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Friday, September 13, 2019

Fantasy Friday Revival - Payback Time

Today we’re hearing a story from a man. When I first found blogs and sent some of the stories to Nick, his first comment was, “A woman wrote this? Sure sound more like a man’s fantasy to me.” We soon realized that it was a spanking was non-gender fantasy, one that could be enjoyed by all. 

I think you’ll love today’s Fantasy Friday. I know I did. I not only love the story, I love the concept and want to see it nationwide! Well, no it wouldn’t work for everyone. But there is a segment of the population where I think it could be very effective. Please enjoy…

Payback Time
Ian Gordon awakes a few minutes before his alarm trumpets the start of a new day. Gordy, as he likes to be called, has reason to greet today with a smile. He has a new assignment at work, one he's been looking forward to for a very long time.

Gordy works for the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. But, his is not an ordinary municipal job. In fact, unless you live around these parts, you've probably never heard of this particular occupation before. You see, Gordy is a spanker. A Stillwater Oklahoma Spanker... or 'S.O.S.' for short.

The program was voted into existence about a year ago by a frustrated populace. Stillwater is a college town, home of Oklahoma State University. Folks here are proud of OSU, and appreciate what the school means to the local economy. There is a downside though. Nuisance crimes can get out of hand. Vandalism, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, dangerous driving... the notorious domain of young college students... can ruin the tranquility of the community.

Fines work as a deterrent for those that value a dollar. Some of the college set has a 'who cares' attitude when it comes to monetary slaps on the wrist though. So, for repeat offenders, the good folks of Stillwater decided to start slapping elsewhere.

Gordy loves his job as a spanker and the difference he's been able to make. When he was a Stillwater Police Officer, he often found the same perps in the back of his squad car. Didn't seem to matter what he did, nothing really changed. As a spanker he can see the impact he's having. Stillwater is a more peaceful place, thanks to some of the most well behaved college students in the nation.

Another thing Gordy likes about his job is the spankings! He's been into spanking for most of his life. Long before spanking became a profession, Gordy was spanking his girlfriends. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes as a part of sex, and sometimes to motivate better behavior.

The best thing about the job though, is because of his previous law enforcement experience, Gordy is able to pick his schedule and his cases. His overwhelming preference is coeds. Beyond the obvious reasons, Gordy has found that young women respond extremely well to the contrition and accountability he demands during a spanking. His stern and patriarchal manner suits the job perfectly.

Indeed, Gordy rarely ever has to see a young lady a second time... well, unless she requests special help after her debt to society has been paid off. Several young ladies have been motivated to take their studies seriously thanks to Gordy's strong hand.

As he straightens his tie and readies himself for work this morning, bubbly coeds aren't on Gordy's mind though. Today, Gordy has only one appointment on his schedule. She comes from the OSU campus, like most do. But, Dorothy Clark is not a student. Dr. Clark, as she likes to be called, is the President of Oklahoma State University. She's a highly respected and powerful member of society that almost always gets what she wants.

In fact, she wanted the city spanking ordinance passed and had led the charge to ensure that it did. Having never had even a hint of problem with the law before, it surely never crossed Dr. Clark's mind that she could face a spanking herself back when she was campaigning for the need of some real discipline in the civil code. Three speeding tickets in four months changed all that. The judge had spared her the rod after the second ticket, but was bound by the 'three strikes and you're spanked' provision that Dorothy Clark herself had insisted on.

Gordy had followed Dr. Clark's court cases with great interest, and was disappointed when the judge had given leniency after the second ticket. He was thrilled when the judge had no choice but to sentence a paddling after the third.

The reason... and the reason for the pep in Gordy's step as he heads off to work... is the past he shares with Dr. Clark. Dorothy had been his girlfriend back in their college days. They'd dated for nearly two years, and had even talked of marriage. Things fell apart when Gordy brought up the topic of spanking though. Dorothy wasn't totally opposed to the idea, until she realized Gordy was sexually excited by the prospect. Mean things were said... sadist, pervert, sicko... and things ended rather badly. They'd not spoken since.

