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Friday, March 20, 2009

Fantasy Friday - Training Lisa, part ll

Friday again folks. I would really like just one weekend that seems to last longer than a few hours! I hope Fantasy Friday helps get your weekend off to the right start. It did wonders for me when I first read it! This is the second story from Florida Dom. His first story (which was his first fiction story) was Training Lisa I thought it was hot and this continuation just got hotter!! I have no doubt you will enjoy

Training Lisa, part ll

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick Tock.
Lisa was waiting patiently for the hour to end so she could email Sir tell him that she was ready to go where he wanted to take her. She was now his. She had just experienced the most wonderful night of her life and she knew she wanted more of that. But Sir had told her that she had to wait at least an hour before telling him, "I will obey, Sir.'' Not that she needed to wait that long.

Even though she hadn't even see him yet because he kept her blindfolded during their first session, she knew he had unlocked something deep inside her that she had been trying to get out all these years. Ever since she was a teen-ager. But she never knew there was a man who could unlock those desires and let them out. She knew that even though she was dominant in the board room, she always wanted to be submissive in the bedroom and she had finally found the man of her dreams to take control of the rest of her life. She was ready to give herself to him and start an exciting journey. She tingled just thinking about it. She wanted him to be the HOH and she wanted to live a DD lifestyle

When Sir gave her that first spanking, she knew it wasn't a hard one because he only used his hand and he warned her that this was just a warmup and that if she wanted more sessions, she would feel searing pain from the welts that would make it difficult for her to sit down. But the spanking had sent a jolt right to her pussy. She knew she became wet immediately. And she wanted more even when he stopped.

And she could live with the fact he denied her an orgasm because he said she had to learn that it was not about her pleasure, it was about his pleasure. He was not one of those slam bam men who was content to finish before she was even warmed up. He knew how a lot of foreplay could leave a woman begging for more. He played with her body as if she were a rare violin. He kept sucking her nipples until they were sore. He ran his hand down her body, slowly running his hand in circles and he slowly ran his tongue up and down her slit until she almost couldn't bear it because she was almost desperate for a release. But part of Sir's training was to make her wait for pleasure on his timetable.

Each time he saw her getting close to orgasm he would stop and ask her how she was feeling. She almost couldn't answer. She would just moan and ask for more, beg for more, please, please, please. But he would just run circles around her tummy with his hand until she calmed down. Then he would start again, running his fingers over her clit and that would bring her back to the brink And then he'd stop again. Then he'd start again and pushed one, two and then three fingers into her slit and massaged her G spot and she thought she was going over the top. But then he quickly pulled out again and she was left gasping. The next time, she tried to disguise the fact that she was close, hoping she could slip over the top before he realized how close she was to an orgasm.. But he was too good at judging the signs that a woman was close to release and he kept teasing her. And all the time he made her keep her arms clasped behind her head so she couldn't touch him or herself. He would do all the touching. He was in charge. He was running the show. He told her he could tie her down, but if she kept her hands behind her head, he wouldn't need to. And he deliberately didn't want her to enjoy an orgasm or have sex on their first meeting. He wanted her to looking forward to more the next time. The way to train a woman was to show her that her pleasure depended on him.

She kept remembering and savoring every detail of the unforgettable evening like when she could hear him leave the room but she could see nothing behind her blindfold and he had told her not to speak unless she was asked a question so she waited in suspense. He quickly returned and she felt something being sprayed on her nipples and her freshly shaved pussy. It felt cold, but she didn't know what it was. It was whipped cream and he worked her back into a frenzy as he slowly licked it off. But again, he stopped when she was just at the brink. By this time she was exhausted and sweaty and he figured she had had enough. So it was time for him to enjoy his pleasure. He came between her tits and then rubbed his cum all over her chest and scooped up a bit of it and let him lick it off her fingers. This was her first taste of his cum, but it was a taste she was to become as familiar with as her orange juice in the morning.

As she came down off her high and gave up begging for a release because she knew she wasn't going to get one, he stayed long enough to tell her how much he had enjoyed the session and she showed the potential to be the woman he was looking for. He wanted a smart woman he could relate to. He liked the fact that she was a success in the business world. But he wanted a woman who would obey, a woman who, if she came on this journey with him, would always defer to him and his wishes. There would be no safe words. She would accept whatever he decided she needed. He might push her past what she thoughts her limits were, but he would always know what her real limits were. If at any time, if she decided she couldn't take it, she could say no and the relationship would be over. She had to have him on his terms or not at all.

