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Friday, August 29, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, chapter 6

I'm back at school, not bad, but very tiring. I have a much better attitude this year, thank goodness. I'm just enjoying my kids and not worrying about another thing.

If you haven't been reading this story along with us, you can find parts one, two , there,  four and five by clicking on them.  And today we have a another chapter from Annie and this is an intense one. There is nothing I can add, just enjoy...

Another Chance
 Chapter 6

Bill sat at his desk, lost in thought. Sylvia was going to be shocked when
he unveiled the big surprise at tonight’s anniversary bash. She would never guess the secret he had been teasing her with for weeks was him volunteering to take an early retirement. A lifetime of working with his hands, out in the fresh air kept him fit and looking younger than 64. He chuckled to himself, wondering what his conniving wife would find to complain about when he stopped going to the job she was so jealous of. After five years of marriage he had to admit he was no closer to understanding her than when they started. He knew what to do with her, how to stay ahead of her, how to make her feel loved before she pushed his buttons to get attention. She certainly knew how to get him riled. They did things he didn’t even know existed. That line of thinking led to a sharp picture of Sylvia, red eyed and crying, on her knees, begging to be allowed to suck his cock after he spent an hour reddening her fanny and shoving toys up her butt. Resolving to end their evening just that way, he was smiling when his private line rang.

“Hey, Bob, good to hear from you. I called about the playground project we are starting for Kay’s foundation. I knew you would want to weigh in on how best to design the area at the hospital.”

“Bill, we have been friends a long time, so I am going to stick my nose in your business. Feel free to disregard my advice, but do me the courtesy of hearing it. I know you are happy with your work, and that the projects the foundation is involved in benefit the entire community. You have a right to be proud of your accomplishments. You are also lucky to have a wonderful woman at your side. She deserves to have your attention and your support right now. It has to be difficult going through this again, for both of you. I remember every time I walked into Kay’s room one of you was there. Anyway, just try to find the time and the strength to come with her for the biopsy, she really needs you.”

“Bob, I appreciate you calling, it takes a real friend to stick their neck out. I have some questions about where we are with the biopsy process, any chance you could squeeze me in today. Great, I’ll be right there.”

An hour later, leaving the hospital, Bill called his wife, suggested a nooner, much to her delight, and headed home to confront her lies.

Sylvia primped in front of the mirror, she had grabbed a quick shower and was wearing lotion and very skimpy, very expensive lingerie. She hummed with excitement, Bill had been teasing her with the promise of a big surprise for weeks, it was their anniversary, and now he was coming home in the middle of the day. Things had been hectic lately, a chance to get a little kinky before they met the family for dinner was perfect.

Bill drove slowly, trying to gather his resolve. It had been years since the last punishment, he had found that regular trips over his lap kept her from getting into mischief. He snorted to himself, he obviously had not been beating her often enough if she thought she would get away with this stunt. The magnitude of what Bob had showed him brought tears to his eyes. They had hours before they needed to get ready for the dinner the kids had planned. He intended for her to spend every minute of them begging his forgiveness and bawling her eyes out. In fact, this was so huge a single punishment was out of the question. They would be discussing this for days.

The scene that greeted him in their bedroom was like a fantasy shot from a fetish video. His wife, draped over the end of the chaise lounge she had shopped six months for. The one that was the perfect height to present her ass for his attentions. Said ass, covered with a wisp of satin, a shocking red against an acre of creamy white skin.

“Perfect.” he growled, striding across the room and landing a quick flurry of sharp hard swats.

“Hey, lover boy, take it easy. We have all afternoon to work our way up to the rough stuff.” She chided, wiggling her stinging fanny.

“We have plenty of time for you to explain to me why you thought it was acceptable to lie to me.”

“WHAT! Wait, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let me up and we’ll talk about it, you’ve probably just forgotten, or something.” Franticly trying to stand up and get her behind out of reach.

“Maybe you’ve told so many lies lately you can’t be sure which one I’m talking about. Let’s just start with a few minutes to warm up your memory then you can start telling me the truth.”

