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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Good report

I really did get a good report from my doctor. I don’t know this lady too well. My last OBGYN retired and I still miss him. But my blood pressure was lower and the best thing of all was that I had lost over 20 pounds since I was there last!!

So when she came in she said “You are doing great! What have you been doing this last year to bring on these wonderful changes?” I couldn’t help but grin. I gave her the vanilla version that my husband and I were working on my weight loss together and it really seemed to be working. She asked “Oh is he losing too?” Good grief no, he is too thin as it is! Then she asked if he was working out with me and again I told her no but that he was just very encouraging. Oh how much fun it would have been to blurt out the truth: We have decided that if I don’t consistently lose at a slow steady pace he is going to spank my ass hard! And I could have explained about how all the wonderful erotic spankings, fun, good girl spankings that I now receive have brought us so much closer and happier. But no! You can’t tell anyone the things in your life that you have found really work!!

Next we discussed menopause and where I stood. At the moment I thing I am having a lovely menopause! My one and only symptom is that I no longer have my period. That’s it! I can live with this. Then I asked her if I could stop the pill. She said we can find out but it means I have to go off the pill for 2 weeks then do a blood test that will tell them. When she first said it all I heard was “NO SEX FOR 2 WEEKS! Are you out of your mind” Now I know that there are other forms of birth control but we have just never used anything else. So we have two weeks to be creative. Trust me there will be NO risk of pregnancy!! I really have no believe that I could get pregnant, but this kid isn’t going to take a chance! I know my friends our here. While you would all be horrified for me you would probably be laughing your asses off too.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Are you kidding me? I once said "If I got pregnant at this stage of my life, I think I would shoot myself" and a very dear friend said "And I would help you steady the gun." I would NOT be laughing at you .. no way no how.

    Just checking out your new comments so Sky can comment now!

    Oh Sky!! See what we've done? We love you and miss your comments. Come out, come out where ever you are. Gosh that Ceeci sure is a bright gal.


  2. PK, very good news, that, 20lbs that's terrific, give the girl a good girl spanking. No I wouldn't laugh, pregnancy at your advanced age is no laughing matter. WEG
    Keep up the good work, fourteen days isn't long. *G*
    Warm hugs,

  3. Are you people kidding me? Fourteen days is forever... that's like, more than 300 hours, right? Which is like, 18000 minutes or something? Geez, people, let's call it what it is... TORTURE!

    And yeah, OK, I'll fess up, I'd be laughing my ass off, though I do appreciate the concerns of pregnancy and birth at PK's delicate age.

    I'd still be laughing... til she asked me to babysit, that is! *grins and bounces*

    This is ALL in good fun, PK, I really and truly do feel very, very sorry for you and Nidk and I wouldn't laugh, or giggle or even smirk...

    Love you!

  4. Anonymous1:23 PM

    But Tiggs... come on. I told her last night... run to the nearest drug store and grab some condomns... problem solved. It's only for a couple weeks. But noooo...she doesn't want to try anything new or different. Good grief. Should we really feel sorry for her when there is - as they say in the south - more than one way to skin a cat? And if there's more than one way to skin a cat then surely there's more than one way to satisfy a PK.


  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Paul!!! You called PK old!! ROFL


  6. Ah...the joys of oncoming menopause. I'll love it once it's finally arrived. The peri part is sometimes a real bitch!

  7. I'm glad to hear you have lost weight and are doing well. :) I've got another ten years or so til menopause but I can't wait to stop getting my period.
    14 days isn't too long. After my c-section I had to wait six weeks before having sex. :)

  8. Congrats on the 20 lbs! I need some of that willpower!

    But the sex thing? Two weeks? Nope! Go for the condoms, no biggie!

    And really, who would laugh at a pregnant 50 year old? Not I! ;)


  9. Great news on the 20 pounds. Keep up the good work. You may not be having menopausal symptoms because of the pill! Why risk it! It aint broke why fix it.

    I quit the pill a few months ago and no period since. Yet hot flashes not sleeping etc etc!


  10. Big hugs for how well your diet is going!! And condoms are good ... very good. Babies that don't go home at the end of the day are not!
    Many thoughts for you over the next few weeks!

  11. Remind me never to post when Eva is going to be off school and bored! She gets a bit nutty. Thank you twin, I know you would steady the gun for me!

    Thanks Paul, I hope I can keep the weight off and keep losing. The next baby I get had better be a grandbaby and that need to be at least 10 years!

    Tig, I know good and well you would be laughing the loudest!!

    And back to the twin! I have no objections to trying condoms! I just said that the only people hired to work in our local drugstores are my former students!

    Thanks for stopping by! So far so good, it has really been sooth sailing.

    A year ago two week would have been a reprieve! I didn't like sex at all! Now I don't think I could keep from jumping Nick for 2 weeks!

    You would be in the corner with Tig laughing out loud! It has nothing to do with willpower! That was how I first got Nick to promise to spank me. I loose or I get my butt spanked!

    That is exactly what I have been wondering about! It everything is going so well on that amount of hormone should I stop them. I will find out if I need them then I will decide if I am going to off them of not.


  12. Cindy!
    You took time from you special Thanks! The weigh loss is going to take time! But it is fun to keep trying.

    Believe me no babies here unless they go home!!!!