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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Simple Answer

Today’s a wonderful day, even better than most Fridays. This was a short week at school, we were off Monday and Tuesday and today we have a three-hour delay because of the cold! Now were not nearly as cold as some places, but like I’ve said before, many of our kids don’t have coats for anything like these temperatures. So I’m sleeping in the then visiting blogs.

CelesteJones is having discussing Cassie’s Space on Spanking Stories Book Club today!  I can’t wait to read what she has to say and I really do hope some of you are willing to go by and leave a comment. I’ve very excited!

But for the main event here today – Fantasy Friday! We have a wonderful new writer today - Alyssa Hart. Like many people who send me their first stories she is nervous and doesn’t yet have confidence in her talent, but she soon will have, because she’s good!  I’m hoping she'll begin blogging and when she does, I’ll happily direct you there.  For today, sit back, stay warm and enjoy…

Simple Answer

“Who’s there?” She answered sweetly, aware of the mischievous grin that adorned her lips.
Maddie had been waiting anxiously for this very moment for the last 20 minutes. She could just imagine her dripping wet fiancé poised and ready to pounce on her as soon as she opened the door. She peeked through her curtains, but could see no one standing on her front porch. She went to the door and turned the deadbolt, leaving the chain engaged in case Nolan was hiding somewhere. He always thought he was so clever, but she had gotten him good this time. She cracked open her front door and saw a single rose on her welcome mat. Knowing Nolan was definitely up to something she closed the door and reached to reset the deadbolt. Before her hand made contact with the lock, her wrists were seized and wrapped tightly around the front of her body, pressing her into a solid rock body that she recognized all too well as her sneaky fiancé. She felt his breath on her neck as he whispered menacingly.
“How many times do I have to tell you to lock your side door when you are home alone, young lady?”
“Umm, let me think. Are you looking for an exact count or will an estimate suffice?” She answered snottily realizing that her little prank had Nolan right where she wanted him.
She could hear the rumble in his chest as his arms convulsed, giving her a tight squeeze in warning. His fingers released her wrists and immediately found her ribs.
“Don’t even think about it mister!!!” She screeched as his torturous fingers dug deeply into her ribs and began tickling her mercilessly.
“The only things that I am thinking about are the ice cold water that I was just immersed in and the miserable 20 minute walk to your house that I just had to take because my naughty prankster of a fiancée pushed me into a fountain and took off with my car and keys.” He was grumbling, but he could not keep the smile out of his words as he kept his fingers thoroughly engaged in exacting his retribution. 20 minutes was a long time to think about what he was going to do to his girl when he caught up to her, and this was only the beginning.
“OK, OK, OK No-no please STOP!!!” She wiggled and giggled trying to escape his unbreakable hold. She had been calling him No-no since his mother, Nancy, had shared stories of his childhood with her.  He was always getting into everything and Nancy was constantly telling him “no”. His first word was “no” and since his name sounded so much like the familiar phrase, he told people his name was indeed “No-no”. Maddie thought it was such an endearing story that she had been calling him that since her freshmen year in high school. Four years later, the teasing name still held a sting for Nolan. He hated the teasing term of endearment, well sometimes he hated it. He upped the ante with his tickling and tackled her down to the ground.
 “I’m….gonna….peee!!!!” Maddie managed to get the words out with each breath she could catch.
“If you are lying to me right now, you are going to be in even more trouble, little girl.” Nolan said smiling at his fiancée, who truly was a “little girl.” At barely five feet tall and about ninety pounds Maddie was dwarfed by Nolan’s 6’1 two-hundred and ten pound frame. Neither Maddie nor Nolan would have changed that. He loved being able to protect and coddle her and she had no complaints. Growing up, Maddie had it pretty rough. Her mom died when she was three years old and her father never recovered. He loved his daughter, but he could not bring himself to raise her, saying that she was a constant reminder of his beloved wife. He brought her to live with his much younger sister, who was too caught up in her own life to pay attention to the little girl that had just become her ward. Maddie had clothes, food, and a warm bed to sleep in, but she had to grow up fast. Maddie’s father was a consistently inconsistent presence in her life. He was there when she absolutely needed him and he came around when he could drag himself out of his stupor for a short amount of time. When she turned 16 her father was killed by a drunk driver. He left her a small two bedroom home with a wraparound porch and lovely fenced in yard, a grumpy old German Shepard named Bella, and a bank account with enough money in it that she could live frugally on her own with a part time job while she finished high school. As soon as she found out about her inheritance, she wrote her aunt a note, packed her belongings into her little Toyota Corolla and moved to her late father’s home.
Nolan had been present in her life for a little over a year when all of this went down. He started out as her French tutor, but that quickly evolved into an impenetrable friendship. He was 18 to her 14 at the time and he took care of her, he was her rock. She quickly was enveloped into his family fold and found the mom that she never knew in his mother, Nancy. Nolan’s father Nick was also warm and loving toward her, but he constantly cautioned Nolan about the age gap.  Nancy was flabbergasted when she found out that her little Maddie had moved into the world on her own, but with her new family and Bella by her side she felt safe and much loved.
