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Friday, October 21, 2022

Rough week


Ugg, it’s been a rough week. Last week Nick caught a cold. Checked twice for Covid, negative both times. I guess the plain old cold is still around. I did not want to catch it, so I moved out. Well as far as the other bedroom. Interestingly, both cats come with me. Poor old Nick. 


Only one thing was really bothering me and that was my flu shot. I thought I had some mild symptoms, but my arm just kept hurting and hurting. The injection site was hot as fire, my glands under that arm were swollen, as was my arm and then my whole upper arm was itching like crazy. All and all I was not happy.


And then I caught Nick’s cold. It’s a funny cold, it didn’t start as a sore throat as mine usually do, and while my head feels stuffy, my nose is not stuffed up – I can breathe normally. But I’m coughing and sneezing. I tested myself for Covid, but I was negative for that too.


Normally all this would just be a bit annoying. Being retired I could just take my medicine and nap all day if I liked, but we have plans. Next Thursday we’re supposed to fly to NYC to see the boys. 

I don’t want to be sick! And if this is a mild cold I’ll be fine by then – but if the cough hangs on as it often does with me, I feel I’ll get some angry looks on the plane. I’ll definitely be wearing a mask. And I sure don’t want to give anything to LJ and Collin.


As far as NYC goes it’s not made for old people, heavy people or people with bad knees and I have the trifecta! Please cross your fingers that I’ll be over the cold so I’ll at least have a fighting chance up there.


  1. Oh no PK, that really sucks. I'm sorry you are both under the weather. Good news at least that it's not covid. Sending positive thoughts that you recover in time for the trup.

    I hope your arm has settled now from the injection too. I'm hoping it's a mild reaction. If it hasn't settled you may need to get it checked out.


  2. We're working on it. We should be close to recovery by the time for us to go. The arm is better but it took a full week to get back to normal.

  3. Oh dear it sounds wretched. I hope you get well, like TOTALLY well by the time you go to NYC. Never mind the angry looks on the plane - being ill is a lousy way to vacation!

    1. Thanks Fondles, I feel like I'm getting a little better each day. Hopefully by Thursday I'll be feeling normal.

  4. I hope you are feelling better now and the trip is still on.