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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My Office Fantasy- part one, II

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are going back to a story from Andrade's Girl. I don’t know how many of you remember her. She began emailing several years ago, a very nice lady. She began a blog and was very popular within our community. Then one day she was gone. The blog had been deleted; even her email account had been closed. I’ve missed her. Here’s one of her stories that she let me post for Fantasy Friday. This is a three part-er and I think you’ll all agree that she is an excellent writer. If by chance you are reading her AG, please know I would love to hear from you again.

For now everyone please enjoy…

My Office Fantasy - Part one

As I have started down this road, on my journey of learning about spankings and submission and discipline. I have read some posts and stories about kneeling before your Man. I have been very intrigued by this image of kneeling.

I can even picture myself in our office, kneeling at my husband's feet, while he is working on his computer. Every once in a while, I get a little pat on my behind and he says "That's my girl, just a little while longer and the first part of your discipline will be over, and then we can commence to the second part". A trickle of anticipation & fear shivers thru my body as I wait for him to finish his work. As I am kneeling there trying to wait as patiently as I can, I can't help but let out a heavy sigh; but I see his foot tap in annoyance to this sound. So I try to kneel very quietly and calmly like the lady I know he wants me to be. But it's not easy.

FINALLY, the typing stops! He gets to his feet and his says "Well my girl, now it's time for the second part of your discipline. I hear him leave the room, but I do not get up because he has not given me permission to move yet. I think he walks in to our bedroom and I hear him rummaging around in there doing things, getting things, there are bottles and other items being moved about. He leaves the bedroom and I know that there is water running. But still he has not asked me to move, I remain kneeling. My anticipation grows, I can hardly keep still, yet I do not want to disappoint. Finally my time has come, there are footsteps back into our office and he takes me by the hand and guides me to our bathroom.

There are candles lit and he has drawn me a bath! Still he does not speak, so I remain quiet. Carefully and deliberately he turns my body to face him and he looks into my eyes, and yet still says nothing. He unbuttons my blouse and removes it, hanging it on the hook on the back of the door. He reaches around behind me and unhooks my bra...and places it with my blouse. Still there is quiet, it seems to envelope us. He pulls me to him and briefly kisses my neck; he looks back at me again and smiles at me. A quiet smile as if he is pleased with me, with my behavior. My skirt now is being removed; he lowers it to the floor and helps me lift each leg very gently to step out of it. He is kneeling now before me and looks up to me, I can barely contain myself I am quietly shaking in anticipation.

He looks up at me with that same smile...very still, very quiet; almost cold. It's very disconcerting. The room is fragrant and warm with the golden glow of candle light, and yet my body cannot relax. Tingles run up and down my spine. He slides he hands up my thighs gently kneading, massaging. Rubbing up my inner thighs and stopping just when the heat between my legs truly starts. He stands up and carefully leads me to the edge of the bath, and holds my hand as I step into the warm fragrant bubbles. As I lay down in the water, gentle waves caress my body. There is just enough water to keep my body warm, but my breasts are exposed to him. My nipples were hard, begging for attention. He kneels down and rolls up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal his tanned and powerful forearms. He picks up a wash cloth and gently runs it up and down my legs. I start to moan as he gets closer and closer to the tops of my thighs. "Hush my love" he says. "It's not quite time for you to speak yet." He continues to gently wash my body and my eyes start to close as my body finally relaxes. I hear him ask me "Now Catherine Anne, tell me; why are you being disciplined this evening?" My eyes fly open and stare at him. His tone is icy cold; I had thought the punishment was over...what was I thinking? A cold panic starts to creep over me. He continues to gently wash my body circling the washcloth over my nipples, and they are so hard and sore I can't concentrate. He looks me in the eye, waiting for my response.

As I lay there, my mind flashes back to the beginning of the weekend; when we were in Home Depot. It seemed as if we were there forever, as he was shopping for a new lawn mower for our yard. I was hungry and tired and I just wanted to go home. He could feel me start to fidget, and he went to take my arm and said "Catherine, not too much longer I've almost made up my mind and then we can go and have a nice lunch" But my nerves got the better of me and before I could stop myself, these words just popped out of my mouth "How frigging long does it take to pick out a damn lawn mower?" (I think I said frigging, but I'm not really sure now actually.) And worse for me I jerked my hand away and started to walk toward the kitchen and bath department to distract myself. But before I could get away he came up behind me and said "Catherine Anne, this is not the time or the place, we shall discuss this later when we get home". When I am called Catherine Anne, it's generally not a good thing. "You will wait calmly next to me" he growled quietly in my ear, "until I am finished shopping here and then we shall go straight home." As he was guiding me back to his side, his hand dropped down alarmingly close to my bottom, which caught my attention and I struggled to get my emotions back in control.

As I lay soaking trying to regain some composure I said to him; "Do you mean yesterday when I acted out at Home Depot?" "And what else Catherine Anne?" And still the wash cloth circles my nipples; I can barely breathe let alone think. ("What else? Darn" I think.) I try to concentrate on my breathing to help calm the panic slowly growing inside. I search my mind trying to remember what else I might have done to disappoint him. "Catherine Anne" he repeats, "What else?" And still the wash cloth is moving slowly over my body, making my skin tingle, but I am so nervous now I can't sink into the feeling and pure pleasure of his touch. "Well," I say stalling for time, I take a deep breath and say very quietly "Did I forget to tell you that I bounced a check this week?" "Yes Catherine Anne, you did forget to tell me." I take in a quick shaky breath and say "I meant to tell you but I just forgot." "You forgot Catherine?" "Well uhhhm sort of, I was going to tell you, but when you came home from work you went straight to the office, and I didn't want to disturb you and by bedtime I just sorta forgot." "I see" he says reaching for a towel, and draining the water from the tub. He takes my hand and helps me to stand, and begins to wrap me in the towel.

"Catherine Anne, go and wait for me in the living room please." He takes the towel from my body and hangs it up on the rack. I am shivering and slightly damp now. I have goose bumps all over my body. "Can I get my robe?" I whisper. "Hush now Catherine....go and meet me in the living room". Shaking from fear, cold and anticipation; I can barely walk to the living room and when I get there I see the chair sitting there in the middle of the room.


Come back next week for part two! And as always if you have a story to share send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK, so far, so good!
    You are going to make us wait a week!!!
    Do I need to talk to Nick? :(
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I still wonder whatever happened to Andrade's Girl, I really enjoyed her blog as I did this part of her story. Thanks PK.


  3. This is a great story... I dying to know what other things he has planned for her!

  4. Paul,
    I do feel a little mean but I get so few stories these days that I'm forced to stretch. If the story has three parts you're going to have to wait! How about spending your time writing a new one for me?

    I wonder myself - she helped me through a rough period.

    I can promise it will be interesting. But what do you think he'll do - maybe you could write one.