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Friday, January 03, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Pay Attention

Again, Happy New Year to everyone! I love beginning a new year, except for the having to go back to work thing. I was grateful to get three new stories from friends, but this is the last new one. If you've
been thinking about writing one and you've been putting it off - now's the time.

I love today's story and I love how it came into being. The story is from TL Bucko, and it began as a comment on a story in Ana's Advent calendar, Sex Toy Story. This lovely comment grew into a very special story and she shared it with me for a Fantasy Friday, please enjoy...

Pay Attention

Lee’s sigh was heavy as she headed for the stairs ignoring Sam’s request for ice cream.  She wasn’t his maid, especially not if he wasn’t even going to pay any attention to her.  She shut the door to their bedroom hard, not that he heard it over the sound of that stupid TV show.
Seething on their bed, which had once been a place for such passionate love it consumed her, Lee pondered what had happened to their life.  She and Sam used to be so attentive to each other.  Weekdays had been filled with her making dinner and waiting eagerly by the phone for the call that said Sam was on his way home to her.  Weekends were spent with them so tangled in each other’s arms it was difficult to tell where one stopped and the other began.  Sure, Sam had spanked Lee when she needed it in those days; but those spankings, while they stung, reminded Lee how much her husband cared for her.  With another heavy sigh Lee realized she couldn’t remember the last time Sam had cared enough to spank her.  Now she felt like she was just someone to fetch his ice cream while he watched TV.  How could they get back to the couple they used to be?  Lee flipped open her laptop and went to the Adam and Eve website determined to figure it out.
It was several days and quite a few extra dollars later, totally worth it since she got free shipping Lee resolved, that she was able to put her plan into action.  She was wearing the naughty maid outfit she’d picked out from Adam and Eve.  Her other treasure was waiting in the bedroom for later use, she hoped. It made Lee smile when her heart skipped a beat as the front door open.  She felt butterflies the way she used to when Sam would come home.  Lee stepped out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of chocolate ice cream and smiled at Sam.
“Chocolate ice cream for dinner, Sir.  I would have made something better, but the time just got away from me.  I promise I’ll do better tomorrow,” Lee whispered awkwardly.  It had been such a long time since they played she floundered between saucy and contrite.  She crossed her fingers behind her back hoping Sam was willing to play.
Sam barely looked up from where he was sorting through the mail.  “Just order some pizza or something in that case,” He muttered not even registering that his wife had called him Sir.  She used to call Sam that often, but she hadn’t since the last time he’d turned her over his knee.  If Sam where honest with himself, he missed that.  He missed the connection they’d had when he was firmly in charge.  As time and life got away from them, he found Lee becoming more independent.  He wasn’t sure he could just start giving out orders and spankings.  He didn’t think she wanted that kind of marriage anymore.  It was then he looked up and saw his wife for the first time.
“What the hell are you wearing, Lee?  Are you crazy?  It’s the middle of December put some clothes on,” Sam scolded mildly.  What was she playing at he wondered?
That was it.  That was the last straw.  The bowl of ice cream flew from Lee’s hand just missing Sam’s head and landing in a chocolaty mess on the hardwood floor.  “Oh my god! Seriously!” Lee screamed her face clearly conveying a what-in-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you look.  “Any other man who saw his wife in an outfit like this would not be thinking about her being cold.  I’m sure he’d come up with some way to warm her up,” She fumed turning on her heel and stomping to the bedroom.  The door slammed hard behind her.  Lee knew she was being childish throwing things and slamming doors, but really?  He was worried about her being cold!  She threw herself on their bed as angry frustrated tears filled her eyes.
Sam stood their stunned for a half a minute.  At first he was glad his wife had such terrible aim.   Then he stopped to really think about what had just happened.  Calling him Sir, the naughty outfit, ice cream for dinner.  “Sam you are a colossal douche bag, and an idiot,” He thought to himself.  She was trying to get his attention.  She was angling for a spanking.  Was it possible that she wanted things back to the way they were as badly as he did?  He didn’t waste any more time thinking about it.
Sam walked down the hall to their bedroom.  His heart broke seeing Lee lying there crying.  He reached down and picked up his wife pulling her into his arms.   “I’m sorry doll baby.  I’m an idiot,” Sam whispered as he ran his fingers through her hair.
Lee wasn’t sure how to react.  A part of her wanted to be mad.  A part of her wanted to push him away, yell, and scream until he felt as badly as she did, but then he came after her.  He was calling her doll baby and holding her the way he used to.  She started to melt and laid her head on his chest.  Never one to give in completely though, she did console herself by smacking his chest lightly and nodding, “Gee, ya think.”
Sam lightly swatted her barely covered backside.  Now that he thought about it, that outfit was really something.  He rather liked the idea of having himself a naughty maid for the weekend.  He shifted Lee in his lap as he thought about that prospect.  “Ahem, focus,” He reminded himself before saying aloud, “I deserved that, but I think we’ve done enough being rude to each other don’t you?”
Lee nodded again and curled into his arms.  “What happened to us, Sam?” She whispered her voice desperate and tears filling her eyes.  “We never used to be this way.  I thought you’d see me in this and it would be like it used to be… now I wonder if you even want me anymore.  You used to care… to notice… “
Sam reached out and wiped her tears gently with the pad of his thumb.  “I wish I knew sweetheart, but I think we just let things get away from us.  We got busy and independent and I forgot to bring us back together.  I want you to know that I want you.  I always have and I always will.  I have done a lousy job of showing it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  You had gotten so good at being independent I didn’t think you wanted me to take charge anymore.  It didn’t seem like you needed me to,” He tried to explain.
“But I wanted you to,” Lee protested.  “I kept trying to come up with a way to get you to come back to me.  After the other night this was the best I could come up with.  It didn’t really work very well.  It’s been a long time; I guess we are out of practice.”
“Too long,” Sam agreed.  “We can’t let it get like this again, baby.  I’m going to work on being attentive, but I can get a little caught up in things sometimes.  If I’m not giving you what you need, I need you to tell me.  Hit me over the head with it if you need to, just not with a bowl of ice cream.” He teased hoping to win a smile from her.
He did.  “You’re right.  I should have tried talking to you.  I guess I just wanted you to get it on your own.  I’m sorry about the ice cream.”
Sam nodded.  He smiled at her and gently brushed a strand of her dark hair from her face.  “We are going to make this better I promise,” He assured her gently bring his lips to hers.  The kiss was passionate and reminded them both of the couple that they used to be before life got in the way.  “By the way you are so wearing that outfit this weekend, and I’m not sure you’ll be wearing much else.” He promised with a seductive wiggle of his brow.
Lee giggled at his teasing, excited at seeing her Sam for the first time in what seemed like ages.  “Yes Sir,” She purred into his ear going in for another kiss.  “I can make you some real dinner now if you are hungry,” She added.  “But I’m not hungry at all.”
“Oh I’m hungry for something alright,” Sam growled playfully his hand slipping further down his wife’s neck and to her soft breast.  “But before we do anything else we have some unfinished business to attend to,” He said forcing himself to sit up a little straighter and pull away from Lee.
“We do?” She questioned wondering what could possibly be more important than the reconnection they had going on right this minute.
“We do,” Sam confirmed sternly.  “What happens to naughty little girls who throw temper tantrums in this house?”
Things certainly were looking up.

