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Monday, December 06, 2021

I'll never understand Blogger

I read Morningstar’s post, ‘Lessons I have Learned’ and was reminded of a few things myself. That is the importance of linking other blogs. I’ve seldom linked people because I felt obligated. With rare exception I link people to make it easier for me to get to them and to see when they put up something new. 


Back in the day the blogs I linked were people, mostly women and mostly approaching middle age, who had discovered the joys of spanking. They were anxious to discuss this new part of their lives and the improvements in their sex lives were avidly discussed too. But just as importantly we discussed our everyday lives, kids, work, annoying bosses and of course the never ending laundry. They seemed like real people with way more than one interest. This is what drew me to their blogs and it still does when I come across one these days.


But now I can’t add a new blogs to my blog roll! Why not?  I’ll tell you.


I’ve been blogging for fifteen years and still I really don’t have any ideas how to ‘work’ blogger. I know how to write a post. I know how to add pictures and I know how add a link to another post. There, that’s the total of my knowledge. 

Years and years ago the lovely CeeCi created the format for all of my blogs, New Beginning, Cassie’s Space and PK Corey’s Reading Room. I still think Cassie’s Space is the most beautiful of the blogs! Anyway, on to my problem. At the bottom of each section there is usually a little ‘tool’ symbol. I click it and make the changes I want to make – like linking a new blog to my blog roll. 


Just the other day I was trying to add Enzo at Everyday Spankings to my blogroll and I realized the little tool symbol is missing. I know that this has happened before and then days to weeks later it’s back and I haven’t done a thing to make it leave or come back. How is it doing this and what do I do to fix it? What I’ve done so far is just wait.


I’m not going to bother CeeCi. We don’t talk regularly and she no longer blogs so I’m not about to ask her to wonder through my code to find this during a busy season for her. If anyone has ideas, I’m open to them. But I won’t be linking anyone until my little tools mysteriously find their way back.

And then my worst problem - several people have let me know that for some reason they can't comment on my blog. Being a bit comment obsessed, this really drives me nuts! I have it set to open to all comments, but apparently blogger thinks it knows best. I'd love a solution to this also. I do know that when it wouldn't let ME comment on my own blog, I used Firefox or Google instead of Safari and that worked. Oh well, you can always reach me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com



  1. Hi PK, how frustrating. I've never fully understood blogger either. It can certainly be tempremental! I'm afraid I'm no help, sorry.


    1. It's something I really want to master, but so far - no luck.

  2. nodding furiously
    I am having all sorts of glitches with blogger.. like I used to get emails telling me someone had commented (which would help me keep up with answering ya know?!) but it's disappeared and I don't know why I'm not getting emails.

    BUT I did look into your problem of creating a link to another blog.. it's really quite easy...

    Step 1
    Open your layout
    Step 2
    Look for "blog roll"
    Step 3
    click on it to open - then scroll down and there's an 'add' button at the bottom

    Hope that helps :) if not send me an email I'll see if I can help more

    1. I was really upset when they quit sending emails - I liked know if someone left a comment on an older post. I know they still send emails when someone post, because I get them on the PK Corey blog. But I have gotten one for New Beginnings in years.

      As I said in my email, I got so far and now I'm stuck again. I'm ready to stomp the computer, but I really do appreciate your help.

  3. Hey PK, blogger has lots of glitches. Can be a real pain sometimes. You should be OK if you follow Morningstar's instructions.


    1. I tried. It's not quite there yet but I'm not giving up.

  4. Hi PK,

    Morningstar is right. They took away the little tools some time ago, so you have to go to Layout to make any changes.

    Good luck!


    1. I'm trying, but like when you tried to help me change my header it's just not working for me at the moment.

  5. Gawds i feel your pain. I was looking for the little tool symbol a while back too then realised i had to do it the way MS described. i hope you manage to figure it out! Good luck!

    1. It's not working for me yet, but I'm still working on it.

  6. I am technology challenged so I feel your frustration.

    1. You would think I'd know more after all these years. But I still struggle.