I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Questions for you

Barring something unforeseen (like me having a panic attack) I’m planning to send my book to Blushing today. Finally it will be in their hands and I can, well… not stop worrying about it, but at least stop tweaking it. I could do that for the next year and still find things I might what to change. Assuming I get it sent, I’ll let you know what happens.

As I begin to ponder what I might like to write next, I’d like to know the type of spanking books you enjoy. I know that’s not all you read, but when you do choose a spanking book what are you looking for?

Some books are sexy and fun. Some are more serious and containing elements of discipline. Some are set in dungeons where the woman is tied down and beaten harshly. There are books containing master/slave scenario.  And others are all about age play with daddy doms and littles.

Does the setting matter to you? I’ve read many great books with historical accounts of lords and ladies from Olde England. I’ve enjoyed several that take place on other planets with non-human spankers. I read cowboy books whether historical or current and I love them. And I also enjoy a good spanking story that could be happening in the house next door.

Now what about sex? Sex and spanking go hand in hand. But how much do you want to read? I’ve talked to people who want every detail they can get, I’ve talked to others who are fine with you writing, ‘They had sex.’ and then just want you to get on with the story. Where do you fall?

I’m not asking these questions to try to decide what to write next – I let the characters in my head decide that for me. I’m just really curious. My writing is certainly not how I help provide for my family these days – thank goodness for teacher retirement. But I do like it when my books sell. I know I need to write more sex in my books to get more people to read them. 

Cassie tells her stories herself and being a lady, she is not going to share too much detail. My other books contain more sex. But I’d rather write about the emotions and the feelings my characters are experiencing rather than an anatomical overview of how sex is preformed – I’m assuming most of my readers pretty much know how it works. And if they don’t I hope they aren’t expecting the real thing to be like some of the books I’ve read!

I’ve asked a lot of questions here and I’d really like you to answer if you're willing. And umm… lurkers, please help me out here. Honest if you go to comment and hit anonymous, it truly is anonymous. And if you leave a comment and change your mind, you can hit delete and it will go away or email me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com and I’ll take it off for you. Or you can answer my questions just to me.

And if my regularly readers what to comment anonymously that’s fine too. There are a few books that are very dark that I’ve loved. Books that I could never write and would never want to participate in the scenarios – but I still enjoyed the book even if I don’t tell everyone I loved it. Just saying…

I hope to hear from lots of you.


  1. PK,
    I am most interested in the story.... not a really complex one, but things revealed along the way. Sexual tension is good, very good, but I want to know the characters very well before sex takes place. I believe that a kissing scene can be just as sexy as one with intimate details. I don't want a how-to type book either. Many times, the sex is overkill. However, I do like at least some or some very clever ways of revealing that they did in fact make love. The emotions and feelings and the confusion of relationships interests me. I do not like to read about ones where one person is more invested than the other one. I am not about the d/s or bdsm type stuff, although I have read them for sure in the past. I love reading about the adult characters when they were children, growing up, and that sort of thing as it gives them more depth and we can understand why they feel and think about things as a result of their childhood. Those are some of my thoughts. Hugs! Windy

    1. Thank you - I love knowing what people look for in a book!

  2. Hi PK, congratulations on sending the book to the publisher :)

    I'm very much along the same lines as Windy. I prefer stories where there is an intimate connection between the couple and I like some background to the characters and focus on the intimacy and emotions.

    As for sex, I don't want a know-how or blow by blow account.


    1. I think a lot of my friends feel this way about reading sex, but evidently many people like that blow by blow.

  3. What a great question! I'm happy to answer it. Not that I expect you to write specifically for me, but the first time I wrote to you was to tell you how much I loved Cassie's story and that I appreciated that she was a lady and didn't need to describe the obvious. I really didn't need to know what Tom's genitals looked like or what he did with them. I love a good story, snappy cute dialogue and reading about the people's feelings and emotions.
    I'm not interested in BDSM. I've given it a try but it's too much for me personally. A little age play can be fun. I'm not much for aliens and futuristic stories. I like stories about all ages but was surprised to find that I really like mature couples (probably because I'm in the age group myself) and I like to have the couples to be married. I'm just more comfortable with that. I haven't got a problem with learning about other lifestyles but don't want to read about them in a novel. I enjoy reading about fun spanking and discipline both. Is this TMI? I read romance books for fun and if I get an idea from one that will spice up my own life, I love that.
    Susannah Shannon wrote several books about an awesome woman who went to Alaska and fell in love with a dominant man. I enjoyed them very much. They were sexy and funny and really good. Then she wrote one that was pretty far out there and I just couldn't get into it.
    My friend, Cassie, combined everything to perfection!
    So, now, for what it's worth, that's what I like.
    Rosie Dee

    1. Thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I want to know from my friends here. I'm so happy you like the Cassie books - they are my heart!

