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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I’m not a *!#@%! robot!

I hate proving that I am not a robot!!  I wasn’t wild about word verification – it took a little time, but at least I could read the darn things.  I can’t READ this new crap!  Is it an o, l or a d or maybe a crazy a.  Is it h or l, n? Am I the only one having trouble with this?  I can see, I’ve even tried the auto part, it’s worse, I can’t understand a thing!  I’ve been trying to read around more.  I really enjoy commenting, but once I write a comment and that darn robot thing comes up I get so frustrated.  I’ll try a few times, but when it doesn’t work I just quit trying most of the time.  I mean, what I have to say isn’t that important.  So if you’re having problems with spam or some crazy out here, I understand.  But I’ll have to contend myself with being a lurker – or maybe I'm just a robot and don’t know it.


  1. Hmmm... I hadn't considered the fact that I might actually be a robot.

    Yes, it has gotten harder. I try to grin and bear it, but honestly, it is distracting from my chi.

    However, if I remember correctly, a lot of people don't know they have it on their blogs (I didn't), since it is an automatic setting, so maybe this post will help. :)

  2. Hear, hear! If someone is not on blogger (like me), it's twice as cumbersome. First I have to click (usually) to say that yes, I understand it's a mature content. Then I have to click to fill in my info. Then click for publish. Then click on the impossible-to-read stuff, which usually means at least 2 if not 3 tries because it is impossible to read. I can generally read a full blog entry, if not 2, in the time it takes to mess with leaving a comment. I wish more people turned it off, but blogger made this default as of January.

    PK, please send people this way for instructions how to get rid of the new default settings:


  3. Sorry, this is the better link: http://www.blogher.com/frame.php?url=http://formerlygracie.com/2012/01/blogging-tip-how-to-remove-the-captcha-from-the-new-blogger/

    (I probably am a robot leaving links as spam...lol)

    The top link is ok, but it points to this link. Easier just to click here for instructions.

  4. I hate those things too (though understand people not wanting robots commenting on their blogs). I never knew it might be an automatic thing though - going to look if I have it!

  5. great. i'm not the only one. i hate those things.

    and they HAVE gotten harder to read. and what's with the faded blurry numbers and sometimes numbers plus letters that make me feel i'm going blind?

    I don't have it on my blog right???? if i do, please tell me.

  6. It is tiresome, and sometimes I try ten or more times without success. The audio version is even harder, I am unable to hear any words there.
    It has caused me to give up commenting on some blogs.

    I understand that spammers are paid to spam, it's not just robots that do it, so it has to be hard to read; but if the spammer can't be bothered to try to break it, then neither can I.

  7. Thanks for this. Captcha is a pain, I would rather have spam than put people off commenting with undecipherable puzzles.

  8. I think it's getting harder. I tried to leave a comment on a blog yesterday and in the end I gave up.


  9. I agree...I give it a couple tries and just give up!

  10. PK, Isaac Asimov taught me that Robots are people too. But any time you need it, I am willing to testify that you are not a robot but a beautiful woman.
    I think Ronnie is right. The pictures are getting more difficult over time. Used to suffice to unfocus my eyes to be able to read it. Now, I just skip through the images until I see one that is worth trying.
    Every time I see that thing a big sigh escapes me.
    My blog has not been found by Robots, so I cannot judge how dreadfull that is. Don't even get spammed. Twice, Blogger thought a comment was spam. They were not.
    Hugs to my favorite non-robot,

  11. If you aren't sure whether your Captcha is on or off in Blogger, just go to Settings, Posts and Comments, then scroll down to Word verification? and make sure it's set to No.

    A better idea is to set Comment Moderation (just above Word Verification) to Sometimes, then choose 14 days. This moderates comments on older posts, which is where you are likely to get spam.


  12. Anonymous7:14 AM

    I hate it.

    I thought I had is turned off for my blog, but it was actually still enabled.

    It is not obvious to the blogger so we should just kindly tell them to please change their settings.

  13. PK,
    I agree they are a b****y PAIN!
    Love and warm hugs,

  14. I agree it is harder and harder to read. You already have 14 comments and it is just early morning so many people feel the same or have something to say. Looks like several have offered way to turn it off. Have a good day:)

  15. I feel EXACTLY the same way! I don't mind typing in something to prove I'm a real person, but could I at least read it? The words are so scrunched together and blurry, even someone with perfect eyesight is going to struggle!

  16. It's funny. I wrote a post about the same thing but I never did post. It is frustrating to me and I'm the same way. After I've done it twice and I still get it, I say the heck with it and give up.

  17. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Bas...you are a funny man....Isaac Asimov....giggle.
    Why does a robot wish to post on people's domestic discipline sites in the first place?
    And if they are interested in sharing their experiences with robot wife spanking, should we deny them that opportunity?
    I for one, would be open to hearing that experience is like.....
    Take down these oppressive obstacles to free robot speech, I say......can't we all just get along?
    Thanks for saying what we have all been thinking, PK

  18. it IS getting harder and harder! Half the time I can't tell if my eyes are horrible or if the stupid thing is just being difficult!

  19. I feel the same way! And I didn't know that I was one of the offenders! I didn't know you had to turn it off! So, now, please if someone could tell me that awful, unreadable thing is no longer on my blog, I'd appreciate it!

  20. Agreed! I don't think I would mind it so much if I could actually read them. It's aggravating!

  21. Thanks everybody - at least not I know it's not just me! Maybe Lille it right, just let the robots have their say! Now really is there anywhere we can send all these wonderful comment and suggestions to blogger?

  22. Totally agree - those darn verifications are so hard to read. I enter what I think it is and then.......try to enter again......again.... Oh forget it!

    Finally , got that turned off on mine. :)

  23. I think some idiot is playing around trying to confuse as many people as they can. I just click away until I can read one- than try.

  24. I am glad to hear I am not the only one...I thought I needed to go get my eyes checked :-)