It had actually taken Gordy several months to get over the incident. He gave up spanking, and tried to no longer think about it. He never wanted to go through that sort of humiliation and embarrassment again. In time, his wounds healed and his interest returned. He got comfortable with what he liked, and concluded that Dorothy had simply been too narrow minded to understand. He'd never forget her though and would sometimes wonder what it would be like to spank his first love.

Clearly however, Dorothy had forgotten about him. She had her prestigious job at the college, and her position in the community. She hadn't even bothered to protest when the city hired him as a spanker... even though she knew spanking could be sexual to him, and had promised voters that only "moral" spankers would be hired.

'She will remember now,' Gordy chuckles to himself as he drives to work. He's looking forward to this, and doesn't care that the idea excited him.

Gordy arrives at work a few minutes early. The office is close to the courthouse, which isn't far from the campus. Those sentenced to a spanking are assigned a date and a time, and can get the specifics of what is to happen if they wish. Dorothy already knows all about the procedures though. She'd helped set them up.

There are different rooms for dispensing punishments. Gordy reserved his favorite. Simple tan carpeting and white walls, with a huge red cushioned chair and ottoman sitting in the middle of the floor. A small table sits to the side. Gordy checks that the room is clean, and sets his favorite spanking implement on the table. A hairbrush sized paddle made out of smooth oak that Gordy had handcrafted himself.

Usually a first timer would receive just a hand spanking, which was enough for most when Gordy was giving it. If anyone asked why he was using a paddle on a first timer, he'd tell them it was because Dr. Clark had already been given a second chance by the judge. The real reason though, was this was the paddle he'd planned to use on Dorothy all those years ago. It was the only paddle he'd kept when he tried to give up spanking.

A few minutes before her 9am appointment, Gordy sees Dorothy pull into the parking lot. She's wearing a light blue skirt and blouse, which she straightens as she gets out of her gray Mercedes. She is alone and quickly makes her way into the building. Probably doesn't want anyone to see her, Gordy guesses with an amused grin on his face.

Being early in the day, Dorothy finds no line and is sent back without delay.

"Hello Gordy, how have you been?" Dorothy offers nervously.

"It's Mr. Gordon" came the stern retort.

Dorothy clears her throat and mumbles back, "Okay."

Gordy continues, "This is not a social call, Dr. Clark. We take your blatant disrespect for the law seriously, as you'll soon feel."

Dorothy's face turns red as her eyes dart to the floor. She has nothing to say now.

Gordy steps towards the hall, but Dorothy does not follow. Her feet are planted into the carpet.

"Dr. Clark, please, this way."


"Dr. Clark, NOW."

Still nothing.

Protocol requires Gordy to read a prepared text that warns of a possible 180 day jail sentence for failure to comply. Spankings are tightly regulated in most areas. Gordy isn't one to follow scripts though. He reasons each woman is different and thus requires a different kind of spanking. But Dorothy, she can make trouble. It's risky to stray off course with her, and Gordy knows it. After waiting all these years though, he is more than willing to take some chances.

"I will not tolerate disrespect. You will do as you're told, and you WILL take the spanking you have coming," Gordy orders as he takes hold of Dorothy's hand. No protest is offered as she shuffles her feet down the hallway. Gordy leads her straight into the punishment room and towards the big red chair. He can see her eyes fixate on the paddle situated on the middle of the table. Dorothy seems as if she might recognize it, but she does not speak.

Wanting to make his role clear, Gordy sweeps his hands around Dorothy's waist and in one swoop plucks her off her feet and over his lap. With a tug Dorothy's blue dress lifts into the air before falling to her back. New white cotton panties with little pink flowers on the waistband are all that protect Dorothy's bottom now.

"Dorothy, you know why you're here. You've been very-very naughty. Three tickets in four months. That's unacceptable. You're supposed to be a shining example to your students and look at you, over my knee awaiting your deserved punishment like some foolish freshman."

"I know, Mr. Gordon and I am sorry. I really am sorry, sorry for everything. I deserve what I'm about to get."

