I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

This and That

Nothing earth shattering here folks, just talking about this and that. Mollie had been on a bit of a snit lately. Of course she hates it when Nick and I kiss or anything gross like that but lately she has been delving more into my computer use and who I am talking to out here. Eva is the only one on her approved list! The fact that Nick also ‘knows’ these people drives her crazy!

Last week I was telling Nick that I really like Mike Rowe from ‘Dirty Jobs’ on the Discovery Channel. Actually I wanted C.C to date him but it seems he has a girlfriend. Oh well… But anyway, Nick and I were talking about Dirty Jobs (I like the show) but I asked him “I wonder if OSHA ever watches that show?” (Paul that is the government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Before Nick could say anything Mollie jumped in “And who is OSHA? One of your little internet friends? Daddy cannot know these people! He cannot play in your little internet games!!” She was half kidding and half serious. Poor girl!


Isn’t pain interesting? I got my flu shot today. No big deal but as usual as Eva and I talked during the day I mentioned it to her. She told me she had gotten her vaccine on Friday and that it had hurt some all weekend. While Nick and I were standing in line I mentioned that Eva said her shot had hurt. Nick pretended alarm and said “Wait – I have read what Eva can take and still wants more. If she said this hurts I’m out of here!” LOL! It is strange what ‘hurts’. Sometimes when we are kidding around Nick will slap me on the back or punch me in the arm. I hate it when he does that! One reason is that it seems like such a wasted gesture when my butt is so darn close and also it hurts!! Now if he wants to come after my ass with a paddle, belt, flogger, tawse or crop I am fine until his arm gets tired!


Nick is talking so much more like a spanko these days! Does any one else watch Ghost Whisperer? In one show the heroine goes into a dark scary tunnel all alone only to be rescued later by her husband. Nick’s comment “I know what he is going to do to her when he gets her home!”

The other day Mollie had a friend over. She wanted to show Mollie something with a jump rope. Mollie didn’t have one and so her friend asked me! Do I look like I would have a jump rope?? Okay you can’t see me, but take my word for it I don’t have a jump rope. As the girls left Nick turned to me and said “We have much better uses for the ropes we have!” Yep he is coming right along and I am a happy lady! This weekend was good too, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow!


  1. *g* Mike Rowe... I just mentioned him (and you)... oh, with video.

    You're too funny! I agree, smacking you on the arm is a total waste of energy. Go South, Nick!

    Poor Mollie, is she getting jealous of the friends who live in your laptop?


  2. PK, at Mollie's age the get a bit possessive, she will grow out of it.
    I love your daily life posts, I know, I can't be a real spanko.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Your just so cool Mollie doesn't want to share you with the world out here.

    Ghost Whisperer my favorite show no spankings given 8 to 9 on Fridays. Your doing good work on Nick.

    *hugs and grins*

  4. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Nice post twin. Mollie will be okay. Tell her I said your internet friends are all wonderful and she has nothing to worry about.

    And for the record, that flu shot did hurt.... and my butt hurts too. Adam's been listening to a few people out here who have said something to the tune of conditioning my rear. He said he needs to work on it daily. Ouch.

    Son of a .....

    Ahhhhh... life IS good, ya know?


  5. Can't wait to hear about the weekend.

    You should have played more with the OSHA thing...made her think it was some objectional grown up internet person!


  6. Well C.C just keep Mike in mind, you never know...

    Mollie was very possessive the first time Eva was here and much more relaxed the second time. I think she justs need to meet all of you!

    That is a very good show! Can't you watch and spank at the same time! Learn to multi-task!

    Good for Adam!!! I was scared you were going to go vanilla on us!! But I don't think he is going to let that happen! You know I just love Adam!!

    She is so easy to torment that sometime I just let opportunities pass by!