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Friday, March 05, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Another Chance, chapter 5

Looks like we are going to have some pleasant, slightly warmer weather this weekend. I'm grateful that Friday has rolled around again. And I'm happy to be able to offer you another Fantasy Friday. This is a continuation of last weeks story click here if you need to go back and re-read it and you will also find links to the other stories in this series.

I'm going to call my anonymous friend Annie (Annienyomous) just because I like names. Her original title when she sent this one was 'Another Chance, final chapter'. I told her not to say final chapter, who knew if this couple might want to talk to her again.

A few days later I got an email from Annie with the subject 'I'm mad at you'. It seems that she had dreamed another part of the story the night before! She blamed me for this and sent me the first part of the story but said my punishment for causing all this was that I would have to wait several weeks for the conclusion. LOL! Geeze, what ever happened to a good old fashion spanking?? Anyway I'm happy to take the blame (or credit) for stirring up her creative juices. I'll wait until I have the whole thing before I post either - so I guess you all are sharing my punishment!

But for today, sit back, relax and enjoy...

Another Chance

Sylvia woke to Bill rubbing gentle circles over her back. Stretching like a cat she leaned into him, then pouted when she remembered their argument.

“Don’t think you can play nice after you were so mean to me.” She huffed.

“I am not playing games with you, missy. I thought we could talk this over but you want to pout you can just go get the paddle and we’ll get started.”

“Not the paddle. That is not fair. I am already so sore, please, just use your hand.”

“ Let me review. You lied to me, you rifled through my things, you made assumptions without even asking me how I feel, you hit me with something in a fit of anger, and oh, yeah, you lied to me. What happens when you do any one of those things?”

“I get punished.” She whispered.

“And that is exactly what will happen today. Go into the den, and wait for me.”

Sylvia’s stomach clenched when she saw what was waiting for her. Neatly laid out on the coffee table was the wooden paddle, Bill’s old belt, a wooden spoon with a flat handle, a bottle of lotion and one of lube, and that damned butt plug in the middle like some perverted centerpiece. He must be furious if he planned to use all of that and her butt was already hot and sore from the spanking on the porch. She perched on the edge of the ottoman, staring at the belt, the one he used when he caught her lying. Why did it always seem so clear when she was doing it and so wrong when it came time to pay? It killed her to disappoint him, and this was a doozy. If she hadn’t been so embarrassed none of this would ever have happened.

Bill stood in the shadow, watching the emotion play across his wife’s lovely face, silent tears trailing down her cheeks. The thought of losing her cut through him, but worse was knowing he had let her down. This was no time to be gentle; he said she would be punished and he had to follow through. Rubbing at the lump on his forehead he gathered his resolve and walked into the room. He scooped her onto his lap and settled onto the ottoman, holding her tightly and whispering how much he loved her in her ear. Then the questions started.

“Why are you here?”

“I didn’t listen.” She murmured.

“NO, and you know it. You are going to get everything you’ve got coming to you, but first, I want to know why my special day was ruined. I want to know why you were digging in my suitcase. I want to know why you are so upset over a silly sex toy. And, most of all, I want to know why you are still lying about it.”

“Just punish me and get it over with.”

“Oh, no, little girl, you have a long way to go before we get to the punishment. First you are going to answer every one of my questions.”

“Okay, fine, I went into your stupid suitcase because I wanted to get the paddle out and ask you to use it, just a little, not like when I’m in trouble, but more fun.” She peeked up through her lashes at his stern face, hoping he would understand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to violate your privacy.”

“Of course not, there isn’t anything I own you can’t open, except maybe the week before your birthday. But why the hissy fit. I just don’t get it.”

“As soon as I saw that, that thing,”

“You mean the butt plug?”

“Yes, that, then I knew you had been, well sneaking around and spying on me, and that just made me so mad I couldn’t think.”

“And it never occurred to you to maybe ask me, instead of screaming and throwing things?”

“No. You had no right to go into my private things.”

“Are you afraid of that particular toy?”

“I just don’t think there is any reason, oooph, what are you doing?”