To be continued… maybe

Thank you TL, a great story and I thank you so much for sending it. Keep writing, you're really good at it. Come on everyone, start writing and send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

**Note from last week, Peter who wrote our Fantasy Friday last week had to change his email address it's peterdunbar.x.800@gmail.com And I think he's enjoy talking to others out here. I'm trying to talk him into blogging.


  1. Hi PK and TL. That's a great story, I hope you do a sequel.
    Have a good weekend both of you
    love Jan.xx

  2. What a wonderful story TL, I sure hope it is to be continued! You should definitely keep writing! :)

    Thank you PK for bringing us another fabulous Friday fantasy :)


  3. TL,

    I loved your story. Thank you. I hope you do continue with this.

    Thanks PK.


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    Thanks PK and TL.
    hugs abby

  5. oh fun! thanks for the great story! and thanks PK! Hugs

  6. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Great story. And resonates with many I am sure.


    ps Love the story on PKs reading room, but I am unable to comment there as anonymous not allowed. :{

  7. Great story - hope you write another one soon TL. Thanks PK

  8. Grace Mere2:39 PM

    I loved that TL, thank you, just left on the edge absolutely perfect.

    Thanks PK

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  11. Great story TL and I hope you will write again.

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  12. Wow... thank you PK for posting my story. It's sort of strange to see something I wrote in print, but it's a good kind of strange. Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. Hopefully going back to school won't keep me too busy to write something else. :) This was a really cool experience and I'm glad I got to do it.


    1. You did fantastic! You better plan on writing again.

  13. Thanks for sharing such a fun story TL. To be continued...maybe? Please continue! :D

    Thanks for keeping FF going PK!

    Hugs and Blessings...