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Friday, January 24, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Another World, part two

You have a treat today - A brand new Fantasy Friday. This story comes from Adrienne. She has written for us before and you can find her first story of this world here
This is what she had by way of introduction last year. 

My name is Adrienne. I've been married to my hubby Jeremiah for almost 10 years.  We have two sweet kiddos.  I've had a variety of professions, but right now I'm a teacher at my kids' school.  I've loved Sci-Fi since the first time I watched a re-run of Star Trek (the original) years ago.  I'm also a spanko.  To me it seemed only natural to combine the two into a story.  This one's been chasing around my head for quite a while.  I know you might not be "into" Sci-Fi, but maybe you can derive a bit of satisfaction from the story anyway.  :)  Thanks for reading.

I think you're going to enjoy this world

Another World, part two

The horseback ride and picnic had been amazing, and Princess Angelica was feeling as happy as she could ever remember being since she'd come to Sentia nearly three years before.  "We've been here awhile.  Should we get going?"  Allie asked.
"Not yet, Curls."  Prince Phillip answered, repeating her newly-minted nickname.  "We've got something we need to discuss."  Phillip looked almost apologetic.
"What's that?"  Allie began to get a bad feeling.  Had Phillip changed his mind about the truce--or their marriage--or both?
Phillip maneuvered on the picnic blanket so that the two were sitting cross-legged across from one another.  He reached for her hands and held them for a moment.  He took a deep breath, looked straight into her hazel eyes that looked blue against her cornflower blue dress, and tried desperately not to be distracted. "The other day when we spoke about our future, you were very disrespectful.  I understand what you were trying to do, but the way you did it was not acceptable."  
"I don't understand."  
Phillip was pretty sure she did understand, but he explained anyway.  "Your actions were well-intentioned, and I think the promises we've made will help us both make this marriage what it needs to be.  But, your attitude was wrong and your tone of voice was downright insolent.  What do you have to say for yourself, Curls?"
Allie saw where this was going.  Phillip was not at all angry, and he was asking for her side of the story.  She was on a fast train to step 3, punishment.  Ugh.  She didn't have any defense.  Not really.  "I really didn't think you would listen to me otherwise," she said quietly.
"So that makes it right?"
"Please address me as sir when we discuss punishment."  Phillip was stern, though still not angry.
"Yes, sir."  Allie whispered without looking at him.  Phillip stood, helped her up, and led her a few yards away to a tree stump that she had not noticed before.  He sat on the tree stump and pulled her down to sit on his lap.  "I was planning to spank you this afternoon, but then I wondered if you would rather wait.  I know riding back home on a horse after a spanking would not be comfortable.  So, if you would rather, we can wait until tomorrow morning."
Allie wanted to opt out entirely, but knew that wasn't going to happen.  She thought for just a moment, then answered him softly, "Thank you, Phillip, I mean, sir, for giving me the choice.  I don't want to ride on a sore bottom, but waiting is worse.  I'd prefer to go ahead and get the spanking done now, please."
Phillip kissed her forehead and nodded.  "Stand up and hand me your panties.  Then, lie across my lap."  Allie's eyes flicked to the bodyguards across the meadow.  Phillip noticed.  "Don't think about them, Allie.  Just focus on me." Allie nodded silently, but didn't know how easy it would be to ignore the two big men.  She then tried to pull off her cotton panties without raising her knee-length dress any higher than necessary.  She handed Phillip the large, unattractive panties, and blushed furiously over having been caught in such undergarments. Phillip pocketed the panties, then guided her to his left side.  It flashed through Allie's brain that she had never realized that he was left-handed.  A second later, he was helping her across his knees.  Out of habit, Allie reached back and flipped her skirt out of his way before putting both palms on the ground.  Watching her, Phillip raised an eyebrow.  He had not yet decided whether to begin spanking over her clothes or bare her immediately, but he was not about to argue.  
Belatedly, she realized her mistake.  "I'm sorry, sir, was that wrong? My father always said that naughty girls must be punished on the bare bottom, but I didn't mean to do something I shouldn't."  Her fiance was about to spank her for the first time and here she was trying to control things already.  
Phillip placed his hand on her bottom.  "Shh.  It's ok. Just relax."  
"Relax??"  She thought incredulously.  "I'm in the middle of nowhere with an audience of two bodyguards about to watch my bottom get roasted by my fiance.  How am I supposed to relax?" At least the fact that her hair hung down across her face gave her the luxury of not having to see the guards looking at her. 
Phillip looked down at the pretty bottom beneath his hand and cursed under his breath.  The bruises from her encounter with his father had not yet faded.  He hated to spank her while she was still bruised, but there was no going back now.  He raised his hand and brought it down on first one cheek, then the other, until the skin all over her bottom had turned the color of ripe cherries.  Allie knew this was a punishment, but so far, Phillip's ministrations had felt quite nice, and her skin was warming and tingling pleasantly. 
"All right, Angelica, stand up, lean over, and place your hands on the stump."  She obeyed, and he stood staring at her lovely rump, wishing he could do something more fun than punishing it.  He shook himself, and reminded himself of the job at hand, but he knew that he wouldn't be punishing her very often before the wedding . . . at least not if he wanted to keep her virginity intact. 
