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Friday, December 24, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Christmas Eve

A happy Christmas Eve to you all! I hope everything is done and you can all enjoy the next few days without too much stress. Here is a brand new Fantasy Friday for you. This one was written by Mary, a new friend who also wrote our Thanksgiving Fantasy Friday for us. You can read that here. Mary has 4 little one under 8 years old and a healthy interest in adult spanking. Sounds like a well rounded woman to me. Thanks for the story Mary, and I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas too!

Christmas Eve

It was a week before Christmas. Renee was just about finished with her shopping, but decided to take a quick stroll through the mall just to see if anything caught her eye. It was Saturday afternoon and the kids were spending the day with their grandparents while Bill was out of town for another week. Renee was in no hurry and was enjoying the time to herself.

Before she even realized it, she found herself browsing the racks in Victoria’s Secret. She certainly didn’t need any more lingerie, but somehow, that’s where she usually drifted when she was just window shopping. The sale signs had lured her into the store but she really had no intention of buying anything. There certainly was nobody on her shopping list that she would consider buying lingerie for. At the panties table she quickly spotted three pairs of panties that she thought were just adorable.

Of course, they were on sale for 5 for $25, so instead of just getting three, she quickly found two more pair to get the “sale” price. She had a drawer full of panties at home, but she just couldn’t resist the cute Christmas designs and had a sneaking suspicion that Bill would like them just as much, whether they were on or off. Next, she saw a rack with silky camisoles and matching shorts (very short shorts at that). Renee immediately imagined herself surprising Bill Christmas Eve by wearing the sexy, red lingerie while they were up late finishing up the gifts under the tree. Of course, the set was $60, and not on sale, but she quickly justified the expense and made her purchases and then continued walking the mall and window shopping before calling it a day and heading home.

The next week passed quickly with last minute preparations for Christmas parties, a doctor’s appt, grocery shopping, a trip to the library with the kids, and picking up some last minute Christmas presents that Renee had forgotten about until Bill reminded her over the phone one night.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve and Bill was expected home from his long business trip. Renee prepared for his homecoming by enjoying a nice, hot shower, carefully shaving her legs and then applying make-up and fixing her hair to please her husband whom she had not seen in over 2 weeks. The afternoon was filled with excitement as the kids rushed up the sidewalk to meet their daddy coming home. Bill met Renee on the front porch and embraced her with a long, romantic kiss. He commented on how beautiful she looked and then they got everyone inside and somewhat settled down. Renee began unpacking Bill’s bags to get started on the laundry that she knew awaited her, and Bill pulled out small souvenirs from his trip for each of the kids before sorting through a pile of unopened mail on the table.

“Where’s my gift?” Renee asked teasingly as she reached up and nibbled on Bill’s earlobe.

“You’ll get yours later, young lady….” he replied with a grin and playful swat to her backside.

There was excited chatter all during dinner about Bill’s trip, the kids’ activities over the past 2 weeks, etc. Finally, by 8 o’clock, the kids were in bed, the dishwasher had been started and Renee collapsed onto the couch into Bill’s lap. She knew that there was still work to be done, filling up stockings and getting ready for the next morning, but she just wanted to relax in her husband’s strong, comforting arms for a few minutes. After a brief break, Bill announced that he had a surprise for his wife. Renee suddenly remembered the new lingerie that she had kept hidden in her closet for the past week.

“Oh! I have a surprise for you too!” Renee announced excitedly and jumped off of his lap. “I’ll be right back.”

In Renee’s absence, Bill went out to his car and returned with a small box, wrapped in red paper with a white bow. Meanwhile, Renee quickly changed out of her jeans and slipped into the camisole and shorts. She was a little chilly, as was evidenced by the condition of her breasts, but she quickly returned to the living room, knowing that Bill could warm her up. She grinned as his eyes widened and she returned to her previous position, this time facing him, with her bare legs spread across his lap. Bill, trying to conceal his grin, hugged her tightly and rubbed up and down her shoulders, back and backside. After a moment of gentle caressing, he said, “Now, you need to open your gift from me” as he placed the small box in front of her. Filled with the excitement of a little girl on Christmas morning, Renee quickly opened the box, and after separating the layers of tissue paper, she discovered a sexy little red camisole with matching shorts, identical to the set that she was wearing. Renee burst out laughing and Bill joined her in laughter.

“Oh, honey, I can’t believe you bought me the exact same lingerie!! You’ve never bought me lingerie before!” Renee giggled.

A little more serious tone to his voice, Bill responded, “Well, well, well, it looks as though somebody has been a little naughty and gone shopping for herself without permission when she should have been buying the Christmas presents that I had to remind her about last week.” It was true. Renee almost always discussed her purchases with Bill, especially frivolous and unnecessary purchases such as this. It was not a demand that he placed on her, just a courteous act on her part to maintain good communication and keep the checking account under control.

Renee blushed at this suggestion and started to defend herself, “but…I just wanted….I didn’t think I had to…..”

William cut her off by placing his finger on her lips and whispering “sssshh.”

“And what happens to naughty little girls on Christmas Eve?” Bill continued as he tapped her bottom.

A little shocked, Renee stammered, “I….I don’t know….”

“Then let me educate you” he answered as he quickly and easily lifted Renee and flipped her over his knee. He gently caressed the silky red fabric that barely covered his wife’s bottom, noticing the lower curve of her bottom that peeked out from the short shorts and chuckling at the thought of turning her cheeks the same color red as her lingerie.

“This is what happens to naughty (SMACK) little (SMACK) girls (SMACK) on Christmas (SMACK) Eve (SMACK)!!”

