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Friday, August 12, 2022

Maybe I don’t need to worry so much

This happened last month but it still makes me smile. We went on a family picnic for the 4th of July with Nick's brothers and sisters. The place we go is deep in the mountains and we have no cell service. We always go for breakfast, so we leave home pretty early. We went, had a great picnic, and headed home about lunchtime.

When we were about halfway home Mollie began laughing and muttering, ‘I can’t believe them.’ It seems that Mollie and two teaching friends keep an ongoing text chain. These two ladies are in their late forties and early fifties with half grown children. They had been texting for a while when they noticed Mollie wasn’t with them. This is the conversation that followed.

Where’s Mollie? She’s usually up by now.

I don’t know. This is weird. Did she say she was going off today.

She didn’t say anything to me.

I’m going to call her. This isn’t normal.

Let me know.

Well, she’s not answering. Should we call her mama? I don’t want to scare her if it’s nothing.

I know. I don’t want her to worry.

I’m going to ride over to her house and see if everything’s okay…

Well, I’m here and the dogs are here, but her car is gone. I’m gonna go ahead and water her plants while I’m here. 

These exchanges and driving over and watering the plant took about two hours all together and it was about then that Mollie popped into the conversation.

Good grief girls, I told you I was going on a picnic with my family. We just don’t get cell reception there.

You didn’t tell me you were going!

You didn’t tell me either!

I did too. You all don’t pay any attention when we talk in person. But I do appreciate you watering my plants.

No problem. But don’t run away and scare us again.

I suppose if her friends are this attentive, I don’t have to spend my time worrying about her. I think they’ve got her covered. And her plants too.


  1. LoL PK, that is actually very sweet, especially that Mollie's friend went to her home to check on her and ended up watering her plants.

    What a great comfort it must be to know Mollie has such good friends who look out for her.


    1. It really does make me feel good. They obviously care about her and every mother wants her kid to have friends willing to check on her and protect her.

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Oh PK,

    I love it! First that they are friends. Second that they "worry" and notice things about her. Third, that they would go and do stuff like that!!! That is so amazing! I hope when my daughter starts teaching that she will have amazing friends like that!


    1. I hope the same thing for your daughter! I'm happy they thought of calling me, and I think they would have if necessary. We just all want our kids friends to care so much.

  3. Anonymous6:36 AM

    How funny is that? They only "listen" when texting, not when face to face.


    1. That seems strange to me too, but Mollie might just have been teasing them. They talk/text so much they're bound to miss some things.

  4. I love this so much. I think she'll be ok. With friends like that she's bound to be!

    1. I've always prayed she would be surrounded by people who care about her and I feel it's happening.