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Friday, May 29, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Realizing a need

I was so excited to actually get a brand new Fantasy Friday story for you all today. I don't get many new ones these day but they are always welcomed. I hope you all like it as much as I did and I hope you'll leave a comment to encourage our new friend.

Realizing a Need

It had been an emotionally exhausting weekend. Visitation, funeral, reception. We had come home and I had immediately gone to do the most urgent household chores but soon went to lie down on our made bed while my husband sat down in the living room and turned on the TV. I was still in my black dress, uncomfortable bra and Spanx. A few minutes later my husband came in to our bedroom, kissed me, and went into our bathroom, closing the door. I pulled off the Spanx first, then decided the whole outfit had to go. 
My clothes and laundry basket were in the closet I would have to go through the occupied bathroom to access, so I tossed my dress and bra onto the floor and pulled on a long t-shirt from my husband’s dresser. I lay back down on the bed and tried to read a book on my phone but couldn’t concentrate. I had not put panties on and started fingering myself, thinking maybe I could get my husband’s attention when he came out of the bathroom. 
Then I heard his phone ring and he began a conversation I couldn’t quite hear since he had left the TV in the living room playing. When he finally came out he was still looking at the phone as he told me he needed to go meet a friend of his briefly to lend him something.
I had sworn I was going to just be nice and go along with everything the weekend of the funeral, since I knew it was hard on him, but my face betrayed my actual reaction.
“Why is this a problem?” He asked.
“I just hate how everything is so last minute with him.” Was my truthful response. We had argued about this guy before. “It’s Saturday.”
My husband looked at me. “It’s important, I need to meet him, it will take an hour and then I’ll be back. Does that work for you?”
“Do what you want,” I replied and I sounded whiny and petulant even to myself but I couldn’t seem to control it. I wanted, no needed, his attention in a way I couldn’t ask for.
“OK,” he said. “I’ll be back soon.” He looked at me again like he wanted to say something else but didn’t. He walked out of the bedroom without kissing me and shut the door a little too hard.
I sighed and went back to my phone.
And then, only a minute or two later, the door swung open and my husband was back, striding purposely into the room and looking at me intensely. “I realized what you need,” he said. I looked at him surprised.
He had a bit of a smile, just a twitching lip as he tried to give me a stern look. He sat down on the upholstered chair in the corner of our bedroom, the first time I’d ever seen him sit there.
“Come here, baby,” he said in a commanding voice.
“I thought you were leaving,” I said.
“I need to take care of something first,” was his reply. “Now don’t make me ask you again.”
I got up, curious, and walked to him.
He patted his leg, “Over my knee.”
I just looked at him. His lip was still twitching into a smile and now mine was too. “OK,” I said, and placed myself over his knees. He had spanked me before but only as part of foreplay and always at my request, never commanding it and never taking me over his lap.
His hand went under my long t-shirt to my butt, rubbing it.
“Not wearing anything under?” He asked with amusement.
He continued rubbing for a few seconds. Then all of a sudden his hand smacked down on my right cheek with a loud noise. I gasped a little but couldn’t deny the smile, or the wetness that almost immediately came.
“I realized you need a spanking,” he said, while continuing to spank each cheek rhythmically, “for not just telling me when you wanted attention. And for being salty when I need to go see my friend. And to get it through to you that you are my first priority even when I am busy. And last but not least to leave you with a sting that you can feel until I get back, when I have other plans for this naked body.”
He stopped, rubbing again. “Is that enough to get my point across?”
“Yes,” I said quietly, though I really wanted more.
“Mm,” he said, “Five more for the ‘do whatever you want.’ I hate it when you say that. Count them.”
His hand came crashing down, harder than before. He smacked hard and fast, alternating cheeks. My voice was trembling as I counted the five.
He rubbed my butt again. “I love your butt,” he said. “Almost wish I didn’t have to meet anyone. Now sit up.”
I sat up on his lap, butt stinging but a warmth spreading through my whole body and an undeniable wetness.
He held my face and kissed me deeply. I leaned in and put my head on his shoulder, and he stroked my hair.
“I’m going to leave now,” he said. “Will you be ready for me when I get back?”

Thank you! I really appreciate having a new story to post. And I hope I'll hear from you again. Is everyone is taking notes. You really need to give yourself a chance. Try writing a story - just for yourself. And then hopefully you take the chance and share it with us. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK,

    Yay for a new FF story. This was a great story and well written. The author definitely has a talent for writing. I enjoyed reading this.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe.


  2. it's been forever since i last felt a hand on my butt. can't wait for the lockdown to be over! Argh. Thanks for this story. sweet and simple but so accurate!

    1. Also, I wanted to let you know that your comments were in my 'moderation' folder. I've published them. I think we're good! The thing is, when you leave a comment on my blog it doesn't appear right away. I'll need to go in to Blogger and hit "publish" so don't worry. It'll show up when I manage to log in and click the button. Strangely tho, with the other bloggers I receive an email prompt whenever someone leaves a comment so I can generally get to it quicker. Yours don't show up in my email for some reason. But no matter, I'll pop in and manually trigger the Publish function!