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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Got any little secrets?

Have any of you ever thought what will become of your spanking toys in the distant future? I meant as we have spent this weekend going through Cassie’s house it does make you wonder who might come across our toys in the future. My plans for the near future are for them to remain in their little locked briefcase under my bed most of the time and yet get plenty of use when we have time alone. But I have wondered what would become of the collection some day. At this time my sister, the one I grew up with, has instructions to get the case from beneath the bed and dispose of it far away.

Will she look in it first? Well what would you do if a friend or family member asked this of you? You bet your butt she will look in it but I don’t care. LJ is barely to the age to not be weirded out by the fact that parents have sex life. And Mollie truly thinks such a thing is utterly disgusting! But I hope by the time we go they will be old enough to be thrilled for us.

I saw this in our local paper this weekend in an advice column which had asked about this situation:

I think the most surprising thing that our kids will find when we die, is that we had a very interesting sex life. I hope that will give them something to talk about and laugh about, while going through our stuff and figuring out who gets what!

I think this is a cool answer. I hope we are around long enough for our kids to be able to laugh and fight over what ever they find of our toy collection.

So I have a couple of questions for you folks. Do you have anyone designated to come in and dispose of your toys if necessary and have you ever left an obvious spanking toy where it was found by an unsuspecting family member or friend? We try to be careful but accidents happen.


  1. Haha what a good question. Not something I had thought of. Our toys (not many to speak of) are in the draw by our bed within easy reach but then we have no kiddies with prying eyes. However, I left one of my vibrators in the bathroom and remembered to remove it the next day. That would have made any visitors eyes pop if I had forgotten.


  2. Ours are in a box under the bed. Our yougest has seen some of the toys that were left out one time and like Mollie he thought they were disgusting and us to.

  3. PK, you've been chatting to Theresa, or this post is a big coincidence.
    All Mel's jewellery and our spanking toys have been left to my eldest niece, who knows that her grandparents and us were into D D and D/s, and has no problem with excepting other peoples sexuality.
    This is one of the reasons that I love and am proud of her.
    Warm hugs and love,

  4. Interesting that you brought this up. Yes I do have arrangements made. My ex husband who knows all about this has directions to get rid of the implements and clean out the pictures etc in my computer before my son gets anywhere near the apartment. I keep all my toys in a lovely zippered canvas bag. Everything spanking is in there as well as other battery operated toys.

    Actually I should leave the toys to someone who would use them for pleasure. Have to think about that.

    I will also say the more I think about it the less I think my son would be upset. I think his reaction would be more along the lines of "Oh for Gods sake Mom." lol.
    Purple Angel

  5. We are thinking alike lately. I had not thought about the toys. I told Michael a long time ago, if he ever went searching for something in my room, prepare to run across things that he would not be happy to find. Luckily he was not the snoopy type.

    Shortly after he left there was a little phone play one night involving a toy. Afterward I rinsed off the toy, and just left it in the bathroom. I thought to myself, well here is one good thing about him being gone.

    Then I realized I did not need to get that comfortble. People do come by occassionally!

    Pk I do believe that the Hospice nurse will also take care of our toys, if we ask. You know when they come to the death and dispose of the Morphine, they can throw out the toys. Hospice nurses are not easily shocked. Also I hope to be enjoying my toys until my death bed!

    Huggs and love

  6. Someone finding my toys after I'm dead and gone has not raised any huge concerns for me. After all, how would I know if they were found? I think that caring what was thought would be moot.

    My family has an odd sense of humor. I could imagine my nephew's reactions when he discovered Auntie C's playthings.

    "Hmmm, a ruler, she must have wanted to see if the guy measured up."

    "Wow, a paint stick! I guess she really liked to stir it up."

    "What's this stringy leather thing? Great cat toy!"

    "A hairbrush to avoid bed head. Works for me."

    Nope, not worried at all. Let them find them and draw their own conclusions. Life is about living and the fun to be had. I just hope they find them in time to send a couple along with me... just in case.

  7. Dove,
    Kids really make a difference about where we keep out things. We have to be very, very careful!

    Kids the age of ours would laugh to find these things were uses by other but parents are just different. LOL!

    I am very happy to know you have such a wonderful niece in your life. She sounds like a jewel!

    I think my son would probably just be amused. Mollie -- now that is a different story!

    I would trust the hospice nurse in a heart beat but someone might notice her carrying a briefcase from the house she didn't come in with. In fact I even told my sister to toss it out the window and pick it up outside!

    I too would have been delighted to discover interestering facts about any of my aunts. Mollie is my only concern -- she might never reach an age where she will be about to accept the idea that Nick and I have ever had sex in our lives! And if she does accept it she will never believe she did it more than twice!

  8. hehe!! What a fun question! Nope haven't thought of anyone! Guess whoever goes through the house will have quite a surprise! :-) Of course, if our closest friends do (the ones who'd get our children), then they already know! And have seen!


  9. Carye,
    Yours are little, but some day even they will wonder what in the world mom and dad were up to!

  10. Anonymous10:09 AM

    We actually talked about this recently... since we're getting a larger and larger collection. We don't have anyone designated to come over though. Figure we can't die of embarrassment if, you know... we're already dead!

    Our soon did find our wood paddle in the car trunk (after a trip) once though. He was about 10 years old, and asked what it was (while holding our paddle in his hand). Caught completely off guard, lol... we said... "it's for you if you ask any more questions."

    Not sure that would work with him now though!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  11. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Hey, PK!

    The cleaning lady found some interesting literature buried in my shirt drawer, and a neighbor who was bringing in mail while we were away carried in an obvious crop, identified in a mailer from an equestrian supply source. We keep most things up high in Jim's closet and hidden, but every now and then I'll see a handle sticking out and quickly push it back in. We only have four true implements (wooden and leather paddles, crop and wooden brush) but along with other toys we should probably get a bag or case we can lock up. When we go, and we hope it's together in 50 years, the kids'll have something to smirk about!

    I worry more about being discovered on sites on the computer - either a kid walking in on me or me forgetting to clear my history or close a site.


  12. I told my sister along time ago that she had to be the one to clean out my apartment. That was when it was just me and the kiddos. And I suppose it would still be the same now that there are no kids and just MrC and I, because lord only knows there are just battery operated toys. *sigh* Those toys wouldn't surprise her at all, and I really don't think any spanko toys would either, if there ever are any.

    I know these are your comments Pk, but I've gotta know from purple angel: your ex?? Wow, how lucky to have that kinda of relationship with an ex. I can't even begin to imagine!

    And Theresa: A hospice nurse, that's a brilliant idea!

    And c.c: just in case ... what?? That leaves an awful lot to the imagination! lol

    Now, as for my kids: My son would just turn red and walk away. My daughter though - for the last year or so we've been playing a game of who can shock the other the most. Heh! I wonder if I would win in the end?? I probably don't need an answer to that! lol

    Fun post PK!