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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fantasy Friday - No Angel, part two

I'm back with part two. You can click here for part one or just scroll down.

No Angel
part two

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" commanded the angry voice behind her. "Where do you think you're going?"

Angela Joy stopped dead in her tracks, whirled around and then she blew. "Any frikkin' place I please!" she declared to Larry. Her eyes were huge with rage, she was breathing hard and her fists were clenched.

"Not so fast!" he said. "Where did this come from? Why are you so pissed off?"

"I'm not pissed off! I'm wasting my time! I'm outta here!" Angela Joy reached for the doorknob. Larry's hand quickly followed and covered her hand, keeping her from opening the door. "Turn loose, asswipe!" She grunted and struggled to turn the knob.

"Angela Joy! Stop! Stop this instant! What is going on here?" He pried her hand from the doorknob, took her by the shoulders and turned her to look at him. She kept her gaze riveted to a point just beyond his right shoulder and refused to meet his eyes.

'Just like a man,' she thought. 'He doesn't want me. He doesn't even care. Why am I wasting my time?'

"Can we go talk in the living room?" Larry asked. Angela Joy didn't answer, but she didn't resist him guiding her towards the sofa. She sat down in a huff. Larry sat next to her and turned to take her hands.

"Why are you angry, Angela Joy? You came in here with a huge chip on your shoulder. You were late. Something is obviously wrong. What is it?" Larry asked.

She sat looking at him, wrestling with the demons inside. She was tired of being alone. She was tired of not being understood. She was fed up with men in general and Larry in particular. The harder she tried, the faster the words escaped her. To her growing anger and frustration she couldn't bring forth any explanation.

"I think you're pretty used to letting your anger ruin things when they seem to be going too well," Larry declared. "I think you have some foolish notion that I'm like every other man that has come along, used you, didn't understand you and then left. I think you've been looking for someone to take you away from all your frustration and pain for a very long time. I think you're testing me right now to see if I could possibly be that man. Am I right?"

Angela Joy looked at him in confusion. How had he managed to put his finger on the pulse of her pain like that? How had he found her out without her ever telling him?


"You, young lady, have lived an undisciplined life," Larry told her. "You've lived life by your own rules and they're messed up, aren't they?"

Angela Joy looked away.

"You've been longing for someone to understand you, understand your needs, someone who can help you get your act together. Am I not right?" He declared. Angela Joy continued looking around the room. "Look at me and answer me right now, young lady. Am I not right?"

"Yes," came her whispered reply.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, um, you're right?" she whispered.

"'Yes, sir, you're right! Say it!" Larry demanded of Angela Joy.

"Yes, sir, you're right!" she said with as much force as she could muster.

"You need to be disciplined! Your behavior and your attitudes are both destructive and self-sabotaging. The sad thing is, you know it, but you won't do a damned thing about it. You keep on acting as if things will magically change and one day, you'll wake up with everything you want without ever learning why you act the way you do. You'll continue to go from one heartbreak to another if you keep up with your behaviors." Larry sat back and watched the emotions play across Angela Joy's face. He knew she was capable of being a kind and loving person. He'd seen it many times. He'd also seen her little attitudes, but chose to let them be hers until the day came that one of them affected him and his peace of mind. The day had arrived.

Angela Joy fought with the towering rage that was building inside of her! How dare he? How dare he say she had a bad attitude? How dare he say she'd continue to be unhappy unless she changed and what the hell did he mean by "discipline?"


"Discipline?" she shrieked. "You and who's damned army?"

"Trust me, little girl, I'm an army of one!" Larry was on his feet. "Stand up, right now!" he barked. Angela Joy hopped to her feet. She'd not been able to stop herself. Larry sat back down on the sofa. Grabbing Angela Joy's left wrist, he pulled her across his lap.

Shrieking and kicking, Angela Joy toppled forward. "Son of a bitch, let me up!" Larry flung his right leg over her and pinned her between his legs. She bucked and kicked and flailed, doing her best to squirm her way out of Larry's grasp. He pinned her arm across her back and with his free right hand, flipped up the hem of her skirt.

"You've been asking for this for a very long time, little girl, and I'm here to see you get everything you've asked for!" Larry's hand came down with a stinging slap to her nearly bare bottom. Angela Joy had dressed for sex and was wearing one of her prettiest thongs. It offered no protection from the hand that was slapping her wriggling butt.

"I had hoped this evening would end up with me over you, not you over my knee!" Larry grunted as he spanked Angela Joy's beautiful backside. His hand prints were turning into a blur of angry hot pink as he continued to rain spank after spank. His hand was beginning to sting, but he was still pissed off at her.

"Your attitude sucks!" he declared. "You came dressed for sex and thought being a bitch would turn me on! Didn't work, did it?" He continued to paddle her butt. "You've got a lot to learn, little girl, if you want to be with a man like me. And the first thing is, I'm the head of this household and if you're going to be a part of this household you need to learn it and quick!"

Angela Joy's bottom was flaming. Her struggles had not produced freedom, Larry was far too strong for her. She became still and hoped Larry's punishment would end soon. As she lay across his lap, her butt exposed to the room and Larry's powerful hand, she began to listen to what he was saying to her. He was right, her attitude did suck. She hated it, but once it started she felt consumed by it and had to let it run it's course. She felt she had no control of it. He was right, she did want to be with a man like him. She wanted to be with someone who wouldn't let her get away with anything. "Part of this household..." began ringing through her mind. "Part of this household..." The tears began to flow and soon Angela Joy's slender shoulders were shaking from the strength of her sobs.

Larry stopped spanking when the tears started. Carefully, he released his grasp and helped her stand up. Angela Joy reached behind her and began to rub her hot and insulted bottom. The tears streamed down her face and she began to hiccup, just like she always did when she cried too hard.

Taking her hand, Larry guided her to his bedroom. The room was filled with the fragrance of burning aromatic candles. Larry had set a lovely scene for their first lovemaking and this was not lost on Angela Joy. She began to cry harder when she realized how close she'd come to ruining something wonderful before it had even started.

"Shh, shh, little one," Larry whispered against her soft blonde hair as he held her in his arms. "It's going to be okay. I'll take care you. Quiet. Come lay down with me. We have some unfinished business."


Ahhhhh.... that was satisfying! I hope you enjoyed CeeCi story. I'm still in touch with this wonderful woman, but not often I'm sad to say. I can tell you she is as amazing and creative as ever.

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  1. Thanks CeeCi and PK! Loved this. Loved the inner dialogue!

  2. Loved the story thanks CeeCi and thank you PK for reposting.

  3. Thank you PK and CeeCi, wonderful story, I enjoyed reading this and love the ending :)