When Maddie turned 17, her relationship with Nolan began to evolve into something more. They were deeply in love. They decided to get married and hold the wedding the day after he graduated from college with a degree in History. That was now about six weeks away.
“I’m not, I’m not, I swear. Please let me go?” She begged prettily. Nolan let her up and she darted to the bathroom and locked the door. After quickly doing her business she slipped out the window. Knowing all of her tricks, Nolan was leaning with his back against the wall and his arms crossed smiling and waiting for her to notice that her plan was foiled. As soon as she realized he was there she tried to crawl back into the window.
“Oh no, you don’t!” He said as he clasped his big hands around her waist and pulled her from the window. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her back inside. She tried everything she could to get him to let her go, but he was too strong. As a last resort she sunk her teeth into his shoulder and was gifted with a heavy swat to her backside.
“Knock it off, little lady. You don’t want me to drop you; it’s a far fall from your current position.” He smiled, feeling the indignation radiating from her body.
“Nolan Daniels, you put me down right this minute. You can’t just carry me around like a rag doll and swat my ass whenever you feel like it.” She knew that her protests fell on deaf ears as Nolan marched her right back into the house and tossed her on the couch.
“Stay put while I change out of these sopping wet clothes. And so help me God, if your ass is not on that couch when I come back out, you’re going to get it.” This command was met with and exaggerated eye roll from Maddie. This was his typical threat and she never got whatever he was threatening to give.
“Test me, Maddie. See where it lands you.” At this point Nolan was a little upset. What started out as play, now turned into situations where Maddie put herself at risk, twice. He was stunned when she caught him off guard and shoved him into the fountain after he embarrassed her at the ice cream cart in the park…
Earlier that day, Nolan had needed a break from the paper that he was writing and decided that they should go to the park to take Bella for a walk, so that he could get some fresh air. After about 20 minutes, they spotted the ice cream cart. She told him that she wanted some ice cream, but that she had left her purse at home. He informed her that she did not need to have ice cream right then because they were meeting his parents for an early dinner and with her tiny appetite, he knew she would not be hungry if she ate ice cream. She began to argue that she was an adult, but he did what he always did and treated her like she was nothing more than a spoiled little girl who wanted dessert before dinner. The argument continued past the ice cream cart and as her little tirade reached its peak he found himself toppling sideways into the freezing cold fountain. Maddie clasped her hands over her mouth as a giggle erupted from her lips, she must have caught him way off guard because it was not a normal occurrence for her to be able to exert enough force to even shift his bulk, let alone topple him over. As he sat up sputtering she took off toward the car, with Bella in tow, and left him there to find his own way home. ..
Nolan was not angry about the fountain or the long walk back to her place. The two went to great lengths to pull harmless little pranks on each other; it was one of his favorite parts of their relationship. No, what he was angry about was the fact that she was home alone and the side door was unlocked, once again. Then the little imp climbed out a window to try to get away from him. She could have broken her fool neck. Nothing bothered him more than her reckless and forgetful nature. She would do things all the time without thinking because her brain was always onto the next task before she could finish the first. Simple things like locking doors, unplugging her hair straightener, and turning off the oven did not find themselves among her normal routine. Nolan could not wait to move in with her because she definitely needed someone watching out for her. It was a miracle that nothing serious had happened to her yet.
Nolan decided to hop into a warm shower to eliminate the chill from his body. He let the water cascade down his body as he absorbed the warmth. After a few minutes he turned off the shower and got out. He heard movement coming from the bedroom next to the bathroom, Maddie’s bedroom. He wrapped a towel around himself and went to see what she was up to.
Maddie heard the water go off as she dug in her closet trying to find an outfit for dinner. She hated getting dressed up. Nancy had told her not to worry too much about it, but she didn’t want Nolan to feel like he had a frumpy home body hanging from his arm. Her only motivation for dressing up was the twinkle in Nolan’s eyes when he saw her. It made her feel warm in the pit of her stomach. She could not wait to be married to him. They had decided to abstain from sexual activity until they were married. It was not an easy task, and she was pretty sure that she was going to die from the longing that she felt for him. She was not nervous at all, even though she thought she should be. She had all the faith in the world that Nolan would take care of her, like he always did.
She turned with a start when she heard Nolan clear his throat. He was leaning nonchalantly against the door jamb with his arms and ankles crossed, and he was gloriously naked, save for the towel of course.
“Did I not tell you to stay put?” he asked her.
“Yes, you did, but you were taking too long and I need to start getting ready for dinner with Mom and Dad.” She replied as she turned back to her digging. “It’s a process you know.”
“I don’t think you understand, I warned you-“ he was cut off by her loud sigh.
“I heard you No-no, but you are not hearing me. I have to get ready to go.” She ignored his growl as she pulled out a flowing ankle length skirt and a top to match. “Have I worn this out to dinner with your parents before?” She turned to see him still standing against the jamb, but he had a funny look in his eye.
“What?” she asked looking around like she had missed out on something.
