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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My twin's still at it

I know some of you have been wondering how Eva's doing these days. Well, my twin is doing fine. She is a happy and proud Grandmother. And for sure one thing has not changed - she still likes to pick on me for no reason. With her permission I am posting what she posted over at her site yesterday. (Now I know you will agree with me!)

I admit it. I'm a kitchen gadget whore.

So here's a conversation PK and I recently had.....

Eva: Okay... we took pizza to the kids' house... spent some time with them... Offspring # 2 and I wrapped up the details of my pampered chef show... I'm getting a lot of stuff... very cool.. although I know you wouldn't be all that interested... LOL

PK: Of course I am! You are going to use it to cook for me aren't you ?

Eva: ROFL you wouldn't be able to identify half the items...... Just for fun I'm attaching a word file... open it up... there are 12
pampered chef items .. I own them all (or will by this time next week) See how many you can identify.. just tell me what they are used for.......

So here are the items I sent her pictures of ...

And our conversation continued:

Oh hell they all look like sex toys to me!

Eva: Oh good grief.....

PK: Well they DO! Look at them!

Eva: Somehow I knew you'd say that.... I'm gonna make a post out of this conversation, ya know.

PK: Fine but everyone is going to be on my side!

Sigh... She's hopeless.

...................so tell me, do YOU know what these things are all used for??


  1. 1. Palster Board - Spreading plaster on the walls. whats it doing in the kitchen?
    2. Fruit/veg basket, or eggs.
    3. Lemon Juicer - for really big lemons, although I can think of a better use for this one.
    4. Egg seporator. Thats a blind guess.
    5. Garlic press - getting the garlic pressed.
    6. Whisk. - Of some kind?
    7. Apple Corer - Place apple on the counter, put corer on top and push down. The core becomes seperated and the apple is sliced.
    8. Spice grinder?
    9. Pasta grater/cheese grator?
    10. Cake cutter?
    11. Rinder. - gets the rind from lemons and limes.
    12. A bigger rinder or cake decorating tool?

    I know i got some of those right. I hope your gonna post the answers soon PK.
    Hugs Jay

  2. Some of them look like painful sex toys to me too. But i do know what some of them are!!

  3. Well, I know what most of them are. My dad was a chef. There are a couple that I don't recognize, and those look the most like sex toys. Really, the wooden thing? That has to be a sex toy thrown in to confuse us, right?

  4. Thanks for letting us now Eva is fine.
    I know what most of them are PK, chefs background in family but I think you've slipped in a couple of sex toys, you have haven't you lol.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday PK. Thanks.

  5. PK I love cooking, but alas some of these stumpted me to. But then I am not a gadget junkie. Well I'm not a kitchen gadget junkie (hehehe)!


  6. Some of those look like really painful sex toys. I think i would run if my husband bought some of them in the bedroom. LOL

  7. Jay,
    Eva hasn't given me the list yet but she said you got one right. I hope to get the full list soon. I sure have no idea!

    Painful sex toys - isn't that what it's all about?

    During the first year of our marriage I wasn't much good in the bedroom or the kitchen. Now I am more than willing to learn these new skills - but only in the bedroom!

    With Eva warped sense of humor she just might have. I'm curious about what they are now.

    Come on Theresa, tell us about some of your gadgets!

    But YaYa it's always fun when they want to try something new! LOL!

  8. Hi PK - me again, think I know what some are but not all of them

    1. Spreader ?
    2. Cake basket ?
    3. Tenderising meat
    4. Pressing fruit
    5. Garlic press
    6. Ice cream or potato scoop
    7. This is something for pinapples
    8. something to do with cakes but not sure what
    9. Grater
    10. No idea
    11. Zest grater
    12. Cutter

    Seem I was wrong, no sex toys there :).
    Let us know when you get the list.