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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Back's better

I’m hoping all this makes sense. My back kept getting worse so I finally went to the doctor Friday. She thinks it’s just strained so she gave me an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxant. I have to say the muscle relaxant really works. I’ve felt loopy ever since I started taking it. But it’s been the weekend so it hasn’t really mattered. My back is feeling much better¸ I still feel a twinge every now and then but nothing like it was the other day. I’ll stay on the anti-inflammatory but I can’t take the muscle relaxant and work so I hope once a day will be enough.

As some of you suggested I kept up a little light exercise and some stretching. The doctor told me to walk and gave me some specific lower back exercises. But I went up a little on my weigh in. Only .4 but I wasn’t happy about it. Neither was Nick, not that he is worried about the gain itself, it’s just that he know how easily I get discouraged when I don’t lose. He held me close and tight and I got in a couple of hard swats on my butt to get my attention, and I appreciate his efforts. Don’t worry; I have no intentions of giving up at this point. But of course, Christmas is going to be tough.

We’re having to move all of Mollie’s stuff home for the Christmas break because she was able to get a new room and roommate (Yeah!) actually she is just moving next door to where she is now, but she can’t leave her stuff there. It’s going to make next weekend really busy. Moving Mollie back here Friday evening, putting up the tree Saturday morning, family Christmas gathering Saturday afternoon/evening, Sunday morning church program, family party for Nick’s mom’s birthday at lunch after church, and then Mollie is having her friends over for dinner Sunday night. I’m tired just thinking about it. It wouldn’t be so bad but they slipped in a few extra mandatory work days for us when we should be off. That's always annoying.

I hope now that my back is feeling better; we will be able to slip in some play time before Mollie comes home for a month. Although, strange as it sounds, we almost seem to play more when she is living at home. Maybe the idea of sneaking in play time when she is out with her friends makes it more exciting, or at least more urgent. Who knows, we’ll do the best we can.

I have several more brand new Fantasy Friday stories that I think you will really like. So don’t forget to come by and check each week.


  1. Glad the back is better.

    Sneaking around always seems more naughty and therefore more challening and more fun.

    I'm not looking foward to the Christmas goodies either. I tried send the scale away for Thanksgiving but it's back home

  2. I'm glad, glad, glad to hear your back is better! My teenager just left to go for a workout, so we're gonna sneak in some fun time, too. :)

  3. So happy to hear your backs better PK but still take it slow.

    SG is right - always seems a little naughty sneaking around to have a little fun.


  4. PK, good news about your back.
    I hope that Christmas isn't too much for you, you're not as young as you used to be. oops!!!
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. PK: Nice that your back is getting better. Good luck on not overeating during the holiday season.

    And have fun sneaking around.


  6. Great news about your back...those muscle relaxants are amazing. One word of coution, if you start to feel even a little twitch...take it easy! Happy "sneaking!" abby

  7. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Back pain is just awful! Hope you're much better very soon.


  8. Sunnygirl,
    I think we're going to be up for the challenge.

    As a teacher I must ask 'Did you use your time wisely?' LOL!

    I'm still taking it easy, then again I always take it easy.

    Has anyone told you you need a good spanking! Let me be the first! I think I'll make it through Christmas all right.

    I'm hoping I can stay away from the extra eating too.

    Thankfully the back is MUCH better today! But I'm paying attention to it and being careful.

    I was amazed that having a back that hurt effected everything. I don't want that pain back.