I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Husband – I can’t think of anything I am more grateful for than my husband. My kids rank up there nearly as high but without Nick I wouldn't have them. Some day the kids will grow up and have spouses of their own. But my husband - I really believe him when he promised ‘so long as we both shall live’.

Hands – especially Nick’s hands. I love it when he will reach over and take my hand during church. I love it when I crawl in bed and he runs his hands all over my body and warms my shoulders when they are cold. Then, of course, there’s the spankings. We have wonderful toys but I love him to use his hand when he spanks me. As my pain threshold seems to be low my butt and his hand are about even in what we can give and take.

Hyacinth – my favorite flowers. The smell of hyacinth is the smell of spring itself!

Health – anyone that can say they have their health has everything.

Hamburger – a thick, juicy, medium rare burger with bacon, cheese melting down the sides. On a bun lightly toasted bun with ketchup and mayonnaise, maybe some crispy fries on the side and while I’m at it I’m thinking maybe a strawberry shake.

And please let us not forget the hard on!! Sorry no picture.

Diet Update

On the diet front I stayed exactly the same this week but I have higher hopes for this week since it has already gone done just a little since Friday. I thought I might be up slightly because Mollie and I at out that Thursday night but I held on. My biggest problem each week is going to eat at Nick’s mom’s for Sunday lunch. I love her cooking! And even after lunch is over and we are cleaning up there are little yeast rolls to nibble on, several different desserts to neaten up the edges! Even the cold bacon left over from breakfast is delicious when it’s at her house. It’s just hard to control myself. So cross your fingers for me and let’s see if I can’t get a down ward spiral going again.

And one more thing - stolen right off my twins site are the answers to the sex toy/kitchen gadgets...

Just because a few of you asked..................

This is a grill press. It is grooved and used with a similarly grooved square grill pan. It's awesome for grilling meats on the stove top but even better for making panini sandwiches. My favorite is a bbq chicken sandwich with roasted red peppers and cheese on it.

This lovely number is a BBQ Grill Basket. I've used it for cooking Tilapia. It holds 3 fillets. Perfect. Two for Scott and one for me. I have also used it for grilling veggies. Asparagus is PERFECT in it!

This is a meat tenderizer. Get your minds out of the friggin' gutter. Geeze.
Citrus juicer. I mean is that not obvious?

Garlic press. I gotta tell you when my daughter showed me how this worked I had to get one. You don't have to peel the garlic. Just pop a clove in. Squeeze. Out pops finely diced garlic pieces minus the skin which is left inside the press... completely intact and easily pulled out. How the heck does that happen?

Do you folks NOT know a cookie dough scoop when you see one?
Although this LOOKS like one of those apple thingies it's actually much bigger and used for pineapples. Look close it only has the dividers to do 4 pieces. It removes the tough outer rind or whatever it is, the core, and then leaves you with 4 chunks that are easy to slice and/or chunk.

Here's another little gem which I'm sure sent PK and others into the mind gutter. No, it's not sexual. No, I didn't add it in here to throw you off. It's a "tart shaper" and is used for making those little mini pecan tarts and other similarly shaped cookies. Saves you from having to press them with your fingers. Spray it with Pam and there you go. Works GREAT.

This can be used to grate spices, cheese, whatever....

This little item is for me and the grandbaby. The day is coming when I know she'll appreciate it. I already love it. It's a sealer/crust remover. You press down on a sandwich and ta-da. The crust comes off and you have a neatly sealed pocket sandwich. Great for PB&J.

This will zest your fruit... citrus, that is.

And last but not least this is a crinkle cutter. It's great for veggies, fries, cheese. I've had it for years and years and it still works as good as new.

I do LOVE Pampered Chef Products.


  1. Hi PK,hands thanks for sharing your list, I love hands.

    Good luck with the weight, I think Nick needs to give you a spanking before you go to his mothers for lunch then maybe you wont feel like nibbling anything extra. That might help with the weight :)

    Thanks for letting us know what the cooking gadgets were.

  2. Lovely list, as usual.

    I like Ronnies idea...a spanking before meals...might just work, OR, it might just make you have more meals so you can get more spankings?

    Never mind, I don't know what I'm talking about!


  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Hi PK,

    I loved your sweet comments about Nick and of course his hands. That is my personal fav as well!

    I still think the meat tenderizer looks tempting. We have one and it's really heavy and fun to hold!!

    Maybe Sundays after dinner you should save your mouth for just one thing...... chewing gum! I like the other thing better .....


  4. PK!!

    i forgot hands!!! that was a really important one!! lol

    i agree with the spanking as a loss weight therapy!! maybe i should try to suggest that to my Husband!! :)



  5. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Nice list & I love Pampered Chef too : )


  6. Ronnie,
    I think this is a wonderful idea!! I will suggest it to Nick. I have already learned that when my mind is thinking about a recent spanking I am much less interested in eating. Hmmm...

    If it works out that way I guess it's a win, win situation!

    I do love Nick's hands. Gum isn't a bad idea. If I can't get Nick to spank I'll give that a try.

    When I first came out to my husband and told him I wanted to be spanked I asked him to help me lose weight. That was 45 pounds ago. It can work!

    I am sure Pampered Chef is great but those toys belong to my twin Eva. I barely know what a whisk is for!!