Gordy is not surprised at Dorothy's repentant tone. Many become apologetic in a last ditch attempt to save their hide. Without pause Gordy firmly replies, "It's good you understand that you've earned what you're about to get."

Slipping his fingers between the fabric of Dorothy's panties and her warm skin, Gordy tugs the material down exposing bare flesh. Her bottom is pale white, and looks surprisingly similar to what he recalls.

Gordy slowly raises his hand, admiring the pristine view.

Thumping down firmly into the bare flesh before him, Gordy begins to spank. Soundly scolding Dorothy's bottom checks with swift smacks that build in intensity with each blow. Gordy's hand rings as he swats away towards a full force hand spanking.

Approaching crescendo, Dorothy cuts loose with a bellowing shriek that could only come from a woman that has never been spanked before. She tries to pull and wiggle, twist and push... anything to soothe the eruption of pain in her rear. Gordy tightens his grip as he pulls Dorothy closer. The struggle excites Gordy in a most obvious way. That Dorothy surely would disapprove if she knew, only adds to the excitement.

With a flourish of walloping spanks, Gordy concludes the hand spanking. Dorothy's rump is an angry shade of red, with small blotches of purple dots peeking out. She's bawling softly into the arm of the chair, very much feeling her punishment.

Heat radiates from under Gordy's hand as gently rubs from the tip of Dorothy's thighs to the edge of her back. She starts to settle herself. Turning her teary eyes towards Gordy, she asks, "Are you still going to paddle me?"

"You're not getting out of it this time" Gordy answers as he roughly runs his fingernails over Dorothy's spanked bottom. She yelps and turns her head back into the armrest.

Turning towards the table, Gordy reaches for his favorite paddle. His legs shift as he slides the smoothly worn oak into his hand. Dorothy pushes her body towards Gordy as he settles back into his seat. Gordy can feel his stiff excitement against his slacks, straining towards Dorothy's bare skin.

Every carnal instinct in Gordy's body urges him forward. To ravish in the way he desires. To take what he wants, and to punish any effort to deny it. To spank hard and act on every craving. To make Dorothy hurt and ache, and at the same time lust and hunger for more.

But his job. The job he loves. The job he knows he'll lose if he persists.

Gordy gathers himself. Dorothy is still and makes no attempt to pull away. He decides to get Dorothy's full attention, in hopes that she'll ignore the issue pressing into her side.

Gordy lifts his attention getter high into the air. Swiftly the paddle cuts through the air, fuming towards it's destination. Scorching into place, Dorothy's breath is taken away. Quickly up again, it falls just as fast on the same spot. Then the attention moves to Dorothy's other cheek. Up and down, and then again.

The sounds of hard wood slapping into tender skin fills the room. Dorothy kicks her feet as her bottom turns deep crimson. She's now howling in distress.

THWACK-THWACK-THWACK. Gordy continues vigorously paddling. Over each check, and down to the tops of her thighs harsh discipline is evenly dispensed. He moves his left hand onto Dorothy's hip and presses down. Slowly he glides his hand away, pulling Dorothy's flesh back and exposing the most delicate part of her bottom.

Unspanked skin is revealed, which Gordy quickly rectifies with the paddle in his right hand by spanking directly on the middle of Dorothy's bottom.

As Gordy pushes the paddle through the air, he starts to scold.

Dorothy, you must remember that traffic laws are designed to keep you safe. SMACK-SMACK!

You must act like the role model you're supposed to be. WHACK-WHACK!

You must not be such a mean prude!

Might as well tell her the real reason she's getting the paddle Gordy figures.

With several culminating swats straight on Dorothy's sit spots, the paddling comes to a close. Raging violaceous marks protrude from the scarlet red canvas before Gordy's eyes. Dorothy weeps, but has taken her punishment rather well. Most squirm and fight more than she did.

Gordy very lightly starts to rub. Once a debt has been paid, he believes that comfort and forgiveness should be offered. With his palm he strokes in gentle circular motions, taking his time to pacify the sorest spots.

"Have you learned your lesson young lady?" he asks.

"Yes, sir, I have. Thank you for teaching me it" Dorothy responds with a snivel.

