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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm really pissed!!

I need advice. I am trying not to wring my son’s neck. I think I have given him enough good press here that I can rant a bit now. Does the boy have no common sense? All these problems that I’ve been worrying about – and asking him about – for over a year, have just dawned on him now.

I was in his town this weekend and I told him I would bring the van so if there was anything he wanted to send home with me we’d have the room. He said no, he couldn’t think of anything. So I came home with an empty van. Today (two days later!) I get a call from him asking if he could borrow the van this weekend because he needed to move all the stuff from his house there to here to get it packed on the truck Collin is driving up with all their stuff. Wait a minute isn’t that JUST what I asked him about?

The van won’t be here this weekend, Nick is going out of town golfing and he’s taking it. So now he wants us to go down Monday (my one day off) to move him. I don’t mind that, really I don’t. I but since I was just there why couldn’t we do it then?

Now the other thing I’m mad about. LJ wanted a cat, can’t blame him for that I got one when I was in college. But I kept telling him to wait until he got to NYC before getting one. I knew it would be a pain trying to move the cat or cats since Colin has one too. But of course he got one and now – lo and behold – they are having a hard time deciding how to get them there. Plane, Amtrak, bus, Fedex??? It’s going to cost more to get the cats there than the boys. They might be able to go in the cab of the rental truck with Colin and his brother. But will there be room? They can’t go in the back of the truck. To go any other way is going to be a fortune, buying hard carriers, getting them to an airport or Amtrak station will probably fall to Nick and me. Grrrrrrrrr… Why couldn’t he just listen to his mom?

And I’m mostly angry because I can’t yell at him and tell him how dumb he is to have not realized that these were going to need to be addressed before now!!! I don’t want the last few days we have together before he moves filled with me being angry with him. So I’m venting to you guys. Now if any of you have any ideas of how to get 2 cats from NC to NYC please let me know.


  1. PK: Oh, I know where you're coming from. Kids can be like that but you love them anyway.

    We moved a cat from Baltimore to Pittsburgh in our station wagon in a carrier (she didn't like the carrier) but don't know anything about shipping them but I'm sure it's expensive.

    Yeah, it's tough when you want to be mad at them but you want to make your last days together precious.

    I'm sure you will deal with it all and that's what your son is counting on. LOL.


  2. This is making me laugh a little because it sounds a lot like what I would've done six years ago. As teenagers, we see what's right in front of us and nothing else.

    Just think, you still have the joy of explaining credit cards, budgeting, serial dating, cereal in general... those college eating habits are great, and it will all turn out just fine. :)

  3. PK, life is like that, don't fall out with LJ, he is just being young and human.
    Transporting a cat, when I brought my cat and dogs to Cornwall, a five hour trip by train, it was a real hassle and the cat wouldn't talk to me for days.
    I have no idea how long a trip it is, but at least the weather is good.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. FD,
    I can't stay mad at that kid even when I really want to. But I still don't know how we're going to move those cats.

    I've tried to explain some of those things. He is a smart kid but he's an actor. If I want to get his attention I have to write things in script form and include stage direction.

    But we all had to grow up at one time - I guess it's his turn.

    I'm more exasperated than mad I guess. It will all work out somehow. He's more stressed than I am theses days, and that's saying something.

  5. LOL PK, there all the same, you just gotta love them.

    He's a man, that's why, he can't think of practical things like that.

    Sorry can't help on the moving of the cats other than calling companies for advice.


  6. Don't be angry. Just tell him "Go and rent a van" and pay for it yourself "young man".

  7. Ronnie,
    Man/boy, man/boy is there much difference? They do think differently from woman. And since he's never going to have a wife will this always be a problem? Sigh...

    You're right but he's so young I worry just as much about his finances. I know that's something I need to get over.

  8. PK when Michael decided he wanted to go to school in LA, I told him he would be on his own. I mean there would be no way I could help out with anything. Moving, errands, lost cell phones, nothing, it would be geograhphically impossible.

    At first I worried. Not I just sit back and let him handle it. One of the good points of having your child go to school 2000 miles away!

    I'll take the cats to NYC for you. I did it for 4 hours with one cat. So what's two cats and 10 hours? I'm dropping Michael off at the Atlanta airport about 10 on Monday. I'll be at your place about 3pm, and I'll bring the cat carriers. I promise I'll make you and offer you can't refuse!

    Love and Huggs!