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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fanstay Friday, Choices chapter 2

The first part of this fantasy can be found here. And here is the second part of your Fantasy Friday this weekend. I thank Pooky for sending this great story. You can go read Pooky's site here but remember, don't mention this wonderful story over there. You can leave her comments here.

Chapter 2

“Jessie, I want to talk a little more about last night…” Jessie cut him off with a groan.

“I think we covered it all.” She snapped.

“I think so- but, I don’t think you realize how much our relationship means to me.” His sincere words made Jessie feel bad for snapping her eyes dropped to his chest again.

Gabe’s fingers came right back to her chin and lifted her face until their eyes met again.

“I’m serious Jess. You mean the world to me, but, sometimes you act like a spoiled brat. Last night was one of those times. And the problem is that what you did has the ability to tear us apart. That is what is making me act as firmly as I am. I want nothing to come in between us. I love you… Do you understand me?”

“Yes, I know it was wrong. That is why I said I’m sorry. I thought it was over.” Jessie felt unwanted moisture pooling in the corner of her eyes, and again she tried to look away.

“Look at me,” he demanded tenderly, brushing her tears away before they could fall. “I forgave you, and it is over, but I really want you to think about how serious it was and how it made me feel. I want you to stay home this week, and stay off the phone… I want you to be thinking about what you did.” His hands came to her shoulders as he felt her stiffen, his thumbs circled, rubbing tenderly.

“You are grounding me?” she demanded eyes blazing. “I don’t think so.” She tried to push away from him her anger flaring dangerously. When he held her tightly she clenched her teeth together and said through her teeth, “Let me go!”

“No, I am holding you and we are talking this through. You remember when we were talking about getting married… I told you, you wouldn’t like being married to me because I am so old-fashioned. You said you didn’t care, you loved me just the same.” A small smirk formed on his lips.

“You didn’t explain that you meant cave-man old-fashioned!” She tried again to get away from him. But he was too strong for her. This time when she turned her head from him he let her. He just pulled her tightly against his chest. He put his chin on the top of her head.

“Jessie, I love you but, I refuse to put up with a brat. You went against what I said about you going, you snuck out while I was gone, you stayed out and drove home at a dangerous time, you didn’t answer my calls and you smoked. I spanked you and I forgave you… I will not hold this against you unless you do it again. But, I don’t think spanking you was enough. It was a first for us and it has left you with some pretty mixed emotions and I want you to think about them.

I want you to stay home and think about them. If you abuse your right to drive by sneaking out to a place I don’t want you to go and stay out all night then I think you should lose the privilege of driving for a week.

I don’t want you on the phone talking to your sister and your girlfriends and being confused on what to tell them. They are undoubtedly still of the mindset that you should do whatever you want even though you have a husband at home. You said you were sorry you did it. I think you realize how it alienates us. I don’t want you to be confused by their comments or advice.

I want you to take this week to think about what our relationship truly means to you. And every time you think about going somewhere or calling someone you can be proud of yourself for making a decision to please me and put your marriage first… Do you understand me?”

Jessie took a while to respond. She was so confused. The whole time he was talking his fingers were raking up and down on her back. He knew that she loved it when he did this. And his voice was like liquid with that sweet loving tone. But he was basically grounding her like a child.

“Fine.” She said in a clipped voice launching herself off his lap before he had time to respond. She stomped into their room to find her purse. Her cell phone was still in there because she had forgotten to put it on the charger the night before. She grabbed her car keys as well and stomped back to the dining room. Gabe had just stood up and pushed in his chair. He turned to look when she came back in the room.

“Here,” she said grabbing his hand and shoving her phone and keys into them. “You better take these and hide them from me.”

“No,” he said firmly trying to put them back into her hands, but she kept her hands balled tight shaking her head. He finally put them on the buffet. Then he pulled Jessie into his arms again.

“Jessie, I am not taking them from you. You have a choice to make. I am not forcing you; you have to decide to obey me. I love you. I won’t force you. Every time you think about using them, you will have to decide to obey me instead. It is your choice.” He pushed her away softly so he could see her face. She had big puddles in her eyes again. He knew she was having a battle within herself and she needed time to think. He leaned toward her and kissed her lips softly. Then he turned and walked out the door with a quick I’ll see you at lunch.

