I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I really enjoyed my weekend.  I wrote, I read, I walked, I sat outside in a beautiful garden, I had dinner with Mollie, I talked with Nick and LJ both on the phone.  It was really, really nice.  Sometimes I worry that my going off for a weekend like this will hurt Nick’s feelings.  I don’t think it does and I surely hope it doesn’t. 

This is why I like to take these weekends about once a year.  It’s like going back in time.  Before Nick and I were married I bought a house.  It was an old house and one of the bedroom had been cut in half to create a tiny bathroom.  I love that little half bedroom – it was large enough for an old sofa, my little spare black and white TV and a little heater.  It was my haven.

At that time I was in my early 20.  I dated a little, but I didn’t have a boyfriend and I wasn’t the least bit worried about that fact.  I felt sure I’d marry and have a family some day, but I wasn’t ready.  I had a home, and a job I liked at the vet hospital.  In that job, unlike teaching, once you left you had nothing to do until it was time to go back, no lesson plans, grading papers, no workshops. 

I just remember this as probably the most peaceful time of my life.  My parents were in their 50’s, healthy and active.  They didn’t need me; I had no husband or children who needed me for anything. My time was totally my own, there was no pressure.  On weekend I would go in my little spare bedroom with my chips, cookies, and soft drink (I was trying my best to reach a hundred pounds), a good book, and my beloved cat, Josie, and read, nap or watch TV all weekend. It was calm and tranquil, I didn’t think about insurance, job security, dealing with school issues – either as a teacher or a parent, I did worry about getting my kids through college and worry about them as they made their way through job hunts and new relationships. I look back on this as I look back almost a magical time.

Would I go back to that time if I could – not on your life!  I wouldn’t give up Nick, LJ and Mollie for anything in this world!  I love that I was able to care for my parents as they got older, I loved making a good marriage with Nick, I loved Mollie and LJ when they were little, as we trudged through the teen year, and now as they’re both nearly all grown up.  I love that Nick and I are still together and closer than ever as we restart our live as our kids are out of the nest.

No I wouldn’t go back for anything, but I’ll take a weekend of it – a weekend to let everyone take care of themselves and I’ll pretend all I need to do is eat (I finally did reach hundred pounds, lol), read, write, and nap.  Two days is plenty, but I’ll take it once a year.  It’s been great, but now I ready to head back to the real world with a smile on my face.


  1. Ha, this is great.
    It's like going back to your youth for a day, without losing your life experience.
    Like inserting a day of snow fun in the middle of summer.
    Not that you would want it to stay that way. But one day of what used to be, can be heaven.
    And we enjoy the resulting stories.

  2. PK,
    a lovely happy post.
    I'm glad that your memories are so good, also that you are content with where you are now.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. PK: How nice that you had the weekend to relax and reflect. It's good to get away once a year like that. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  4. Aw, that is very sweet. Family and people who love us are what make life worth living.

  5. Everyone needs to re-charge! You found a perfect way to do it!
    hugs abby

  6. Good for you! I think it's a shame that more people (women in particular) don't do this for themselves. It's not selfish to take time to re-charge.

  7. So glad you had a nice relaxing weekend. It is nice to remember the past and live in the present. Hugs.

  8. I think we all need that down time away from our normal routine. I think it rejuvenates our psyche. I am sure Nick doesn't mind. He has his golf weekends which probably does the same thing for him.

    Glad you had a great time.

  9. glad you were able to take some time for yourself. :-)

  10. I agree that this is so necessary to step away and regroup. We are able to jump back in with all our love and energy appreciating as always what we have and cherish!

  11. Those little moments when you can have some time to just be alone are so important.
    I am very envious, and think I am going to try and orchestrate something for myself........

    I am sure Nick appreciates you even more when you come home after being away for a few days.


  12. Thank you for sharing such happy memories. It's nice to step away and recharge for a weekend.

  13. It sounds like a lovely weekend. A wonderful mix of past and present :)

  14. Bas,
    I was just great! That sound about right, a snow day! I hope to start doing it at least a couple of times a year.

    I have great memories of my childhood and as a young adult. But now is ever better.

    It’s not like I work myself to death at home or anything – but it was still really nice.

    Now that’s the truth!

    It does feel like I recharged – but I’m still not wild about going to school tomorrow.

    We each take time for ourselves. It works for us and I’ve never been one of those guilty mothers. I think happy, relaxed parents are the best things you can give your child.

    I’m blessed that I love both my past and my present.

    I don’t think he minds either. He’s golfing soon and I have more time to write. I have no problem ignoring things that need to be done around the house!

    We should all do it!

    I do wish everyone had a chance to do this.

    Do it!! Don’t just thing about it. It’s a wonderful weekend.

    I’m going to put up a link soon to show some pictures of where I was. It’s such a pretty place.

    It was just great.