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Friday, February 09, 2007

Strange afternoon

I have had a very interesting afternoon. A very nice looking man (not Nick) was sitting across from me staring directly into my eyes and asked me if I ever preformed sexual favors for money, drugs or other considerations. He was dead serious and I really wanted to ask “Other considerations? You mean like a spanking?” But I didn’t, I just answered no to this and most of the other question they had to ask before they would let me give blood. I have a weigh-in in the morning so I just hope they took enough to make a difference!

I am really posting today to confirm once and for all that I am truly and hopelessly insane and I am about to offer proof. Toward the end of this month I, and 5 other equally nutty teachers, will be taking 150 twelve year old and some parents on a 12 hour bus trip to Disney. See if this sounds like a pleasant relaxing trip. We board buses at 9:00 pm, after a full day at school. We drive all night; arrive in Florida in time for a big breakfast, then directly to the park where we stay until the fire works display at 10:00. Then we will finally head to a hotel where we must be sure everyone is bedded down and settled for the night. Early the next morning we head to the space center for the day, then that night to Medieval Times for supper. Up the next morning get everyone packed and loaded on the bus and then off to a second park where we will again stay until 10:00 pm, when we will once again board the bus for an all night ride home! We will arrive about 8:00 am and wait for all the parents to pick them up. Good grief, I’m tired just writing about it! I think this is my 7th time taking this trip so I know it can be done but at times like this I can tell that I am getting older.

Last year I spent the day we left for Disney in the doctor’s office where they preformed blood tests and took x-rays to see why I was in such agony. My neck, hands, arms and knees were in horrible pain. Several months later the doctor figured out the problem and soon the pain was gone but it did make the trip a nightmare. Thank goodness Mollie and my niece went along last year, they helped enormously. Mollie is going back with me this year. I hope it will be much more enjoyable!! Please wish me luck!


  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Luck? You need a heck of a lot more than luck!!! But, sure, why not... I wish you lots and lots of luck!


  2. Ah, PK, suck it up... sleep is WAY over-rated. Just ask Dante... But seriously, despite it being your 7th trip or so, you have to admit that seeing the looks on those kids' faces and hearing their squeals when they wake up in Florida, seeing palm trees and sand is an unforgettable experience. As it is when you stand at the entrance to Main Street USA that very first time (I'm guessing some of these kids have never been there, and certainly not with their friends).

    When the sleep deprivation takes over, just try to remember that you and Mollie have precious few of these trips left to take... at least with the school kids. And also remember that your kids are growing up and moving on (your students) not so long after the trip ends... make lots of pictures in your mind and take even more for real.

    And then think of Nick and that spanking that will undoubtedly be waiting for you when you get home... he knows exactly how to treat you and something tells me that he will do exactly that, whether before you collapse from exhaustion or afterwards.

    By the way, my bounce AND my mojo are back... details to follow tomorrow. But a hint for now... the link I emailed you, the one you passed along to Nick? Dante and I both absolutely, totally agree, that is the PERFECT gift for BOTH of you... email me if you want the scoop before it's posted!

    Love you loads,

  3. PK dear friend, I wish you luck and a good time and a lovely spanking from Nick on your return.
    I'm so glad to hear that Tiggr got EVERYTHING back.
    Warm hugs,

  4. PK, I've gotta tell ya - I almost stopped reading at the part where you said "hopelessly insane blahblah 150 12 year olds blahblah Disney blahblah" Good grief!! I would get on the bus going in the opposite direction!

    I've definately got to give you credit for the kind of patience that must take. Is Nick going so he can spank some of the stress away each day? lol Have fun!!


  5. Yep I already knew you were a nut! I never had field trips like that in public school! Actually I don't think I had field trips period.

    I wish you luck. I am tired reading this post! You will be taking your laptop and posting, won't you?