Jessie spent the day in confusion and depression. She couldn’t make sense of her thoughts. She thought about getting on her laptop to write a little but she was afraid she would be tempted to instant message her friends. It didn’t occur to her that she was making a choice right then to obey Gabe. Later she was torn again when her friend called on the house phone. She wasn’t even one of the ones she had gone out with. She didn’t answer but wondered why her friend had texted her or called her cell. Then she remembered the battery was probably dead. She didn’t check it or plug it in; she left it right where Gabe had set it. It was probably a good thing it was turned off, so she wasn’t tempted each time it chimed she had a message.

Jessie couldn’t concentrate on any projects. Seeing that Gabe’s truck was gone she decided to go for a walk. She didn’t think that should count. She wasn’t leaving; she was just getting out of the house and getting some time to think. And it wasn’t like she was going to come upon any people.

When she got to her favorite path, the one they would ride horses on, she finally relaxed and her mind opened up. She didn’t feel so stressed anymore. She actually felt more at peace. The only thing that could be better is if she had ridden Sunny, her horse. But Gabe had forbid her to ride alone right at the beginning of their relationship. If only she had realized he was going to make it a habit of telling her what to do…

If only? What was she thinking? Would she take it all back if she could? Did she love him enough to put up with him, or to “obey” him? Zoey started thinking about the past.

She and Gabe had gone to the same church for years and years. Jessie didn’t actually know how long. She had been going there since she was born. Gabe’s mother lived with his sister in another state but would come and stay with Gabe every summer. When she was there she would ask Jessie to come out to the ranch and help her “spruce things” up. Last summer, Mrs. Hamilton was recovering from a knee surgery and had hired Jessie to come out daily to help with laundry, cooking, and errands.

So, Jessie had been around Gabe a lot more often. She still really didn’t know she was attracted to him. When she was around him and her stomach started doing flips she thought it was just because he was a man. An older man, he was thirty-six, to her twenty-three. But, when Mrs. Hamilton went back to live with Gabe’s sister in the fall Gabe had asked her to still come out a couple days a week. It all started, for the most part when he asked her to stay to eat with him one time. Or another time he asked her to watch a movie with him. Then he offered to teach her to ride a horse. It finally progressed to them calling each other a lot whenever she wasn’t there. Neither of them would call it a relationship, they had never even kissed.

But, Jessie knew she was in love with him. It didn’t matter to her what others thought. She didn’t care about the age difference in fact they often teased each other about it. She would call him a dinosaur and old-fashioned and he would call her a childish brat.

Ugg, was he thinking about spanking her even way back then? She thought he had called her childish to tease her about her size. She was small person at 5’1” and 102 and pounds. He knew that she hated that she always looked younger than she was. So, when they would disagree on something he would teasingly tell her to quit being such a child. She would be furious about it and smack his chest or arm, and that would start a wrestling match. Of course he was a huge brute and so he always pinned her anyway but she didn’t care she just loved having him wrapped around her. Besides, he never hurt her unless tickling her until her sides ached counted.

And when he said she wouldn’t like to be married to him she thought he was referencing his age. Because that is how they teased each other. Well she knew he was serious and so was she when she said she loved him he even though he was outdated.

She knew he was set in his ways… He liked her to be home and cook for him at meal times unless there was something going on and she let him know ahead of time. He liked her to make the bed every day. He didn’t want her to ride the horse without him. She knew all of that.

She never ever imagined that he would spank her! He was too sweet, how could he hurt her like that? And boy oh boy had it hurt. Well, there were times he had said “if you ever did that I’d have to spank you for it.” But she had always laughed it off. He was kidding right?

Well, there were those times when she was being sassy and he had swatted her backside too… But they were just teasing each other. He was just playing…

But, he had really spanked her and it had really hurt. This was for real. Last night in the shower, and after while she was curled up in his arms, for the few minutes she was awake, anyway… she had thought it was all just a mistake. She had been wrong and he had been angry and he had spanked her because he didn’t know how to deal with his anger. And she had been wrong in leaving the way she did. So, she thought the spanking was a freak- onetime thing. Until this morning…

He started talking all firm, about her not leaving or talking on the phone. Where was that coming from? That told her he was in control and had been. He talked about the spanking and the fact that he thought it wasn’t enough. She thought that at some point he would apologize for it. And that it was a onetime thing, that he wouldn’t do it again. And of course she never planned to make him that angry again anyway so what did it matter?

