good for 2011. Perhaps you should try something new just for him this weekend so that he gets the message that “Risk brings Reward.”
    Robert and I have had our difficulties over the last few weeks but he bought me some great presents which demonstrate that he has at least been listening. He does not know it yet but he is for quite s session this weekend, with it being an extended holiday. We have no-one in the house for 4 days so we can be as wild and imaginative as I like. If he gets the message and gives me some serious attention then he could be in for quite a ride and a very sore bottom.
    Happy New Year