She wanted to tell him she would accept his terms, but he had told her she couldn't talk unless she was asked a question. So she just listened and thought about how lucky she was. And he told her she couldn't say yes right now. She had to wait at least an hour to email him. He didn't want a rash decision while she was still on a high. He would give her up to a week to make a decision, but she had to wait at least an hour. He then prepared to leave and told her she had to stay on the bed for another 15 minutes until he rang her cell phone number. She could then get up and take off her blindfold. And before he left, he wanted to leave her something to remember him by. She could feel something on her tummy as if he were writing something on her. She wouldn't find out what it said until he left.

As she lay there waiting for the cell phone to ring, she knew she had never felt this way in her life. She was almost in a trance. She had never had an experience like this one. She felt like she had been given a drug and she wanted more. A lot more. Finally, the cell phone rang and she took off her blindfold and her legs were weak as she slowly got out of bed. She looked in the mirror and saw that he had written "Sir's Slut'' on her tummy. She was proud of that. And she saw the bite marks on her tits. They were like badges of honor to her. And there was even a bite mark on her neck. She hadn't had a hickey since she was in high school. She knew she was going to have to wear a scarf to work tomorrow.. And she saw the hair under her armpits, the only hair on her body below her eyebrows now that he had shaved her pussy. It was Sir's mark on her and she accepted it although she figured if would be awkward when she went to the beach in the summer.

After she had a cold shower, she dried off but was careful not to touch her pussy with her hand. Only with the towel. He was clear that she was not to touch herself without his permission, much less have an orgasm. After putting on her bathrobe, she went to the computer to do some surfing and wait for the hour to be over. Her right hand kept wandering inside her bathrobe because she wanted to touch her smooth, freshly shaved pussy and her wet slit, but she'd always catch herself just in time. She didn't want to disobey him.

As soon as the hour was up, she went a four word message, "I will obey, Sir.''

He wasn't surprised that she was so quick to send the message. He could tell she was a natural submissive, but she still needed to be trained. It would be an adjustment for her to switch back and forth between the board room and the bedroom. He didn't want to mix the two worlds. Oh, he would make her wear thongs to work to get used to having her cheeks bare at all times, but she could still be a dominant in the office. Many people who don't understand the DD dynamic don't realize that a woman can be a feminist and a submissive at the same time.

He then reminded her what he had told her in the bedroom that she must obey all the rules he set down and submit to his wishes and that she understood that they wouldn't interfere with her work in the boardroom. When she came home at night, all the rules would be suspended if she had any work to bring home. Or if she got any work-related calls. The rest of the time in her condo was his time. He asked her if she understand and she wrote back, "Yes!''

"Yes, what?'' he responded.

"Yes, Sir,'' she was quick to replay.

He warned her not to forget to use Sir in the future again or there would be consequences, but he would let it pass the first time because he hadn't stressed it. He then asked her if she was sitting on her bare butt on the sandpaper on the computer chair the way he had ordered her to.

She quickly realized her mistake. She was in such a state of euphoria that she had forgotten. She had plopped down on her computer chair in her bathrobe and forgot to sit on the sandpaper with her bare butt. She hesitated because she hated to tell Sir that she had not obeyed him. She knew that Sir wouldn't be happy.

"I'm waiting for an answer,'' he replied before she had a chance to tell him about her mistake.

She figured there was nothing to do but take her medicine and she told him that she was awfully sorry that she had simply forgotten but that it wouldn't happen again.

He was not amused. He figured it was time for her first lecture. He told her this wasn't a game. Submitting to him was going to be part of her life if she was to be a part of his life and she had to learn that she had to pay more attention to the rules. He wasn't going to tolerate her being careless because he was going to put more rules in place in the future. This was just the beginning. She had to pay attention and obey. Forgetting a rule wasn't an option. And he couldn't let this pass. There had to be a punishment to send her a message that he was serious about this. She would enjoy a lot of pleasure being with him, but she would learn that she was strict. Did she understand that?

"Yes, sir,'' she typed. She knew there was no point in making excuses. She had failed him and she deserved to be punished. She understood that. He told her he was now postponing the first date they were going to have in public in the next few days. First, she was to suffer her first punishment session. And she obviously still was not ready to see him. She wound be blindfolded during the entire session. He would pick her up and she would be waiting just inside the door blindfolded. He would take her by the arm and lead her to his car to take her to his place for the punishment session because he had many more implements there. This would be a major test for her to see if she was ready to continue their relationship after a punishment session. He was sure that she would be. He figured she was hooked after the sensuous play he had treated her to earlier in the evening. He told her that he would check his calendar to decide when the punishment session would be.