“Owwww! That hurts!” Renee exclaimed, suddenly realizing that her husband had become very comfortable guiding her across his knee for a sound spanking. In fact, she had a sneaking suspicion that he enjoyed it even more than she did.

“It’s a spanking, sweetheart. (SMACK) It’s supposed to hurt! (SMACK) And you asked for it! (SMACK)”

“I did no such thing! (SMACK) Ow! I only wanted to surprise you! (SMACK)”

“Oh, you did surprise me, AND you asked for your spanking! (SMACK SMACK SMACK) I specifically recall you asking me to take charge over you and take you across my knee as I saw fit, whether you were naughty or not. (SMACK SMACK SMACK) And you were definitely VERY naughty while I was away! (SMACK SMACK SMACK)” He shifted his position just a bit in order to accommodate the bulge in his pants.

“Hmmppff!” Renee had no comeback. It was true that she had specifically asked to be spanked regularly and had secretly been wishing that Bill would be more firm and spontaneously take the initiative to spank her more often. However, reality was now sinking in quickly and painfully!

The spanking continued as Bill sometimes spanked in one particular spot several times in a row or alternated all across and up and down both sides of her bottom.

He finally stopped spanking and rested his hand on Renee’s very warm bottom. Renee breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed her body across Bill’s lap and he began rubbing the soreness from her bottom.

“Ahh, that feels much better.”

“But you liked the spanking too, right?” Bill asked with a grin.

“Well…..yes, but…” SMACK “Ow!! Not fair!”

“No “buts” young lady! You just admitted that you liked it.”

Man, was he being dominant tonight! And she absolutely loved it!

Bill let Renee turn over and then sit up on his lap. He continued to rub her backside and she returned the favor by nibbling and kissing all over his chest, neck, arms and face. Soon, Renee found herself being lifted from the couch and carried to the bedroom. Indeed, the spanking had been a great start to an even more exciting evening. Once their two naked bodies were relaxed once again, lying next to each other, Renee asked Bill to retrieve a pair of panties for her to wear for the remainder of the evening, as they still had to finish preparing the Christmas stockings. After he opened the drawer and pulled out a cute pair of red panties with a candy cane print scattered across them, he grinned an evil grin and said, “Looks like I just discovered some more naughty behavior, missy…..” Renee opened her mouth to protest, surprised that he even noticed the new panties, but then shut it, realizing that no explanation was going to get her out of this one. In an instant, Bill was sitting on the side of the bed with Renee draped across his lap once again.

“And just exactly what else did you buy on your little shopping excursion, young lady?” the questioning began.

“Just a few pairs of panties….”

“How many is a few?” Bill demanded.

“Only…..five” Renee answered quietly.

“ONLY five???”

“Yes! I promise!”

“Very well then….”


The hard spanks landed across Renee’s already sore and blushing bottom. She thought the 5 spanks were sufficient for the 5 pairs of panties she had purchased, but Bill did not let her up and continued his questioning.

“And how much did these five pairs of panties cost, my dear?”

“Ummmm…..about $20….I think” Renee answered, trying to skirt the truth just a little in an effort to protect her burning backside.


“I suggest you stop thinking about it and come out with the truth young lady!”

“Ok, ok….they were on sale, 5 pair for $25!”

“I see….and did you need 5 more pair of panties?”

“Well, no….but I really liked 3 of them, so I decided to get all 5 because of the sale.”

“However, if you had just bought 3 pair, you would have spent less than $25, correct??”

“Well….I guess….” SMACK “Yes! You’re right sweetheart!”

“And, if you had spent less than $25, you would be receiving less than 25 more swats tonight, right??”

Renee suddenly realized where her husband was headed with this line of questioning. She groaned and answered, “Yes Sir.”

“Very well then. I am glad that we agree.”

Bill then proceeded to apply 25 more swats, in groups of 5, across the top and bottom of each side of her backside, finishing with 5 final hard swats just under her bottom on her sit spot. Renee was squirming and wiggling trying to escape the strong clutch of her husband, but he was certainly stronger and in a much better position to show his strength. After the spanking, he finally let her back up.

“So, do you think Victoria’s little secret has anything to do with a sore tush?” Renee asked playfully as she rubbed her bottom.

“I don’t know, sweetheart, but I sure do like our little secret….” Bill answered, grinning his evil grin, as he patted his favorite little tush in front of him.

Renee immediately climbed on top of him, pushing him backwards onto the bed, needing to feel him once more. She then proceeded to show him her appreciation for his firm, loving hand. After another round of robust love-making, the two lovebirds decided that they really must finish getting ready for Christmas morning and then get some sleep. Renee pulled out her stash of stocking stuffers and they set to work, filling each stocking carefully. Within just a few minutes they were back in bed, snuggled up against each other, drifting off to sleep for just a few short hours before the children woke up with squeals of excitement.

Imagine Renee’s surprise when she awoke to discover that, not only do naughty little girls get their bottoms spanked on Christmas Eve, but they also receive a wooden spoon in their stocking on Christmas morning…..


I hope everyone enjoyed the story, and that your Christmas is the best ever. Mary another big thanks to you.

If anyone finds time for a little creative writing over the holidays and is willing to share with the rest of us you can sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Loved the story Mary, thanks. Merry Christmas to you.

    Thanks PK,hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  2. PK. a nice eeasonal story. Mary certaonly lnows her stuff.
    Have a wonderful Christmas girl, and try and stay on the right side of Santa, I leave you to decide which that is.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Mary, Great story, thanks/ PK, Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Merry Christmas