I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A meme from the old days

I came across this from years back and thought I'd try it again. I'd love for others to try it too.

Who’s the oldest?


Nick is five and a half years older. I’m his child bride.

Who was interested first?


I guess he was, I’m not really sure. We had run into each other at a local bar and at friend’s houses and we’d talked. But he was the one who called for a date.


Same high school?


Oh no, I went to the good one.


Most sensitive?


I would say me. But sometimes I wonder. We’re still not good at opening up to one another.


Worse temper?


Neither one of us has much of a temper. We just tend to go with the flow.

More social?


That would be me. But since Covid, I not very social either. We do have one couple we go out with when we can.


More stubborn?


Maybe that would be me. 


Wakes up first?


Nick! Always Nick. If he was in bed when I woke up I would be checking his pulse.


Bigger family?


That would be Nick – there are five kids in his family. This really comes in handy as they take care of his dad.




He doesn’t send them often. Maybe once a year or less. But that’s fine with me.

Cooks the most?


We do both cook a little. He probably does a little more than I do.


Cries more? 


Now that would be me. Not about real things, I'm very stoic about real things. But sad stories or show often have me in tears.


Better singer?


Me! It’s not that I can sing well but he doesn’t sing at all. Not in the shower, not with the radio, not even happy birthday.


Said I love you first?


I guess we’ve been together a long time. I don’t remember.


Better driver?


I drive just fine, but I don’t like doing it so I’d rather him do most of the driving.


Hogs the remote?


I always have the remote. I don’t mind going up and down on the volume when it needs it. Also he does a lot of talking when I’m trying to hear the TV, and I don’t mind hitting pause and talking a while. And I know which are which.

Clothes and shoe hoarder? 


I think both of us are a little guilty of this. But he can wear all the old clothes he has since his weight hasn’t changed in the past forty years. Let’s just say mine has. 




  1. I think I remember this meme PK. Enjoyed reading your answers:)


    1. Always love you coming by.

  2. I remember that meme. A I read yours, my answers sprang to mind.


    1. It's interesting what we remember.

  3. I think I did this meme. I enjoyed reading your answers. I might look up another meme I did years ago and see if my answers have changed.


    1. That's the way to do it. I know I've changed a lot. But I'm not completely sure I like the changes.

  4. Deena4:47 AM

    Fun to read! I'm not sure I could answer some of these either. Been too long to remember the answer to a few of them...and my brain is quite tired these days ;)

    1. My brain is having the same problem these days.

  5. I remember this one! Enjoyed reading. I think I did this as well. Wonder if my answers changed….?

    1. Jot down the current answers and go see!