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I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Speechless at last

I did it, I did it! I know it won’t last but I finally got Mollie so flustered she actually had nothing to say!!!

Mollie swears I always favor LJ, she calls him ‘special boy’, although she adores him to. She said he could get away with murder while I was on her case about everything. Since their personalities are so very different I can see why she thinks that. LJ has never talked back or spoken to me in anyway but with respect while Mollie argues with me if I say something controversial like good morning.

Ever since LJ left for college she has been going on and on about wanting his room. I am not ready for the switch for several reasons but the biggest one is that I don’t want LJ to feel he is losing his home, his room, at this critical point in time. This is probably more or me than him but…

She says she wants it because it’s bigger. It may be slightly but not by much. She says the closest is bigger; it has two windows, better lights, better paint on the wall, better carpet, better air everything!!

Today her argument was that her walls were too thin. She said she could hear everything that went on in the living room, what we were watching, what music we were listening to and all of our conversations. To which I answered “So you want to move to LJ room and share a bedroom wall with our bedroom?? She just looked slightly stunned and actually had nothing to say! And yes that is one more reason I am not in favor of the move!


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    ROFLMAO... remember my furnace story? No, you don't want her right next to you.

  2. Good point! Beside the boy does need a room to come home to!


  3. PK, I think that you are right, LJ would be really hurt if you allowed that.
    PK make the most of that, a teenager with nothing to say, make a recording and play it back when she won't stop. WEG.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Ok, that is too funny!!!!

    If only I could find something to make the wildchild speechless. I've often thought crazyglue might work

    Congrats on the FF story! You really nailed it! It was quite HOT!!!!


  5. Paul's onto something, you know? Record it for posterity and use it anytime you need to hold something over her head... That's hilarious!!!

    Stil waiting to here from Nick... LOVED your story, by the way... super-duper effort!!!!!

    Huge hugs and much love,

  6. A speechless teenager? Wow, I didn't know they existed!

    Good one!

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  7. Congratulations on Fantasy Friday. You sure fooled me. But did you really fool Nick?

    You know what this means don't you? We are going to be expecting more and more stories!


  8. Hah! Don't you just love those moments! She's just fine in the room she's in! lol

    I loved your FF story. And yes, now we expect more :)


  9. Yes twin I want to keep her down the hall and on the other side.

    For now it is HIS room. Fooling both you and Nick felt good! I may write more about these guys.

    The sound of silence was lovely!

    It only lasted moments but I loved it! Thanks for the encouragement, fiction scares me!

    I can always bring it up anytime. Thanks with all the FF exposure! It was fun.

    They are extremely rare!!

    Yep I think she can stay put. Thanks for the kind comments; maybe we should all write more fiction.

  10. LOL! Too funny! I guess the living was a better choice for her listening?

    Score one for mom!