“Nothing, I was just thinking about how you are going to regret your actions when I pull you over my knee and spank your sexy ass until I can’t feel my hand.”
Her mouth fell open and she stared at him with amazement. “What did you just say to me?” she asked when she shook off the shock of his words.
“You heard exactly what I said and right now you are trying to weigh the likeliness of me following through with this in that beautiful little brain of yours. By all means, get dressed and ready to leave. The sooner we meet with my folks, the sooner I will have all the time I need to show you how serious I am.” He said all this with a confidence and calmness that set Maddie’s nerves on end. She was starting to feel a little unsure about how well she knew this striking creature standing in front of her. Then she snapped out of it and flounced to the bathroom to get ready.
“Ok Nolan, whatever you say. Let just get ready, I am anxious to put the finishing touches on the wedding with Mom.” She said as she brushed by him to get to the bathroom. He grabbed her upper arm and pulled her to him, he kissed her on the temple and rumbled in her ear, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, little girl.” He swatted her as he let her go and she moved toward the bathroom fighting the urge to reach back and rub the offended area. This was nothing new; Nolan smacked her rear whenever he felt like it. She loved the playful ways he liked to touch her. It made her feel like he was always aware of her. She put absolutely no more thought to his threat and got ready for dinner with her soon to be in-laws.
Nolan was a little bit insulted that the little spitfire did not show the least bit of trepidation as she strode out of the house and headed to his car. He supposed it was his fault. They had known each other for about 4 years and he had been protecting and guiding her for all of those 4 years. He had made idle threats about spanking her before, but she had never pushed him like she did today. Tonight, the threat was going to become a striking reality for her and he was not sure that he was ready.
“Did you lock the door?” He asked.
“Yes” came the answering sigh.
“Did you unplug your straightener?”
This question was not met with an immediate affirmative response. She rolled her eyes to the top of her head trying to search her brain for the answer. When it didn’t come, Nolan bit out “Go. Check.” She opened the door and got out of the car grumbling all the way. Sure enough, she could see the red light flashing, telling her she had left it on. How did he do that? Was she that predictable? Ugh, she stomped back out to the car and got in without a word.
“Well?” He asked
“Well what?” She snapped
“Was it unplugged?” He asked again, knowing the answer from her demeanor.
“Yes, can we go now?” She answered irritably.
“You are such a liar. You should probably cut the attitude before I decide to warm your ass now and make us late for dinner.” was his retort.
Maddie rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and turned to face the window as Nolan backed out of the driveway.
Dinner went off without a hitch, as usual. Conversation flowed comfortably, with the wedding as the central theme. Nolan’s parents also inquired about his classes and graduation. Nolan had no desire to be a part of the graduation ceremonies. He just wanted to collect his diploma and get out into the real world so that he could marry the love of his life and start really living. His parents had different ideas. They were planning to combine a graduation celebration with the rehearsal dinner and Maddie was not helping his cause. Nolan hated to be the center of attention. Like most men, if he had it his way, he would throw Maddie over his shoulder, find someone to marry them and get it over with. To heck with this whole wedding thing, all except for the excitement that it brought to his mother and the little woman that held his heart captive. This whole production was for them.
As the women chatted about the plans, Nolan’s father, Nick, got his attention and motioned toward the bar. Nolan smiled, kissed Maddie’s cheek and followed his father. The men shared a companionable silence after they put in their drink orders.
“Spill.” Nick said, breaking the silence. He never failed at reading the moods of his son. Perhaps because he was so much like his mother and Nick had many many years of experience reading his lovely wife’s moods.
Nolan sighed, knowing that he was going to have to talk to his dad about what he had planned. It was no secret to him that his mother’s backside was very well acquainted with his father’s work hardened palm. His father was always consistent, fair, and loving as he doled out the discipline necessary to keep his home in order. His parents never fought, ever. They discussed things in a respectful manner and if things began to escalate, his father would give a gentle warning to his mother and if she did not heed that warning then the conversation was moved to their bedroom. His mother would return with a slightly subdued demeanor and a sometimes a minor hint of redness around her eyes. Nolan wanted the home that he built with his wife to be filled with love and respect, just like the home he grew up in. His father was the one who made that happen, so his father should be the person that he looked to for advice. Why was it so hard to talk to him then? Why did he feel so inadequate about his feelings?
“I can see the wheels cracking in your head, Son. Give it a rest and talk to your old man.” Nick coaxed gently.
“I have to spank Maddie when we get home tonight, and she is not taking it seriously. I warned her over and over and she just brushes it off like its nothing. I just can’t let this stuff slide anymore, Dad. I have to establish the boundaries and get her to realize that there are consequences to her actions and that when she promises to obey me in front of God and everyone at our wedding, she knows exactly what that means.” Once Nolan opened the floodgate he let the entire day rehash itself so that his father would understand exactly what was going on.
Nick listened attentively nodding and chuckling at the antics of the little girl that he already considered to be his daughter. When Nolan was finished Nick asked, “So what is with the doubt that you have written all over your face? You just told me exactly what you plan to do and you have gone through all of the correct motions.”