With the spanking over and no chance at manipulating a gentler punishment, Gordy did not expecting such a pleasant response. Maybe an irritable "are we done now"... but not a "thank you." He decides to explore exactly how thankful she is.

"Would you like me to continue rubbing your bottom?"

"Yes, sir. It feels nice." As Dorothy responds, she moves her legs apart stretching her white panties into her thighs. She asks, "Do you think I have a nice ass?"

"You have a very nice ass, sweetie."

"Is it as nice as the ones you normally see?"

"It's nicer, Dorothy. You know I've always liked your bottom."

Gordy continues to stroke. His hand moves over the edge of her back, flowing onto the rise of flesh that forms the beginning of Dorothy's backside. Back and forth he glides, fingers drifting over the divide in her flesh. Plunging lower, he can feel heat rising. Gently he soothes with his touch. His hand lightly passes over the summit of her rear-end, causing Dorothy to wince in pain.

"There-there, you'll be okay" Gordy offers.

Dorothy whispers, "Don't stop."

Gordy continues his decent, reaching the spot where Dorothy's bottom curves into her thighs. She moans softly. Shifting forward her legs move further apart. Gordy's caress brushes against Dorothy's now exposed wetness. Her arousal is obvious.

Concerns about his job melt away as Gordy moves from a soothing touch to a pleasing one. Prodding deeper into her folds of skin, he enters Dorothy. With great hunger she thrusts back as Gordy pushes his finger forward. His hand collides with Dorothy's primal lunge, sending a blissful shiver from the core of her sexuality to the edge of her mouth. She bites down on her lower lip as a wave of release rolls through her body.

Gordy guides his finger from the clutching grasp of Dorothy's quivering body. He raises his hand deliberately into the air and drops several quick slaps on Dorothy's backside.

"Are you a naughty girl that likes to be spanked" he asks.

Dorothy yelps out "yes" as her backside wiggles.

Hand still rhythmically beating down on sore flesh Gordy continues, "... and does spanking turn you on, Dr. Clark?"

Legs slamming shut, her bottom wincing with sting, Dorothy pleas, "yes-yes sir... yes- it does- YES!"

"That's a good girl" Gordy replies with a smile. His spanks subside to little pats, and then more gentle rubs. Dorothy again exposes her excitement. Gordy rewards her honesty with succulent touches directly to her most tender pleasure spot. Dorothy's body trembles with pulsing ecstasy, absorbing all of the bliss Gordy's skilled hand offers. Wave after wave of gratification swirls through her body until she is completely fulfilled.

The frenzy of hard spanking and unrestrained sexuality drains Dorothy leaving her finely styled hair clinging to her damp forehead. Little beads of perspiration roll from her back and onto her spanked bottom. Her fashionable blue dress is disheveled against her body.

Slumping back into the big chair, Gordy allows Dorothy time to catch her breath. Softly running his fingers over crimson skin, he chuckles out loud.

Dorothy turns her head and asks, "What's so funny?"

Patting her bottom Gordy answers, "The spanking ordinance, me being hired as the top spanker, you getting three speeding tickets in four months... I'm thinking you being here isn't exactly a coincidence."

Dorothy says nothing.

"Do I need to paddle you again young lady?"

"... okay-okay, I admit it! I've thought about you giving me a spanking ever since we broke up. I've fantasized about it, and wished I'd have just been honest about wanting it when you brought it up. I just never could think of how to fix things. so... I ...

"That's very sneaky of you, Dr. Clark. I wonder what all those coeds I've spanked think of your shenanigans..."

It was a good thing Gordy had just the one appointment today...

This story was written by Todd. He and his wife wrote a blog entitled  American Spanking Society. They left blogging several years ago, but their blog was very interesting. I was sorry to see them go. What about that fantasy floating around in your head. Why not try writing it for yourself and then if you’re willing share it with us. Send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, I do remember Todd and American Spanking Society. What an interesting idea and great story. Wonderfully written. This was new to me.


  2. A great story. I too remember Todd and his wife. I really liked their blog. Wonder what happened to them.