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Monday, November 12, 2007

FF Reveal

I love our poems this week! Just the kid of things a spanko can really get into! A little something to stitch into a sampler an hang over a bed. I am very curious; a few of you said that your first guess wasn’t one of the choices. Who did you think it was??

The voting went as follows. Bonnie got the highest number of votes with 54%, C.C was second with 25%, Eva made a strong run toward the end receiving 17% and Purple Angel finished up with 4%. Nick liked them and was pretty sure it was Bonnie. I got a email from Eva saying it has to be C.C! Well I am glad I already knew the answer I would hate to have to decide between these two.

But in this case Eva was right. C.C is the author of these little ditties!! Thank you C.C for helping out so much with Fantasy Friday!

There is another wonderful story coming up for next Friday folks. And as of this moment that is the last. You all know I really want to keep up this series but it all depends on stories coming in. Big thanks to everyone who has helped so far. Check every Friday – if I have any stories I will post them. If not we will wait and hope for more. Anyone with a story in them, blogger, commenter or lurker I would be proud to post it for Fantasy Friday!!! Send all stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com !


  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Hey... we got one right!

    Todd & Suzy

  2. PK, I got it right, mind you, so I should.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Great poems.. I guessed wrong, I guessed EVA. Her post is now sign in only but I do hope she is doing well with her goals and weight loss.


  4. Well c.c. was copying Bonnie! She sounded just like Bonnie! Watch her, she's trickster!


  5. Anonymous2:14 AM

    Hey I got it right for once. Thanks CC they were great. I hope you get more stories PK as they are always enjoyable.


  6. Aaahhh! That had Bonnie written all over it, or so I thought! lol

    Job well done c.c!


  7. That was fun, especially since Theresa knew she was right! *g* Yep, gotta watch that C.C you never know what kind of tricky trick she has up her sleeve.

    *Hugs* I'll start writing.

  8. WOW! I got one right too! That is a first! Well, a second since I wrote one... or wait, I think I voted wrong on that one :-)