I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Looking forward to things to come!

Last Wednesday Nick and I finally got a little time alone. I had come in from work and taken a nap. When I woke we visited for a while but Nick didn’t mention anything about a spanking. A little later he said “I bought some chicken home for supper, let’s eat.” He took my hand to help me up and then continued “But first let’s talk about you leaving silverware on the table beside your chair and not putting up your laundry.” Lure me with chicken and then taking me to the bedroom for a spanking. Talk about bait and switch!

However I didn’t complain. He had me stand with my hands on the bed as he started. And I think he started out with the hairbrush over my jeans but Nick seems to like to see what he’s doing so I didn’t get to keep the jeans on for long. I was whining little that it hurt so he switched – WOW! Sh*t whatever that was, was worse (the bathbrush)! He switched again and it stung but was much more tolerable. I asked was that was and he told me it was the sword – pictured here.

It really is a nice implement. And I can’t blame this one on my kids like Rogue and Stormy did when a toy was used on them. I bought the darn thing for that very use. My spanking didn’t last long and much better things followed. Afterwards we snuggled and talked for a while.

One thing we discussed was something unusual that happened maybe a year ago. When we began spanking I was always after Nick to spank longer and harder. It was like pulling teeth but eventually, once he realized he wasn’t going to ‘hurt’ me, he really got into it. I loved it the longer and harder the better. But then we drifted away from spanking and went into a dry spell. It didn’t last all that long but things were different when we started back. It hurt!! I know, I know it’s supposed to. But it hurts way more than it did and it’s just not the same. I feel like a real wimp and I hate it. I feel like I need ‘reconditioning’. I wish we did have the privacy to spank a little every day, would I ‘toughen up’ or not? It just seems to hurt so much at the moment he’s spanking but there is nothing a few minutes later. I love the achy soreness the next day, but I just can’t last long enough to get it.

I think I would really like longer spankings that start off more slowly. Maybe over clothes – something like a long warm up so we could see it I can get back to where we were. I even complained that I couldn’t ever tell what implement he was using these days where before I could tell within the first swat or two. That was the comment that seemed to get Nick’s attention. He said “Well maybe we’ll just have to set up a time to test your memory. I’ll get out all our toys (we have a ton). Then I’ll blindfold you and you’ll get 5 with each. Any you can’t identify if 5 we’ll put aside and come back later with 10 and see if that helps any.”

What an offer!! I hope it comes to pass sometime. I’d like to set up a date beforehand if we can. Anticipation can be fun. So for now I’m going to take what I can get. I’d be happy for a handful of really hard pops anytime we get the chance, passing in the kitchen, getting ready to go out – anytime. Or maybe when we do have time I’ll get that long, slow build up so that I can take even more. Hopefully I’ll get some of one or the other soon.


  1. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Hope you get your date.

  2. PK, you probably need more play to desensitise you.
    Hope that you get it.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. "Bait and switch" - LOL!

    That contest sounds like fun. We've done something similar, and it isn't as easy as it looks.


  4. Would it be too "cheeky" to buy him a sword belt... and then leave silverware all over the house? :)

    Thanks for the mention!
    Rogue ;)

  5. Tiffany,
    I really hope so too! Glad to see you here.

    I think you need to email Nick!

    I know it won't be easy. We have too many but I sure am willing try.

    Very interesting idea. I'll have to give that some thought. I'll let you know if it works.

  6. Now that contest could be a whole lot of fun. I shall look forward to reading all about it.


  7. Did you toughen up again?
    Rosie Dee