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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And the weekend continued...

Our wild weekend continued. Mollie had prom on Saturday night. She looked absolutely beautiful! But her Saturday until the prom was tense. It was her weekend to babysit all weekend – from 7:00 AM on Saturday until 7:00 PM on Sunday. So with the prom she and the mom worked out for someone else to keep them from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning. The person that was to keep them promised to be there by 2:20, she wasn’t. Mollie had an appointment for hair and make-up at 3:00. She finally had to call for a back up at 2:30.

She got to the salon on time and I got to go by to watch the transformation of my baby into a gorgeous young woman. Then she was going to have pictures made with her friends but time was too short. We were all feeling pretty rushed and stressed about that time. Finally we took her to where the limo was to pick up Mollie and her friends. The other all had dates. Mollie said “I know I’ll be a fifth wheel but I don’t mind. I just want to have a good time.” And she did!

They ate Italian before the prom, tons of food there and then to Ihop to eat afterwords. She got home a little after midnight and stayed up to tell me all about it. Then she was up and over to her babysitting job at 7:00 the next morning. I didn’t realize how tense I was until it was all over. You always hope your babies will be happy and enjoy the big events in their lives.

I had barely relaxed from that when I get an urgent call from LJ Monday telling me that they think that they have found an apartment. Since Nick and I have agree to be their guarantor he was telling me I needed to fax my life and credit history to this real estate company – tax return, payroll stubs, photo ID, letter of employment, a pint of blood and my first born child. I think they are getting pushy!! I’m trying to get it all together to fax in the morning. I think this thing is gonna happen.

Now one more thing – we all know the benefits of spanking for stress relief. But when I get into full ‘mommy mode’ – which I’ve been in for a week or so now, spanking in far away from my thoughts. But Nick was thinking of it just a little. I had gone up a tiny bit in weight and before we left for his mom’s and her fantastic cooking he grabbed my arm while we were back in the bedroom (Mollie had already gone). He used the small wooden bath brush to help me remember that I didn’t need to over eat at his mom’s. Not overeating at his mother’s is HARD!! But even though that bath brush is nothing to play with it warmed my heart as well as my bottom that he thought of it and carried through. Believe it or not I have more to say on this subject soon. Come on June!!


  1. PK. Seems like things went very well.
    Mollie handled this well.
    Good for Nick.
    Also LJ!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK: What a wonderful post. You raised such a great daughter who could go as a fifth wheel and still be happy. And nice that you stayed up to listen to her tell you all about it. You appear to have a great bond with her.

    Are you going to take a picture of her dress on a hanger and share it?

    And how nice that your son is finding an apartment.

    And then the bonus of hubby stepping up to the plate.

    Your life seems good right now and will probably be better in June.


  3. What a stress day but so happy Mollie enjoyed herself and by the sounds of it so did you in more ways than one :)

    Exciting news about LJ getting an apartment.

    Thanks for sharing your news PK.


  4. I really feel for you and the prom stress. I was stressed with all the intense planning of a the corsage, then worrying if it would turn out how I imagined, then picking it up! Sheesh...I feel for you!

    I don't know about these New Yorkers. I don't think I had to give that much information when I bought a house.

    So what are apartment rates in NY like. Michael's place next year will be $945/month! He is so excited, it's a whopping 172 square foot studio! Whoopee!

    Hang in there! It's almost June!

  5. Paul,
    Mollie is a doll! That girl has a wonderful head on her shoulders.

    I have always loved to talk to my kids when they came in in the evening. Looks like the apartment is a go. Now pray for him to get a job!!!!!

    I'll work on the dress picture.

    I wish it were June!! I miss talking to you. Maybe my time will be mine someday.

    I feel your pain about the flowers and all!What stress for you!

    I don't know how big the apartment is but I do know the rent is over $2,000 a month and that makes it hard for me to breath. I'm serious about wanting prayers folks! I'm glad Michael is happy with his place.

  6. PK, I just read your comment to Theresa, $2000 a month, that's over£1,000. Is that right in the city?