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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Rose

Fantasy Friday Revisited officially begins next Friday but this weekend, to get us in the mood I am going to put up three Fantasy Friday stories (with the permission of the authors, of course) from when Tiggr was hosting. This might give some of our new friends an idea of what we have done in the past. As to the future well, I guess anything goes! I am sure those who have been around for a while will easily remember the author of this little piece. For those that don’t know practice you guessing before you scroll down!!

The Tattoo

My fantasy comes from something I read a while back. I had never given the topic much thought before but now I can’t get it out of my mind. I fantasy about getting a tattoo. In the past I only thought of tattoos on old drunken sailors. But that is no longer true. Beautiful people are getting tattoos and they are truly works of art.

I don’t want just any tattoo and I only plan for my lover to see it. I want to have it done without telling anyone. One night he will just find them. Yes I want two. I want a rose on each cheek. I want great detail. I want the stems and leaves to be a lovely green maybe multi-shades to make it look extremely real. I want the thorns to look like they could prick his hand when he rubs it across my bottom. But the roses – the roses will be special!

I only want the outline of the rose, still in great detail, but only the outline. It is up to my lover to decide the color of the roses. Some nights they will stay white roses. Maybe some nights they will be delicate pink roses. But other nights… yes, the other nights! They will be a deep red, an angry, fire-glow red! Each night my lover will be able to watch the art work become rosier and rosier. Some nights I will be in front of the mirror watching to roses fade back to white.

Many aspects of this fantasy appeal to me. I like the secrecy, slipping off to have it done. The embarrassment of explaining to the artist exactly what I want done and having him realize why. I think of the fear of actually exposing myself to a stranger in such an embarrassing position and the pain of the procedure itself. I also fantasy about my lovers reaction.

Now the first time I read this story I just loved it! I could picture the tattoos and just how exciting it would be for the spanker to watch the color change. I hadn’t been blogging long and I had no idea which of my friends might have written this little fantasy. When I found out I was so surprised but then I thought how perfect! All I could think of was well of course it was her! So many, many thanks to our dear, dear friend…


Come back tomorrow for another great story from the past!


  1. There is just something about Fantasy Friday that starts the weekend off right and to have Cassie revisited WOO HOO!

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, what a great little tale, and the life that Cassie leads probably means that she has a great tail as well. *G*
    Warm hugs,

  3. Cassie..TATTOO...COOL...

  4. I remember this like it was yesterday!


  5. OH PK! Thanks for posting this again! It was such fun to write! Although when Tom read about it he nearly warmed my rear for thinking of such a thing!

    David and Paul are such sweet talkers! Thank for reading it again again!


  6. Thanks Cassie for the story. Hope to see everyone back tomorrow for another story.

  7. ooh yes! I remember that one well! Remember when she told Tom about it and he was reading in the hotel and said Cassie if you Ever.... :-) That was great!!!!


  8. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Very cool roses! I have 3 dark pink roses on my lower back. I wasn't a spanko at the time I got my tattoo though.

  9. I bet they are beautiful. So are you a spanko now??