Behind her, Angelica heard the unmistakable sounds of a jingling buckle and leather being pulled out of belt loops.  She shivered.  Then, the first telling whistle sliced through the air and she braced herself, but the spank was weak and lopsided.  It didn't hurt at all.  She heard the whistle a second time and wasn't worried, but this time the spank was so powerful she nearly lost her balance and fell across the stump.  She cursed loudly.
"Watch your language, little girl, or I'll soap your mouth."  Phillip lined up to try again.  So far, he wasn't doing so well at this.  He tried to make the third strike less powerful than the last, but more effective than the first.  He brought his arm down and the belt made a satisfying slapping sound across Allie's bottom that left a slight red line.  Perfect. 
The next lick was slappy and stingy and brought tears to Allie's eyes.  Four more just like it fell across her bottom causing her to yelp and waggle her bottom.  
She again heard Phillip's voice behind her, "Hold still, young lady." 
Instantly she stilled her wiggling bottom, waiting for the next stroke. Instead there came six in quick succession, whack, crack, crack, slap, crack, crack!  "Oww! ow ow ow ow!!!"  Again the belt fell, this time catching her just underneath the curve of her bottom where the thigh connects to the buttocks.  She went up on her tiptoes with a loud yelp.  Phillip's right hand pushed her back down while his left continued the assault on her upper thighs.  Allie's breath caught in her throat as Phillip lit up her back end.  She began to wail loudly, no longer caring who could hear her.  Then, the assault stopped.  Allie wondered if her punishment were done, but such was not the case. 
"Don't move, Angelica.  I will be right back." Phillip warned.  Allie wondered what he could be doing.  She heard his boots crunch across the ground and then back again toward her.  In an instant, she had her answer.  A small wooden implement crashed against her right buttock and then her left, earning a grunt from Allie each time as she tried to keep her balance. 
 "Too hard," Phillip deduced from her reaction.  When he swung again, he hit the sweet spot.  Allie screeched but did not pitch forward or grunt.  He tried to replicate the swing.  Allie felt the hard wood crack against her bottom and she gasped.  The next swing brought tears rushing again to her eyes.  As the wood fell again and again the pain began to build, and Allie grabbed at the stump, fighting her impulse to run away.  It took all of her strength to simply accept the next swing and the next.  On about the eleventh or twelfth swing, she broke down and began to cry, screaming, ugly cries.  She clawed at the stump.  Phillip kept swinging, first at the right cheek then at the left, over and over again until something began to change. Phillip realized that Allie was no longer howling, but instead she had begun to weep quietly.  
Since he had turned ten years old, Phillip had watched every punishment session his father had given his mother.  His father had often told him that a man has never gotten through to a woman until she cried quietly.  After his mother would begin to weep softly, his father would tell her that he was going to give her the last five spanks.  Phillip had noticed that those last five spanks were always the hardest blows of the entire session.  Phillip followed his father's example.  "Allie, we are almost done.  I'm going to give you the last five spanks now."  Phillip raised the hairbrush and brought it crashing down extremely hard on the tender flesh at the crease between her bottom and her thighs.  Other than a slight bump in volume, Allie did not react to the spank.  She stood, slumped over the stump, waiting, all her fight drained out of her.  When Phillip brought the brush down again onto the other sit spot, pain exploded through her bottom and thigh, but she had no strength left to react.  Again the brush punished first the right side then the left and Allie nearly choked on a sob.  
Phillip was in a quandary.  He had already spanked each side twice.  Where was he supposed to land the last spank?  He mentally noted that next time he would have to promise an even rather than an odd number of concluding blows.  Allie stood crying softly and waiting patiently for the conclusion of her punishment.  Phillip's heart broke a little and he nearly decided not to land the last spank at all, but quickly rejected the notion.  If his father had taught him anything, it was to keep his promises.  Finally, Phillip decided just to land the last spank on the right hand side.  He mentally apologized to the left for his lack of fair treatment, and cracked the brush into Allie's waiting bottom once more.  After the last spank landed, Allie sagged.  Phillip dropped the brush, caught her, and turned her around in his arms.  He pushed the disheveled curls away and kissed her tear-streaked face.  She put her arms around him and sobbed, "I'm sorry, Phillip, that I was mouthy."  
Phillip struggled to understand her words.  He caught, "Sorry Phillip," and that was enough.  "It's ok now, Allie.  It's all over.  You were such a good girl."  He held her and stroked her hair, crooning to her and shushing her.  When she had calmed down a bit, he gave her a cup of water and her panties.  "You might want to put those back on before we go home," he said, smiling.
While Allie collected herself, Phillip took their horses to the river for a drink, then packed their gear.  He folded the picnic blanket in quarters and set it on top of her saddle as a bit of cushion.  He could hardly stand the thought of being away from her after her spanking.  He hadn't realized what spanking her would do to him.  "Oh, yeah, I'm definitely going to have to avoid spanking her before the wedding," he muttered miserably.  On a whim, he put all the gear on his animal, attached its reins to the other, then mounted behind her saddle.  She immediately snuggled back against him, and he took the reins from her.  He clucked to the horses, and they headed for home.  Planet politics could wait for another day.  For now, they had each other, and that was enough.


There is more to the story! Thank you Adrienne! I hope you will send more stories as you get them ready. I hope more of you are out there writing for us. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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  1. This was ss great story PK, I enjoyed reading this. Adrienne is a wonderful writer.