  4. Hi PK,

    I am an avid reader of almost anything, but I truly love involved story lines (I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your books that I have read, and go back to them regularly). I love following a story through a series. I am forever wondering what happened next? What about this character, what is their story? When a story is told by different points of view (a series such as Samantha A. Cole) where the stories are intersecting fillinf in and broadening out the stories. Just like your Cal and Jenny. I have al sorts of thoughts of Cassie's friends and their back story.

    1. I have tons of Cassie background in my head - I've know her for over fifty years - I know about her next thirty or so years also. I'm like you. I don't think I've ever finished a book where I didn't want to know what happened next.

  5. Running short on time today, so I'm sorry if I repeat what anyone else has said by not reading the comments.

    I might like to read... *almost 200 DD books, cough, cough*

    I don't like a play by play. I often find myself skimming, because honestly, how many times can you hear that they started with the tits, went to pleasing her orally, woah, he was so big, would he fit, and then finally did it for their first time together? I feel like this is the map, and so many writers do it in that exact order. *boring sigh* lol

    I love to have the characters face real problems. I want discipline to be because she really needs it, and not just because he's looking for every little thing she did wrong. I want him to help her become a better woman, and not be setting her up for failure just so that he has another reason to spank her. I want him to want to help her as much as she helps him. To have them both really care, even though confusion and hurt feelings will get into there. Even though I usually skim over the play by play sex, I do like to know more of what is going on with the spanking. To hear the lecture, to know how one or the other of them feel while it is going on, it's so bonding, and so much character can be revealed. I don't mind light bdsm, I like some D/s, I love feeling her fight to obey or not obey in her heart, and then to see the surrendering. I don't care about setting, or even time period. I do have to say though that I have no interest in books where the male is wishy washy all the time. I like a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Yes, he may make mistakes along the way, but he knows he wants her. :) I do not like books where he wants her, he doesn't, he does again.

    1. I hear you on the amount of books! I read so many!
      Also like those that may make a mistake.... apologizing but still are strong!

    2. EsMay - I think you're going to like my next book!

    3. PK, oh yeah! :) :) You'll have to tell me the title when it comes out. :)

  6. Great questions! First off I’m so glad your new book is off to Blushing! I know it’ll be fantastic!
    I love non con.... but there has to be an emotional component ON BOTH SIDES if that is the story. If she gets spanked it shouldn’t be - oh darn! I want to see the development of this relationship through it all. I mean even if it’s a western she should be allowed to get mad at him. He can feel bad but believe it was the right thing to do.
    Also some of the sex is WAY TOO MUCH. I like a bit but when it goes on and on with O AFTER O —— I skip through it all!
    I also become irritated when she gets spanked and the author doesn’t address how it feels and maybe a little TLC aftercare. Making up... etc
    It’s fantasy after all!

    1. You're going to like this one. (I did send it) When I read these day I usually skip the sex scenes. But many want them so I keep writing them.

  7. hi PK, Just wondering is the next book set in a certain place we would like to go,lol? I read so many books, I like a bit of humour and a story behind the floss. A girl who has issues maybe. I cannot stand sci fi, I love a mystery
    Cant wait for the new book
    love Jan, xx

    1. I have always hated science fiction - except those books written by Donna Steele. You would love her's!

      I do like humor in spankings books, though.

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Congratulations! I love the historical settings of lord and ladies in Old England. Those are one of my favorites. Love the story to be serious with some humor and discipline. I agree that our friend Cassie combined every thing to perfection. There's a thought Lord Tom and Lady Cassie. I like it....lol

    1. LOL! Lord Tom and Lady Cassie! It does sound pretty cool!

  9. Characters and story are most important to me when I read any book. I love when the characters really connect and I can feel their emotions. Fun and romance and little real discipline is always welcomed. Hints of intimacy are all I need and my imagine can do the rest. I do not need lots of details throughout the book - a little can go a long way and be just as powerful. My two cents :-) Hugs

  10. Congrats on the new book. Can't wait.

    I like strong characters real ones you can believe in. Humour. Sex yes, but not blow by blow account. Don't like Sci- Fi, have tried them but just can't get along with them.