She thought about him bringing the fact up that she had asked him to marry her. Was he trying to say that she somehow knew and approved of him the way he is? Well she hadn’t known that he planned to spank her when she was practically begging him to marry her.

And now he was basically giving her time to think it all through, and make a choice. That is what he kept saying. Choose to “obey” him. As if!

Her thoughts kept zinging though her head in this manner all the time she couldn’t make heads or tails out of her thoughts. When he came in for lunch she was back to being depressed. It didn’t help that she was so tired she had a headache.

Just before he left to go back to work he told her,

“You may take a nap now.”

Jessie had to bite her tongue she wanted to tell him off so badly. She wanted to tell him that she had already decided to take a nap and she would do as she liked. He was out the door before she could think of an appropriate response. She resolved not to nap at all since he hadn’t really said she had to nap. And that way she wouldn’t be giving in to his “permission”. However she fell asleep on the couch right after dinner that evening. Gabe had woken her when he carried her to bed.

Gabe couldn’t believe what a firebrand his little woman was. She would fight him tooth and nail for the rest of his life he was sure. God, how he loved her and wanted to protect her. She could be so sweet and so giving too. And, the times when she completely surrendered to him his heart would melt. She was all his.

He carried her to bed wondering if she had taken a nap and was just still this tired or if she had refused to nap just to spite him. Now she was out cold and he wanted to make love to her. As he undressed her and covered her with the quilt he felt guilty about wanting to wake her with his brand of loving. He stripped his clothes off watching her curl up on her side.

When his rock hard cock sprang from his jeans he stroked it knowing he was going to wake her up. He climbed in the bed pulling the covers over his head. Instead of pulling Jessie into his arms he crawled down between her legs. She was so tired she easily rolled onto her back again and relaxed her legs open just the way he placed them. He didn’t want to take her in her sleep, he wanted to wake her up calling his name and begging him for more. He felt her wince and sigh when he cupped her bottom and lifted her “girly spot” to his mouth chuckling into her folds. He loved how shy and na├»ve she was. The first time she had called it that, it had taken everything he had not to laugh at her and have her close him off altogether.

He heard her moan as his tongue found that sensitive nub at the top of her slit. He flicked it back and forth until she started to wiggle in his hands. He delved down into her hole thrusting his tongue in and out as deeply as he could, all the while watching in her face in the moonlight shining through the window. Finally knowing what to do to get the response he wanted he gently settled her bottom back on the mattress. Releasing one of her small cheeks he brought his tongue back up to circle her clit while he found her opening again with his finger. He thrust it into her easily, she was already extremely wet.

“Ohhh…” Jessie cried out softly, but that wasn’t enough for him.

As he pulled his finger back the second time and added another to it and thrust it back in. She was so wet and so tight, he wanted to get in there and feel her squeezing down on his cock while she cried into his shoulder to help her. But he wouldn’t give in until she was begging him. He loved the way she clung to him while he teased her.

Just as he had plunged the second finger into her sweet spot her eyes came open and her hand came down to find the one of his still holding her bottom. She needed something to hold on to. Her hips rocketed with her need for more. She clasped his arm scratching him without meaning to. He knew what she wanted, but he loved to make her wait, to beg and she always did…

“Uuhhho! Oh god Please… Gabe…” she whimpered.

He pulled his hand away from her hip all the while still thrusting with his fingers. He brought his thumb up to her clit and rubbed it harder than he had with his tongue.

“ahh ahh ahh Help me… I need you… Ohh, you’re driving me crazeeee…”

He chuckled for the second time as her fingers found his hair and pulled his head back down to her “girly spot”. He moved both hands and just softly stroked her clit with his tongue. He knew this wasn’t what she wanted or needed. But she liked it, as confusing as it was to her.

“More, please… ohhh” she tried again to make sense of her cries.

He drew his head back stroking her inner thighs with his fingers watching her buck each time they came near her bikini line.

“Gabe! I need you….” She reached for his hand trying to put it back where she wanted the attention.

He chuckled and drew his body up over hers. He heard her happy sigh and drug out the motions as long as he could. He rested his cock at her entrance bracing himself to go slow. He drew back as she thrust her hips upward trying to fill herself up with him.