Bill laid into her with his hard callused hand, going straight to full force swats, the little warm up she had gotten woefully inadequate for the heat now building.

“Bill, you promised I would always know what you were spanking me for.”

“Oh, I reckon you know exactly why, you just wonder how I found out.”

Tired of her twisting he grabbed her by the arm, strode to the edge of the bed and tossed her across his lap. Pinned in place she was defenseless as he rained heavy handed spanks over her bottom and down her thighs, making her squeal and plead. Keeping a steady tempo he continued until she was reduced to sobbing before resting his hand on her hot skin and asking again.

“Ready to tell me why you lied to me? No answer? Okay, but none of this counts toward your punishment.”

Ignoring her protests he started again, a steady rhythm of hard swats, several in a spot then moving on. Painting her skin a dark red from the top of her cheeks to the middle of her thighs. This time there was no relief until she was begging to tell him anything he wanted to know, in fact he made her beg over and over before giving her another chance.

“I’m sorry,” she blubbered, “it just seemed like the right thing to do.”

“Telling me a lie just seemed like ‘the right thing’, huh? Has it been so long since you got caught you forgot what it feels like to skip the fun stuff and go straight to the part where I blister your ass? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“NO! No, please stop, I can’t talk when you are spanking so hard. Please, honey. I’ll tell you anything you want.”

Setting her on her feet between his thighs, Bill lifted her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye. She shuffled her feet, trying to think of a way to talk that wouldn’t make things worse.

“Is there more than one thing you need to tell me?”

“NO! I mean, well, you know it isn’t really like I lied, I just didn’t maybe tell you everything.”

Bill tossed her over one leg, locked her in place with the other, and went back to the part that was making him feel better, even if she didn’t seem to. Ignoring all offers of truth, a nice drink, a blow job and anything else she could think of, he took her past sobbing to the place where she was simply gasping for air and shuddering against him. Setting her on her feet he guided her to the corner, placed her hands on top of her head, and walked out of the room.

When he returned, she started to explain but he cut her off.

“You had several chances to make this right. I am tired and we haven’t even started on the punishment. So, you go get the punishment strap and the little rubber spatula. Before you say anything else, this punishment is for refusing to help me work this out.”

Ignoring her whimpers he continued,

“I am going to wear you out. You can plan on being very uncomfortable at our dinner. Now move.”

Sylvia scuttled to the closet, knees held together with her panties, sobbing. The punishment strap was bad enough but that spatula was pure torture. Forcing herself to pick up both she walked back to his side and placed them in his hand.

“Why are we here, Sylvia?”

“I didn’t listen.” She whined, dreading what was coming.

“Oh, no, this is NOT about listening. This is about you telling me a series of lies, having several chances to tell me what was going on, getting caught, and STILL REFUSING TO BE HONEST!” Bill scrubbed his hands over his face, wishing they were through.

“Why do you have the strap?”

“Because you made me get it.” She snapped.

“Every snotty tone you take just adds to what we are going to get through before we leave this room. Why the strap?”

“Because you are going to punish me like a little girl.” recited in a singsong childish voice.

“Damn straight I am, and why do you deserve that?”

“Because I am in big trouble.” Whispering now, as the seriousness of this encounter began to sink in.

“Yes, indeed, you are. And why the rubber spatula?”

“Because I lied to you.”

“And what, exactly, am I going to do with it?”

“You’re going to, well, you will, I mean, well…you’ll spank me with it.”


“Please, don’t make me say it too. It’s bad enough you do it.”

“I’m adding on extras starting right now.”

“NO! Wait. You’re going to spank me, you know, between, in my crack.” The last delivered in the softest of whispers.


“Because I hate it and you’re an old meanie, oomph”

Back over his leg, his hand crashing down, suddenly she wanted to rethink her answers.

“Wait, wait, it’s because I lied. You spank me there when I tell lies.”

Bill ignored her answers, now repeating at ever increasing volume, until she was shouting what she could barely whisper just moments ago. Keeping a steady pace he re-warmed all of the areas until the skin glowed dark red and she was babbling, desperate to make him stop. He chuckled to himself over that, they had barely begun; she had no idea how desperate she was going to be before he was finished.  After another complete circuit he set her on her feet and guided her back over the end of the chaise.

