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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school

Just a quick note about Fantasy Friday this week – I think you’ll really like the story. It’s by one of my favorite writers! I hope you’ll come by.

I go back to school today. I don’t believe it, I don’t want it to be true but such is life. So today take a moment to send out prayers and good thoughts that everyone – students and teachers – will have a good year. Meanwhile you might enjoy this.

Things you'll never hear a teacher say...

• Our principal is soooooo smart. No wonder he’s in administration.

• Thank goodness for these evaluations. They keep me focused.

• Oh goody, a new teaching method. I bet this will be wonderful!

• I’d like to see Red Lobster offer a meal like this.

• Here class, just put all your gym shoes in this box by my desk.

• I bet all the administrators really miss teaching.

• Gosh, the bathrooms smell so fresh and clean.

• I’m so glad I gave my phone number to my students and their parents. It makes keeping in touch so much easier.

• I can’t believe I get paid for this.

• I think the discipline around here is a little too strict.

• I believe that athletes are not getting paid enough.

• We’d be able to better educate our children if they let us teach through the summer too.

• Have you notice that the teachers drive better cars than the students?

• This in-service training has been fantastic.

• Is it Friday already???


  1. "I think the discipline around here is a little too strict." That's a good one! Teachers are in so much danger these days from their students because of the lax discipline.

    I always find it odd hat your school year starts so early. Ours starts the day after Labour Day. 3 more weeks of freedom!


  2. LOLOLOL.....OH..sooo true! Our school year starts after Labor Day. I get a bit of a twinge about missing out..but get over it quickly! Good Luck..may this be one of those classes and years for you that is every teacher's dream! abby

  3. PK: Loved your list. Teachers are underpaid and underappreciated and that is even before you start dealing with the administration. lol.


  4. I can imagine you saying "is it Friday already" LOL.

    Personally I think discipline in our schools are far too lax, students don't respect teachers like we did but saying that I know of some teachers that don't deserve the respect of their students.

    Our kids start back around 6th September.


  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Like we talked about yesterday... if they'd let me discipline Judge Judy style she wouldn't have to deal with so much stupidity in her courtroom!!! When is this nation gonna wake up and realize that tying the teacher's hands behind the back is not doing the kids any good!!!

  6. Well if mine were still in school i'd be doing the happy dance! Some school systems started yesterday. We had a couple of smart ass less the honorable teachers the last couple of years, but then we had some amazing ones as well.But dealing with kids of all AGES for the last 20 years i can tell you parents have really dropped the ball as far as discipline and respect go. They don't want to be bothered..don't have the time or want TO BE THEIR FRIEND!

  7. Hermione,
    It seems here in the south we start much earlier that in the north, and they still get out ahead of us some time.

    I wonder if I'll have any twinges after I retire - Nah! Not gonna happen!!

    I did great today! Didn't have the urge to kill anyone all day!

    "Is it Friday already?" Right! Not in my vocabulary.

    I would love to get Judge Judy to come do her common sense thing on our administrations!!

    You're right about so many parents these day. Their little precious is perfect and can do no wrong!

  8. PK, our lot go back in the first week in September.
    Then shopping will be a little quieter.
    In a perfect world your list wouldn't be quite so funny.
    We seem to have lost the plot when it comes to bringing up our children.
    Love and warm hugs,

  9. You're right Paul. We are dropping the ball. Glad to make shopping a little nicer for you!

  10. so that time again...I have one more week...