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Friday, November 22, 2019

Fantasy Friday - Niagara Falls

I'm happy you came by today! I have another brand new Fantasy Friday to share. This is from one of our newer writers, Cindy. You can read her first Fantasy Friday, and a little more about her, here. Now, I hope you'll enjoy...

Niagara Falls

Danny and I had a great opportunity to get a weekend away, After a brief talk about where to go we decided on Niagara Falls, staying on the Canada side. I found a great hotel overlooking the falls and booked it. We couldn’t wait.
Car packed and off we went. The three hour ride gave us time to transition from work and kids to a couple with nothing but each other on our minds. 
Stopping first on the New York side, we took a walk down a flight of stairs to a boardwalk along the falls. Watching the intensity of the water falling and then the gentle mist spraying on us, made me tingle as I thought of Danny, his strong hand intensely spanking my butt followed by the most amazing kisses to make it all better. The current and the mist, the hand and the kiss, the strong and the comforting.
Passports in hand we drive across the bridge. What a change of scenery as we cross the river. New York is quite industrial, Canada more touristy. Finding our hotel was a bit tricky, but after check in we arrived at a beautiful room.

Thirty floors up and in a suite. We entered into the sitting room and then to the bedroom with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the gardens and the falls. Again I was amazed at the beauty.
Standing at the window, looking out at the sight, we just quietly embraced each other. With kids and jobs, this was a unique feeling. One that is few and far between. After a long and intense kiss, we break apart. Just looking at each other, we realized that if we don’t stop now, we will never leave the room.
Finding a bar downstairs we decide on an early bar food supper and then a stroll outside. What a beautiful evening, ending with fabulous fireworks over the river. The bright colors and the thunderous booms rolling through the canyon brought so many senses alert. I felt like I needed to run back to the room.
Back in our suite, Danny sadly says, “Josie, cool down a bit, we have all weekend, we need to pace ourselves and enjoy”. This was odd, because I am usually the one who wants the long drawn out adventure and he wants to just “get it done”
So we showered together, laid naked in bed, scratching, rubbing and feeling the love.
We slept late and woke in front of the big window with the sun shining in on us. As I focused my eyes from sleep and sun, I looked out again at the mighty falls. What a beautiful sight. Being so high up assured me that nobody could see my naked body. I still felt uncomfortable and naughty as we stood there naked.
Outside on the beautiful afternoon, we held hands and did all the touristy stuff. Took the boat under the falls, walked up the Clifton Hill and into many shops. Do you know the sell bottles of Falls Water? Now that is a gimmick.
After an enjoyable dinner, we returned to our room. Just sitting in the chair looking out at the lit falls was magical. The lights on the falls turn colors making the water change colors. Reminds me of a unicorn.
Breaking my peaceful thoughts I hear Danny say, “Josephine Marie.”
I startle; what had I done wrong. But a quick look at his face, I knew he was in play mode.
“Yes sir” I reply quickly getting into character.
“ I want you naked and laying across this table by time I get out of the bathroom.”
He didn’t have to ask me twice. I quickly stripped and shoved my clothes into my suitcase. I position myself across the table, I have a great view of the falls and the very little people down below. When Danny comes back he grabs my ass and rubs and scratches my back. Oh this feels great I think. THEN I hear the unmistakable  sound of his belt being pulled through the loops. YIKES.

Then a beautiful fireworks display lit up the sky. Watching the beauty outside and feeling the belt inside gave me a strange and unique emotion. I cannot even describe it.
Crack after crack, firework after firework.  The closer together the fireworks went up the faster the belt came down. 
All of a sudden I feel Danny enter my hot, wet women parts. As the finale came with firework after firework and then several at one time, Danny thrust to the rhythm. We both yelled out as the last boom rolled through the river canyon. What a finale.
Then all was quiet inside and out. 
As he collapsed on me and cuddled, we watched the crowd clear the smoke evaporate. Still seeing the ever changing color of the falls.
Staggering over to the bed, I laid quietly in thought, last night was the mist, tonight was the falls. The calm and the rough. 
Can’t wait for my next trip.

Thanks again, Cindy! I hope you'll keep writing and sharing with us. Everyone else is invited to join in too, you can read, you can comment for encouragement and you can write us a story. Send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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  1. What a great story and wonderfully written. I could picture the scenery and wow, how awesome it would be to be spanked while watching such spectacular scenery and fireworks!