“I don’t want to hurt her.” Nolan said, so quietly that it was almost unheard by his father. Why was he so unsure of himself all of a sudden? Nick raised an eyebrow at his son.
“Would you rather some criminal walk into your house and violate your wife while she is home alone? Would you rather come home to a pile of ashes where the house was supposed to be? Son, you are doing the right thing. Will it hurt her? Yes. Will it scar her for life? No. Will she be angry? She might. Will she forgive you and see where you are coming from? There is not a doubt in my mind that she will. That girl loves you, Nolan. She trusts you with all that she is. She will come to accept your loving guidance.” Nick sipped his drink and glanced over at the table where his two favorite women sat. “The secret is to be consistent, son. She needs to be able to rely on that. There is no sense in keeping her unbalanced. And son, as cliché as this may sound, the spanking is going to hurt you just as much as it hurts her, if not more. Communicate with her; allow her to see your vulnerabilities. Keep her aware of your thoughts and feelings about things. And above all else, when it is over, it is over. Do not dwell on it. Be attentive to her needs. Her emotions will be laid bare and she will feel very vulnerable.”
“Thanks, Dad.” Nolan said as they saw the food arrive at their table.
“Not a problem, kid. Follow your instincts, communicate with your girl, and when all else fails, talk to your old man. I am always here for you, Son. I am proud of the man you have become. But enough of this seriously mushy stuff” Nick got up and walked toward their table, “I am starving and I have been waiting for this steak all day. Let’s go join our little troublemakers. Lord knows we have left them alone long enough for them to plan on spending more of my money on this wedding.”
Chuckling at his father’s idle grumbling he grabbed his drink and followed his dad.
Nolan and Maddie said a loving good bye to their parents and walked to Nolan’s car hand-in-hand. Maddie rested her head against Nolan’s shoulder as they walked and contemplated the conversation she had just had with Nancy.  Everything for the wedding was taken care of. Between her, Nancy, Nolan’s Aunts, and the women at church, there was absolutely nothing left to do until the few days before she became Mrs. Nolan Daniels. Maddie sighed, Mrs. Nolan Daniels, that name had just been loaded with a lot more than Maddie had ever thought possible. Her future mother-in-law took the time that the men had left the table to give Maddie some much needed information about their family.
“Maddie, have you noticed that there is a difference between my marriage to Nick and other marriages?” Nancy had begun. Maddie just sat quietly, considering this. Was there something different? Maddie had never been a part of a “traditional” family, so she had nothing really to compare to the relationships that she witnessed in their household. Sure she read and watched television, she didn’t live under a rock, but she just figured that when two people fell in love and had a relationship based on love and respect, the rest just fell neatly into place. She was soon to find out that there was so much more to it than that.
Nancy watched the emotions playing on Maddie’s face, but continued as she had planned. She needed to make sure that Maddie had a clear grasp on what it was going to be like to be married to Nolan, to be a Daniel’s wife.
“Let me start over, from the beginning. When I married Nick, I was a stubborn, smart-alec, with one goal, getting out of my parents’ house.” Nancy’s eyes glazed over and she was instantly transported back in time.
“I met Nick at a bowling alley, when I was seventeen. He was twenty and he was managing the alley while putting himself through college. I was smitten with him from the moment I saw him. I watched him as he walked around making sure that everyone was taken care of. I fell in love with him the instant I saw him squat down and help a tiny little girl, who was trying to bowl with a bowling ball that weighed more than she did. He whispered in her ear and her face lit up and then he walked away and returned with a sparkling pink bowling ball. As he walked away waving his hand at the father’s thanks, he caught me staring. I must have turned seven shades of red and my girlfriends didn’t miss a beat. They started ribbing me right away. I was so embarrassed. Nick didn’t miss a beat either. He smiled and winked at me and walked right up to all of us. I couldn’t even make eye contact with him. When I heard his voice, I felt myself melt. He asked if there was anything that he could do for us, and my friends giggled. One of my more daring friends, you know Nolan’s Aunt Megan, said that he could help by telling us what time he got off. I shot her a glare and he raised his eyebrows at me. He told us that he was working until well after closing, which was eleven pm. My curfew was ten. The bowling alley became our weekly haunt and Nick was always there. After about a month of stealing glances and flirting in passing, Nick changed the game.”
“He was at the alley when we arrived, as usual, but he had reserved a lane and had everything waiting for us. He was wearing normal clothes and bowling shoes. He joined us that night and I had more fun in those two hours than ever before. Nick asked me to grab a bite to eat with him after our first game. I was not allowed to date, but my parents thought that I was with the girls at the alley, so I said yes. After our second official date, Nick wanted to drop me off at home. I couldn’t let him, so I lied about where I lived. When he pulled up to the house, he was out of the car and opening my door before I could blink. I figured I could shake him off at the door, but no such luck. He wanted to see me safely inside and asked for my keys. I told him that I had been lying to him about my age and I had lied to him about where I lived. He got really upset. Before I knew what was happening, he had me buckled into the car and we were driving to a park. He parked, got out, opened my door, unbuckled me and dragged me to a bench. He sat down, stood me in between his knees, grabbed my hand and turned my world upside down. 

