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Sunday, May 16, 2010

He did it!!!!

I'm talking about LJ now, not Nick...

That was the best graduation I have ever been to. Not just because LJ graduated, the day was really great. The college had its formal graduation, cap and gown and everything Friday morning. LJ had opted not to go to that one and he told me of this decision about 3 years ago so I was fine with that. But the theater department had it own graduation in a small theater. There were about 40 graduates on stage (as apposed to the 3,000 total graduates). This smaller group included only those in drama, in theater tech, theater education and LJ’s program – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. The graduates and their professors were on stage and as LJ told me later everyone on stage knew each other well. My sister works on campus so she came over and joined us and of course LJ boyfriend, Colin was there too.

The professors that spoke knew these kids very well. Their advice was meaningful and their good wishes genuine. The graduates were mostly dressed in Sunday clothes. A few that had attended the formal graduation had on their caps and gowns. One had a baseball cap with the school logo and a tassel. It was relaxed and casual but meaningful. As the names were being called out the students did not receive just their diploma and a courteous hand shake. Instead there were exuberant hugs from their professors, who were handing out the sheepskins and most of the kids went over to the head of the department who was calling out the names. He would stop calling out names – return their heartfelt hugs and then continue on. I enjoyed it immensely!

Right after the program we were invited outside for refreshments and a time to visit with all the graduates and their families and take some pictures, we took lots. After all when these kids become famous on Broadway and in the movies I was to prove I knew them when!

Next we went to eat a late lunch with our family and LJ’s best friend and roommate at college and her mom, aunt, brother and boyfriend. Another roommate from their house came too. It was fun and good food too. We talked a lot about their futures, their plans. They are so young and so full of hope and promise. I’m excited for them. By the time I post this LJ and Colin will be back in NYC for a week of apartment hunting. Then back home Friday, get everything packed up they’ll move up for good early in June. I see some visits to the Big Apple in my future!


  1. That sounds AWESOME!! I am glad you had a fantastic time.

  2. PK, sounds like a great time was had by all.
    LJ hasn't chosen an easy profession, I wish him luck.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK, COngrats to LJ and to your family!! Sounds like a really neat graduation/I can understand him not wanting to attend his large formal one.

  4. You sound like you had a lovely day. My congratulations to LJ, you, Nick and Mollie. A proud day for you all. Thanks for sharing it with us PK

    Love and best wishes to LJ.


  5. PK: You must be so proud. Sounds like you and your family had a great time at the graduation and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun trips to the Big Apple.


  6. Lawyer,
    Thanks, it was great!

    He knows it won't be easy. I'm really proud that he is going for it.

    I understood too and deep down I'm grateful for not having to sit through that one.

    It was just great. I loved spending the day with everyone.

    I am looking forward to heading up there for a visit. And I think LJ and Colin will love showing me around.

  7. Congratulations! Your first college graduate!

    I think I'd love New York. I hope you get to visit lots! Imagine New York in the fall!

    Love and Huggs!