“Ah Ah Ah.” He teased shaking his head back and forth. He grabbed her hips so he could stop her from bucking, and eased in only an inch stretching her open. She was tight but he knew as wet as she was he could drive right into her. It took everything he had but he pulled back out.

“Gabe! Oh my god, don’t do this to me.”

“What?” he asked with laughter in his throat, pressing slowly into her again, only to pull right back after two inches again.

“I hate you…” she gripped his butt trying again to pull him into her.

“That’s not very nice, young lady.” He said with a smirk as he started to enter her again. She didn’t realize that each inch was more agonizing to him than it was to her. When he pulled back out again he said in a silky voice,

“Maybe you should try asking nicely for what you want.”

He pressed in again at his slowest speed to date. He ground his teeth trying not to groan out loud and slam into her.

“I can’t think…please… you- know- I- want- you.”

He wickedly pulled out again.

“Gabe! I need you… all of you… in me.” She was so frustrated she looked to be near tears. He decided to have mercy on her. His fingers squeezed into her hips pulling her open as wide as she could as he drove into her. He pulled her down on the mattress so she was between his knees, legs strewn over his hips he drove into her mercilessly. She cried out his name climaxing on the second stroke but he had just gotten started.


Pooky, thank you again! I hope you decide to continue writing and that you will share more with us. And anyone else that is thinking of trying a story, we'd love to read it! Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Pooky, great stuff, never tmi, we are all adults here, if you can write it, we can read it.
    Thanks PK, great post.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Porky, you are a wonderful writer. Have you done any writing in the past? I hope you share more stories with us.

    And would you mind stopping by here in the comments and telling us why your guy doesn't want you reading or writing fiction. I would think he would be proud of your stories.

    And I hope you don't think my question is inappropriate. I will become a regular of your blog but won't mention your stories.


  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I loved the second chapter...great story!


  4. Fd- my guy is old fashioned.... simply put he doesn't want me to read or write spanking fiction because he likens it to porn.

    So, this is kind of my dirty secret.

    I do love to write, I have actually written a lot more.

    And I have been holding back because I have been begging Dev to allow me to write and put it on Lulu or something. (He just doesn't know I have already started.)

    Here is a question for you guys- is it as enticing if I leave the sexy stuff out ans tick to spankings? Because I have bargained that with him...

  5. Pooky: What a shame he is old fashioned and calls it porn instead of erotica especially when you love to write.

    Since you have bargained to write spanking stories, maybe you could post those on your site and put the sexy stuff here or other sites but that is your call.

    Good luck in dealing with this. It is so unfortunate you have this writing talent and love to write and he is stifling you.


  6. LOL FD- I didn't clarify, we are still bargaining. He hasn't agreed to anything yet.

    HMMMM, now I'm just curious how would you feel if your ____ (s/o?) were going behind you back and doing what you specifically asked her not too?

    LOL this is great fun now.

    PK sorry for taking over your site for the weekend. :)

  7. Pooky,
    You can take over any time you like. I understand your problem. I know you want to respect you husbands wishes. But I have to say in this case he may be wrong. Reading and writing are good safe outlets for the feelings we have.

    I love spanking stories whether they contain sex or not. The whole concept of power exchange and the reasons we as women long for it is always interesting to me and I love to see the emotions explored in the writing of others.

    What ever you two work out and whether you let me post them as FF or if you post them on your own site I'll be reading!


  8. Thanks PK- Your such a dear.

  9. Pooky: I think what you guy is asking is so unreasonable that I have no problems with you going behind his back.

    You have this writing talent and you love to write and you should be allowed to write what strikes your fancy.

    But that is my opinion. It is up to you to decide what is best. Good luck.


  10. Anonymous11:18 AM


    Very good story, one of the best FF stories I have read. Thank you for sharing with us. You write very well and paint such a wonderful picture with your words.


  11. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Pooky, I really enjoyed this story! I would love to see more. I agree; I just don't understand your husband's reasoning. If you like to write, then you should be able to write! I loved both the sexy and spanking aspects of the story. I hope you will consider writing more for us to read!


    For now I may write- spanking fiction. However, it may not contain sex.
    (Hey I've made it this far ;)

    Thank you for your encouragement it was just what I needed to convince me to go back to him to ask again. So, you will probably see me around again.

  13. Pooky,
    Sounds great! Write away!