He told me that he refused to start a relationship, with the woman he was planning on marrying, on lies. He said that he was prepared to make sure that I knew that lying was a form of disrespect and he would not tolerate it. He gave me the two choices, I could either go back to the alley and go home with my friends and that would be the end, or he was going to soundly spank me and take me home to meet my father and tell him what had been happening. In his version of this story he says that I looked like a deer in headlights at that moment. I could not imagine willingly submitting myself to a spanking; however, I was already madly in love with him. I could already see our future together. How bad could it be right? The answer to that was… Bad! It was embarrassing and painful even over my skirt. Then it got worse, he made me tell him where I lived and he took me home. I was already past curfew and my father was livid. Nick told him about everything, including the spanking. He told my father that I had made him believe that I was nineteen and that he would have never courted me without permission if he knew that I was underage. My father listened to Nick. At the end he smiled and told Nick that he had his permission to court me and that if he ever had to spank me again to make sure it counted because, at that moment, he thought I was sitting too comfortably. Nick smiled, kissed my hand and left. The rest is history.” Nancy sighed and came back to herself. Maddie just stared at her.
“Dad spanked you on your second date and Pap didn’t even blink?”
Nancy chuckled, “Nope, and the next time Nick spanked me, and every time after that for that matter… well let’s just say he kept his promise to Pap.”
Maddie could not believe what she was hearing. Nancy got spanked? By her husband? Maddie had never been spanked as a child and she could not imagine being spanked as an adult.
“So what exactly are you telling me, Mom?” Maddie asked.

“I could feel the tension in my son the moment he hugged me. I could tell something was up between you two and I decided that I needed to talk to you before the wedding got any closer. He is just like his father. He needs to be the head of his household and trust me, honey; you wouldn’t want it any other way.” Nancy finished.


You can find part two here. 

I told you it was good! Don’t worry there is a part two tomorrow. I never know whether to put long stories up all at once or over a two-day period. I asked several friends last night and got a near perfect split decision! 

Alyssa, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. We really do want more. And for others of you still thinking about it, start writing! And send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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