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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nice day

I have had a busy 24 hours! Last night around 9:00 I had a phone call from a blogger friend. We had never actually gotten to talk before. I will let you all figure out who the mysterious caller was. (She may tell or keep it a secret. I don’t mind if you know but I forgot to ask if she did.) It was just great! We talked about everything; we talked about all our blogger friends, we talked about boys, we talked about spanking, and we talked about family. I felt like I have received a wonderful gift.

Mollie on the other hand was not so sure. I had gone back to the bedroom to have some privacy. We talked nearly an hour and a half and Mollie had stuck her head in several times seeming to become more and more annoyed with me each time. She can usually care less if I am on the phone so I wasn’t sure what her problem was.

It didn’t take me long to find our when I got off. Her first question

“Who was that?”

I told her it was one of my computer friends. Next question,

“Was it Eva?”

I told her no and gave her a name. She sat with a total look of disapproval on her face and finally said,

“Well does Eva know? Are you going to tell her? I am not sure you should be talking to other people out there!”

Heaven help me if I ever wanted to cheat on Nick! Mollie has her own brand of loyalty! I did explain that as we get older we get to have lots and lots of friends and that there wasn’t one of my friends out here I wouldn’t love to talk to.

That wonderful evening became an even more wonderful morning. Mollie went off to driving school and LJ packed his car and headed off to sign the lease for the house he will be living in at school this year. What was this?? An empty houses? Hmmmm… would we even remember what to do. Yes! As a matter of fact we did remember, at least Nick did! He asked me to put away my laundry and when I took it to the bedroom the toy box was on the bed!

After I put the laundry away he handed me the blindfold – that always means a good time will follow. And it did! He went through nearly every toy in the box! He took breaks which were fun and allow my brain to fly to wonderful places.

One scary point came when he asked me if I should have snacked so much during my Harry Potter weekend. Well no but… he gave me a break from weighing this week but during all this wonderful spanking he lead me, still blindfolded to the bath room and had me get on the scale. I knew it wasn’t good but he didn’t tell me he just said “Hmmm… I think we will have to discuss this later.” We discussed it alright and without too many words being used!

The rest of the morning went just as nicely as you might expect! We really have to get the kids out of the house more often! Very, very nice day!

Now the one fly in the ointment was a call from LJ on his way back this evening. His car died on the interstate and he called from the side of the road. We are not sure how much this is going to cost but I still feel very lucky. One I had just signed him up for AAA last week and two, he was only about 30 miles from home on his 220 mile round trip.

All and all a very nice 24 hours!


  1. A nice day indeed. Now we need to get the boys out of the house and have some fun between the two of us. Then I need to get some energy to swing the paddle.

    *hugs and grins*

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    What?? You're cheating on me?? ROFL I love how the mind of a 14 year old works.

    A trip to the scales while blindfolded? Yikes!!!!!!!!!!

    Fun morning!! I'm jealous!!


  3. A day without kids..what's that like? As awesome as talking online is ..to 'REACH OUT AND TOUCH SOMEONE "IS MUCH BETTER!

  4. PK, it's about time that you two had some alone time, I'm glad that you both enjoyed it.
    Who understands fourteen year olds, not even fourteen year olds.
    Nice post girl.
    Warm hugs,

  5. No, I don't mind! I forgot to ask you too. I think the only thing we didn't talk about was the weather. It was wonderful to hear your voice... and no, you don't have a Suthun' accent, nope not at all.

    btw, I borrowed your idea for dinner and had a bowl of granola... quick and easy.

    ciao bella~

  6. I need more details on how you have a conversation with no talking involved! *g*

    Sounds like a fun day all around.


  7. Sounds like a great day! Remember years ago when we cautioned our kids about letting strange internet people know too much about us. Well what goes around comes around!


  8. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Oh, I got such a kick out of Molly's reaction to your phone conversation! It's so funny how they think at that age. Looks like Eva has an ally.

    Your day sounds wonderful, PK... I'm jealous too!

    *still shaking my head*

  9. David I really wish for you both privacy and energy. Actually I think that is what most of us need!

    Twin, well accordng to Mollie I am. Like Suzy says you have an ally!

    Mthc, we are a phone society. I really do enjoy actually talking. I just don't understand why I am only talking to those who think I have an accent!

    Paul, CeeCi sounded just as wonderful on the phone as she does in her writing! And you are right-- NO one understands a 14 year old!

    Just so we don't miss anything... it is very hot and steamy here! Hope you are cooler!

    You use a lot of sound effects, Pop, whap, smack and ouch!!

    LOL! I think you just said mouth full!

    At first Mollie wasn't too sure about Eva. She would always ask "Was that your little friend?" after I would get off the phone. But once she met her she took her as her own and keeps telling me she wants to go with me when I go up after the surgery! Sorry this is my trip!

  10. Sounds like an awesome day!!! I'm so glad you had it together.. A little jealous though! :-) Love the cheating on Eva!! That is a hoot!!! :-) Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy to the hilt! :-)

    Take care big sis!


  11. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Wait a minute... how in the world did I miss it... Fly in the ointment? Is that like a duck on a bug? ROFL

  12. Your blog is beautiful to look at and wonderful to read. Thanks for visiting my blog and I look forward to having you visit again. I know I will enjoy visiting yours.

    And I am so hoping one day my outdoor fantasy comes true. Embarrassing it may be but also exciting!
    Purple Angel