The strap landed with a splat and wrung a howl from her lips. Without waiting he settled into a steady pattern, striping her already tender skin with welts that would burn and itch for hours. With more force he could make the discomfort last for several days but he had other plans. Methodically working down then up he laid on dozens of burning stripes, continuing until she hung limp and unmoving, simply taking whatever he dished out. Her skin crawled and boiled to the point she didn’t even realize he had stopped. Dazed, she let him help her back to the bed.

“We aren’t close to finished. You know what to do next.”

Sobbing even louder, Sylvia sat on the edge of the bed, wincing when her battered skin touched the bedspread. Slowly she lay back, pulling her knees up and exposing herself to him totally. Slipping her panties from around her ankles, Bill lightly tied them around her wrists, positioning them behind her knees, holding her completely open.

“Please, Bill, not this. I am so sorry, I will never lie to you again, I promise.”

“I believe that is the exact same thing you have told me every time you have gotten caught. In fact, it has been several years since I have found myself forced to punish you for this so I assume that this special punishment has had a beneficial effect on your truthfulness. I seem to recall you spending quite a bit of time over my knee for lying before I discovered how much you hate this.”

The rubber spatula burned a vicious path over the tender skin only exposed in this position. The great thing about the rubber was it lit a fire but caused no damage. She howled and screamed but Bill knew as badly as it burned now it would disappear completely leaving not a mark. He had seen it at a kitchen show Sylvia drug him to and knew it was perfect for those few times when a true lesson was needed. She had to be regretting that outing.

When every inch of skin was scalded and several passes had been made Bill paused.

“Do you think you have had sufficient time to regret your decision?”

“Yes, oh yes, you can stop, I regret everything.”

“Fine, we’ll just finish up then.”

Bill had learned that the last part was the most crucial in making her feel the burn for a few hours. He landed the hardest swats of all up and down, so fast that her skin began to writhe under the unrelenting assault. Once she was limp and sobbing, with no fight left in her, he stopped and released her hands. Cuddling her against his chest he allowed her to cry for a few minutes, rubbing soothing circles against her back, her bottom like a hot coal burning him through his slacks.

“You’re going to go stand in the corner and think about how we got here. While you are doing that you should also think about the fact that by my count there have been at least six days that you have been keeping this from me. Plus the many little lies told to support the big one. So, this covers the way you chose to handle this today. We will repeat this lesson every day for the next six days. You think about whether this was worth it. Then you can tell me how you plan to move forward.”

Sylvia whimpered at the thought of six more punishments but moved quickly to the corner. Nothing she said would change it once Bill decided what she deserved. And she certainly did deserve it. Standing in the corner, feeling like a child, Sylvia cried her heart out; grateful she had a man who never failed to follow through. She needed six days of pain, six days of him making all of the decisions, six days of him taking care of her. She needed him.

Hours later, Sylvia found herself in the same corner, her head spinning and grateful to have some private time to marshal her thoughts. Bill’s announcement at dinner came as a total surprise. She didn’t think he would ever retire, not voluntarily. This should be a happy day; they should be drinking champagne and having celebration sex. It was all ruined, and it was all her fault. Sylvia’s tears became heart wrenching sobs as the enormity of what she had done sank in.

Bill sagged against the door, undone by the pain she was wrestling with. All of her silly artifice stripped away, leaving her the only the pain of her fears, which always cut deeper than the truth. This was the raw truth of the woman he loved. She needed him to punish her so she did not torment herself. She needed him to make it right again. The thought of losing another woman to cancer was enough to unman him completely. How frightened she must be having watched Kay’s battle. He straightened his shoulders, willed himself to find the strength to fix what he could, and stepped into the room to battle Sylvia’s demons with her.


Hang in there friends - there is one more chapter.  Annie I think you've captured us all. I know I'll happily read anything you write.  

I think we all have a story in us.  I know many of our writers over the years were convinced that they couldn't possible write - they were wrong.  If you're willing to give it a try, please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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