But first, she learned, there was going to be immediate punishment. She would punish herself. He told her to get a hairbrush and a ruler. She would bend over and deliver five blows to each cheek butt with the hairbrush as hard as she could swing. And then she was to add five swats to her pussy with the ruler. She was stunned by how harsh he was being and she wanted to beg for some mercy, but then she thought the better of it. She knew he was strict and there was
no point in begging.

She simply typed, "Yes, Sir,'' and went to get the hairbrush and the ruler.

She took a deep breath before she started. He told her to email a picture of her butt after she punished herself. He wanted to see some marks. She decided she would deliver all five on her right cheek as fast as she could to get it over quickly. But the first one stunned her. She didn't know how much a hairbrush could hurt. And this was punishment. There were no endorphins. It just hurt. But she had the satisfaction of knowing she was pleasing him. That's the only way she could stand the next four. And then she delivered the five to her to her other cheek. The pain seared her, but when she looked in the mirror, she could see marks. He would be happy. That's all that counted. She would endure the punishment for him.

But she still had to deliver the five to her tender pussy. She almost doubled over in pain as she delivered the blows but she again knew he would be pleased. That's the only way she could stand it. She had tears in her eyes when she went to the computer to send him the picture and tell her she had obeyed.

He was pleased. He knew that she had passed another test and this was a woman who could be trained to meet his desires. He told her to go to bed now but to remember not to touch herself. He even told her to tie her right wrist to the headboard of her bed so it didn't wander between her legs. She again did as she was told, but it took her a long time to fall asleep because she was so wet between her legs and desperately wanted a release. But she knew that she had to obey. She had to serve him.

And then she wondered what his punishment session would be like and how severe it would be.

As she drifted off to sleep, she knew she was just beginning a journey that she had been waiting for all of her life.


Florida Dom I have to thank you for this story and for pushing all my buttons! I hope everyone that enjoyed this story and your last one will leave a comment and let you know. I sure hope that there are more parts coming. If you have any question for Florida Dom his email address is swdftbscribe@aol.com.

Next week's Fantasy Friday story comes with an interesting twist so I hope you will be here to read it too. I know many of you come here to read but I sure hope some of you are writing at the same time. I need more stories!! I need you to try to write one even if you don't think you can. You might surprise yourself. Just let it flow and have fun. Please send any stories you are willing to share with us to elisspeaks@yahoo.com



  1. I really enjoyed this story! Thank you, Florida Dom!

  2. Whoa!!! That was hot, hot, hot!!! But I feel like Lisa, FRUSTRATED!!!

    I want more!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:45 PM

    This was a great story. I love the rules and I got that scary feeling in my stomach when she realized that she had broken one.

    I hope you are planning on writing the next installment soon because I want to know what happens. Like next week maybe? Thanks for hosting Fantasy Friday PK. I look forward to Fridays.


  4. oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwww, love this sotry... and I want more.. I definetely want more... mmmmmmmm

    now we have to go out in 10 minutes.. that is gonna be hell... with this story in the backside of my head...

    have a wonderfull weekend...


  5. i can't wait for the next part.

  6. Thanks for all the kind comments, but the person who made it all possibe was PK, who convinced me to take a crack at writing these fantasies when I wasn't sure that they would appeal to all her women readers. You know the whole Mars-Venus thing and the joke about men never knowing what women want so it's gratifying to know you seem to want more.

    As I decide where to take this story, I'd appreciate some feedback. Do you like the part about her being being dominant in the boardroom but craving being totally submissive in the bedroom and being turned on by following all her Sir's rules and knowing she'll be spanked or punished if she doesn't.

    Anyway, I'm all ears to any overall thoughts about the story and if you don't want to post your thoughts here, my email address is: swdftbscribe@aol.com

  7. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Dear PK and FLDom,

    Michelle, I'm with you Hot Hot Hot!!!

    This is my 3rd reading and each read I get more and more from the writings. I, like Anon also got (and have the scary feeling).

    Yes FLDom I love that her life needs balance. Intellectual prowess versus emotional/physical submission. Isn't that what most of us are about?

    The writing leaves me visually emotional if that makes sense. I'm not her, so I don't exactly feel it, but (gulp) wish I did!

    Thanks for the story and of course we're all grateful to PK for her encouragement.



  8. thanks for the hot story! :-)

  9. Great Florida Dom, thanks so much, loved it, really good. Have read it twice now and will probably come back read it again.

    Oh yes her being dominant in the boardroom and sub in bedroom, most definitely. Hurry more please.

    Thanks Pk.