Bill swept his arm under her knees and tipped her back until she rested on the ottoman beside him, her legs tucked under his left arm, her bottom stretched and vulnerable.

“I think we might make more progress if I can encourage you to just answer the question I ask, not tell me what you think.”

He peppered her bottom with sharp swats, especially the creamy white stripe in the middle, tender skin that was hidden in any other position. Then he picked up the wooden spoon and laid into her sit spots, working up and down the tender crease had her howling in just a few stokes.

“Now that I have your attention, are you afraid of anal play?”

“It doesn’t matter what I think, oh, no stop that’s not fair.”

Bill worked another circuit with the spoon, this was a great position, and it had her full attention with very little effort. He would remember this the next time she earned a punishment. This time when he laid the spoon down he lightly stroked his fingers across the hot tight skin. He applied a drop of lube to her crease and slowly rubbed it up and down, circling closer and closer to her puckered anus. No squawking now, he noticed, if fact, despite a boiling hot bottom she was panting and dripping wet.

“Now tell me what the big deal is when you so clearly love having your ass touched.” He said as he slid a finger deep inside.

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

“No problem.” And he withdrew his finger and picked up the spoon. Ignoring her shrieks he placed sharp smacks up and down her crease, until the colors ran together into a dark angry red.

Finally she broke. With big sobbing gulps she told him that she and Kay had discussed anal sex and Kay told her that he was disgusted by it. It had been a regular part of life with Ray and she enjoyed it, but the only way he would know that is if he read her diary.

“I did NOT read your damn diary. I didn’t even know you had one. What I did do is go online looking for information about how to better meet your needs since you won’t talk honestly with me. Imagine my surprise. I typed in butt and before I get any further up pops butt fucking. Seems you spend a great deal of time cruising anal porn, no do not interrupt me. So, you have ruined what I hoped would be a nice surprise for both of us simply by refusing to talk to me about how you feel and what you think and what you like.”

Bill tossed the spoon and went back to using his hand, spanking more lightly but enough to make an impact on such tender skin.

“You are going to get every lick you got coming to you before this weekend is over. You’ll be remembering this punishment for a long time, and I hope when you are tempted to lie you will decide it is just too risky. But right now, I am going to talk to you about my hopes and my feelings.”

He cuddled her onto his lap, holding her close, feeling her tears soak his shirt front.

“I have always been interested in anal sex, Kay is the one who thought it was dirty. I’ve only had sex with two women in my life, when I saw what you were looking at, and I admit I was embarrassed by some of those sites, well I thought this was something we could explore. If you were uncomfortable, or only liked the idea not the real thing, that would be fine. I just wanted to surprise you.”

“Well, you certainly achieved that.” Sylvia sniped.

“Enough. I am tired; it has been a long day. I want to put off your punishment, put off our discussion and make love to my wife. In fact, I plan to shove ‘that thing’ right inside your tight little ass and tease you until you beg me to take it out and use my dick instead. Then WE will decide if WE like it.”

Two days later they drove home, tired and happy. Sylvia had never had a worse punishment, a better weekend, or a sorer ass. Bill was planning a gym membership; he could use a little more stamina.

But they agreed, it was what THEY wanted.


Annie you've done it again! I love older couples as a rule and I love this one in particular. I guess you're never to old to explore a new kink! Sorry I caused you to had to write more than you had planned but I'm really glad you did!


  1. Annienyomous, nice one girl.
    You have my permission to punish PK like this any time that you feel like it.
    More please.
    PK, you are hitting gold at the moment, keep it up.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Lovely.

    Debbie :)

  3. Great story! Thanks! Love it!

    Thanks PK and the writer, fun!


  4. Annienymous thank you,I really enjoyed it and yes more please.

    Thanks PK.


  5. Great story, PK thanks for sharing it.

  6. Paul,
    You old sweet talker. I sure have been blessed with wonderful writers willing to share there talents through Fantasy Friday.

    I agree.

    I do love this couple.

    I sure hope 'Annie' does have more time to write.

    I'm glad you liked it and thanks for coming by and commenting.

  7. A very good, well-written story. Hope there's more to come.